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About Paris

Traveling from one popular destination to another? You can find several airlines that offer a non-stop Miami to Paris flight. Since Paris is one of the most charming tourist destinations, it is visited by millions of tourists. Being home to the iconic Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral (under renovation at the time of writing this article), Paris has become a major European city that draws the attention of the world. Not just historic monuments and cobblestoned streets, it is known for its upscale restaurants, high-end shops, and lively nightlife.

Best Time to Book Miami to Paris Flight

Paris has a temperate climate, with warm summers and cold winters. Although Paris is one such destination, which can be visited any time of the year. However, visit Paris between October and April, when the city looks more gorgeous than ever.

Details About Miami to Paris Flight

You can find at least 250 flights between Miami and Paris. Most of these flights are offered by Delta, Air France, American Airlines, SWISS, Lufthansa, ITA Airways, Austrian Airlines, United, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, etc. A nonstop flight from Miami to Paris takes 09 hours.

To avail cheap flight tickets from Miami to Paris, book your seat with Delta at the cost of € 212 for a one-way trip and € 476 for a round-trip.

Furthermore, the nearest airports to travel between the two cities are Miami International Airport and land at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (MIA-CDG).

Here are some insights concluding Miami to Paris flights fare:

One-way trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
Delta Airlines - DLDelta€ 212Book Now
KLMKLM€ 255Book Now
UAUnited€ 268Book Now
Virgin Atlantic - VSVirgin Atlantic€ 274Book Now
American Airlines - AAAmerican Airlines€ 282Book Now
Round Trip
AirlinesAirlines NamePriceAction
Delta Airlines - DLDelta€ 476Book Now
OSAustrian Airlines€ 521Book Now
AFAir France€ 552Book Now
AZITA Airways€ 555Book Now
UX - Air EuropaAirEuropa€ 576Book Now

Best Restaurants in Paris

Pierre Sang Paris
Pierre Sang

Pierre Sang is for those who love savory surprises. They don’t have any set menu and the dishes are dropped off on your table and once you taste them, someone will arrive and ask what you have tasted. If you are not a picky eater, you must visit Pierre Sang once when in Paris.

Maison Paris

Maison is a stylish fine-dining restaurant with tasting menus and open kitchen. It is owned by celebrated Japanese chef Sota Astumi, who knows his job pretty well. While the prices are on the higher side, but its dishes are worth every dime. When it comes to its atmosphere, it has a cozy vibe and warm ambience.

Boulangerie Chambelland Oberkampf Paris
Boulangerie Chambelland Oberkampf

Stop by Boulangerie Chambelland Oberkampf for a quick snack in the morning or to hang out with friends after a busy day. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the smell of freshly baked treats. Don’t miss out on their delicious croissant and rice flour focaccia with kalamata black olives.

Best Hotels in Paris

Austins Arts Et Metiers Hotel Paris
Austin’s Arts Et Metiers Hotel

Address –  6 Rue Montgolfier, 75003 Paris, France

Price – € 620

Crowne Plaza Paris Republique Paris
Crowne Plaza Paris Republique

Address – 10 Pl. de la République, 75011 Paris, France

Price – € 420

The People- Paris Nation paris
The People- Paris Nation

Address – 28 Bis Pl. de la Nation, 75012 Paris, France

Price – € 125

Places to Visit in Paris

Fondation Loui Vuitton Paris
Fondation Loui Vuitton

The stunning architecture of Fondation Loui Vuitton was designed by celebrated American Architect Frank Gehry. He used 3600 glass panels and more steel than the amount in the Eiffel Tower. Its permanent collection focuses on  20th and 21st century art. It also organizes various events and performances all year long.

La Conciergerie Paris
La Conciergerie

La Conciergerie is an imposing Medieval fortress. It was turned into a detention and courthouse during the French Revolution. Among its notable prisoners were Marie-Antoinette and Robespierre, who were kept in dank cells while awaiting their fate. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is open to the public.

Parc de la Villette Paris
Parc de la Villette

Parc de la Villette is the third-largest park in Paris. It houses one of the largest concentrations of cultural venues, including Europe’s largest science museum, three major concert venues, and the prestigious Conservatoire de Paris. It also has themed gardens, walking paths, foot bridges, bright architectural follies, and more.


  • How long does it take to fly from Miami to Paris?

    It takes 09 hours to reach Paris from Miami by flight.

  • Does Miami fly direct to France?

    At present, only four nonstop flights are available between Miami and Paris, which are offered by Air France and Delta.

  • Does Air France have a direct flight from Miami to Paris?

    Air France offers two nonstop flights between Miami and Paris.

  • How much does it cost to fly to Miami from Paris?

    An average airfare for a flight from Miami to Paris may cost you around € 212 for a one-way trip and € 476 for a round-trip.

  • How many flights are there between Miami and Paris?

    There are a total of 1,750 weekly flights between Miami and Paris, which means 250 flights daily.

  • Which Airports will I be using to fly from Miami to Paris?

    You will board a flight from Miami International Airport and land at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (MIA-CDG).

  • What is the cheapest month to fly to Paris?

    Late November, early December, January, February, and early March are the cheapest months to fly to Paris.

  • What is Paris famous for?

    Paris is a city, which needs no introduction. It is home to the world famous Eiffel tower, some grand monuments, impressive architecture, and beautiful boulevards. The city is also known as the fashion capital of the world and flaunts the world’s trendiest collections.

  • Which language is spoken in Paris?

    French is the official language of Paris.

  • Do I need a passport and a visa to travel between Miami and Paris?

    US citizens traveling to France for tourism or business can stay in France without a visa for up to 90 days within each six month period.

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Airports Near Paris
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – CDG
  • Paris Orly Airport – ORY
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big