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About Montevideo

Montevideo Uruguay is the largest capital city in Uruguay. Montevideo is among the most secure capital cities and the most secure nation in Latin America. More than half of the nation’s inhabitants reside within Montevideo city. The diverse yet tiny city of the river is an important focal point for the country’s social and economic activities. It boasts a deep and stunning harbor and is one of the most popular ports on the sea across South America. Book flights from Las Vegas to Montevideo, Uruguay, a fascinating city that’ll charge your travel buds!

A Mercado del Puerto is a bustling marketplace in the city and is one of the best places for a walking tour. The walking tour that is free of Mercado del Puerto is definitely recommended. It takes you to some of the most popular places to connect with the locals, buys local crafts, listens to local music, or indulge in a delicious Churrasco barbecue.

Best season to visit Montevideo, Uruguay

The peak season in Montevideo runs from December to March when summer is in full swing. Many Argentine and Brazilian tourists were arriving to spend their summer holidays. Prices for hotels are usually higher during December and until the carnivals close in March. The months of March through May, and between September and November, is off-season, and the ideal period to explore the city, if you’re on a budget. You’ll be able to find cheap accommodations as well as other facilities.

Details About Flights From Las Vegas to Montevideo, Uruguay

The airlines that provide flights from Las Vegas to Montevideo, Uruguay, are American Airlines, United Airlines, COPA Airlines. The cost for a round-trip is 1130dollars, while the cost for one-way travel is USD 4021 or less. The flight durations and prices are given below:

AirlinesTime Duration Cost
Spirit Airlines 15hrs 0min+USD 1130
American Airlines 18hrs 29min+USD 4021.73
Copa Airlines 1d 7hrs+USD 4696.16

Best Place to eat in Montevideo

Bodega Bouza
Bodega Bouza

Address :- Cno. de La Redencion 7658 BIS, Montevideo 12500 Uruguay

Price Range:- USD 59.45 – USD 120.24  each person


Address :- Ramon Masini and Libertad esq. Masini, Montevideo 11300 Uruguay

Price Range:- USD 16.03 – USD 34.74 each person

Montevideo al Sur
Montevideo al Sur

Address :- Paraguay 1150 Esquina Maldonado, Montevideo 11100 Uruguay

Price Range:- USD 5.34 – USD 12.02 each person

Best Places to Stay in Montevideo

If you’re looking for the Cheapest accommodation to stay close to public transportation like subways and bus terminals:- 

Amo Ester Lugar
Amo Ester Lugar

The hostel is ideal and close to Centro transportation, the train station, markets, and Just 100 meters from the bus station. It’s an ideal option if you’re looking for cheap accommodation. 

Ukelele Hostel
Ukelele Hostel

Ukulele awaits you in the ideal spot in Montevideo, located close to the promenade in Maldonado 1183. The hostel is around 10 minute walk from Plaza Independencia. The hostel was constructed in the 20s with big and spacious rooms, with a large swimming pool. The hostel offers extra amenities for travelers.

Things to do in Montevideo

Plaza Independencia
Plaza Independencia

Montevideo is a city filled with many attractions, and an ideal starting point is Plaza Independencia. Plaza Independencia is in the central part of the city and the main plaza in the town. A fascinating array of styles of architecture surrounds Plaza Independencia.

Mercado del Puerto
Mercado del Puerto

To taste the most delicate meat of Montevideo, Uruguay, and pasta, especially the famous Asado BBQ, It doesn’t get any better than Mercado del Puerto’s harbour area. Mercado del Puerto is the most renowned market in the city and is full of restaurants, cafes, parrillas.

Fortaleza Del Cerro
Fortaleza Del Cerro

Fortaleza Del Cerro is one of the most prominent national monuments of the town. Learn more about the turbulent history of Montevideo Uruguay. Fortaleza Del Cerro fort Built-in the 19th Century to protect the town and port


  • What is the number of airports present in Montevideo?

    There is one airport located in Montevideo, Carrasco International Airport.

  • What are some of the well-known airlines operating out of Montevideo?

    Spirit Airlines, Copa Airlines, American Airlines are the top airlines that depart in Montevideo.

  • What is the cost of a ticket to Las Vegas from Montevideo by Air?

    Prices can range from USD 1130 to USD 4021.73.

  • What is the flight time from Las Vegas to Montevideo?

    16h 0min is the average flight time from Las Vegas to Montevideo.

  • What airlines offer the cheapest travel from Las Vegas and Montevideo?

    Spirit Airlines offers the cheapest flights to Montevideo Uruguay from Las Vegas.

  • Is there a web check-in option available with Las Vegas City to Montevideo, Uruguay flight?

    Yes, passengers do get a web check-in option.

  • What is the airport code for Montevideo, Uruguay? 

    The IATA code for Montevideo, Uruguay airport, is MVD.

  • Do airlines provide extra space for sleeping?

    Many Business class airlines provide extra space for sleeping.

  • What is the cheapest day to fly from Las Vegas City to Montevideo, Uruguay? 

    The cheapest day to fly from Las Vegas City to Montevideo, Uruguay, is on Monday. 

  • What is the time difference between Las Vegas and Montevideo, Uruguay?

    Montevideo, Uruguay, is four hours ahead of Las Vegas. It is currently 01:42 in Las Vegas and 05:42 in Rio de Janeiro.

Cheap Flights From Montevideo
Airports Near Montevideo
  • Carrasco International Airport – MVD
  • Capitan Corbeta Ca Curbelo International Airport – PDP
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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