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Christmas Traditions in the land of Caribbean Islands

by Dhriti

From the night street parties to the melodious Carols, this is how the festival of Christmas is celebrated in the Caribbean islands. But the Caribbean island has created various Christmas traditions that will cheer to the end of the year. Here are some of the traditions that we are going to discuss today to cheer you up for Christmas 2021

White Christmas in a Different Way

Waking up on a Christmas morning in Grand Cayman Island and finding the front yards covered in a blanket of white you are not imagining things, it is the reality to discover. islanders form the tradition of the Sand Yard with the lacking snow. Buckets of the white sand beach and sands are carried to the homes and deposited in piles in the front yard. On Christmas eve, these piles are raked into even blankets of White and are not to be stepped on until Christmas morning. Nowadays, this tradition has disappeared in the urban areas but it is still seen in the traditional neighborhoods. You can also Book and Fly with Cheap Christmas Flights and can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the Caribbean islands during Christmas. 

Pre-Christmas Celebrations

Over the centuries, residents of St. Vincent have begun celebrating the Christmas season early. Starting at 5 am on the 16th of the month, the celebration of nine Mornings gets ongoing with the parades, concerts, dances, and group bike rides which end in the ocean swims. In some of the areas, the morning celebration party combines with a steel band “jump-up” party.

Banging the Christmas Celebrations with the Noche Buena

While we discuss the various traditions in the Caribbean island. The festival season of Christmas kicks early in the Dominican Republic. With the three-month-long parties, special meals, and the traditions like Double Sueldo that is known as the additional month’s pay to help fund the holidays. Noche Buena is the biggest party that takes place on Christmas Eve and in the weeks leading up to this gathering of friends and family and you can also enjoy these festivities with Noche Buena by booking the Cheap Christmas flights. Everyone gets in on the noisy fun with the tradition borders on a national obsession that is also known as the fuegos artificiales.

The after Christmas celebrations

The next day after Christmas observes the giving of the seasonal rewards to the servants and employees. This tradition continues on the Caribbean islands with British heritage like Barbados, where the post-Christmas holiday gives an opportunity to make the neighborhood rounds and send gifts to friends and relatives.

The streets where the night comes alive

Hundreds of costumed dancers parade on the streets of downtown Nassau. In the early hours of December 26th, the night comes alive with the rhythms of the cowbells, whistles, and horns. Moreover, this parade culminates with the pass by the judge’s stands for a chance with the cash prizes and awards. The smaller versions of the Junkanoo are well staged on the other islands and the entire spectacle repeats on January 1. 

Wrapping up

Unfold the magic of Christmas with the beautiful destinations situated in the Caribbean islands. The traditions, cuisines, and the beauty of the Christmas lights not only bring happiness but also bring hope into everyone’s life. With Cheap Flights for Christmas Travel 2021, you can discover the beauty of Christmas lights on the Caribbean island. So pack your bags and enjoy the festivities of Christmas 2021 in the Caribbean Islands.

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