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The Best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York

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The Big Apple or New York is gorgeous year-round and is considered the winter wonderland. There are plenty of reasons to travel to New York in winters, such as its snow-capped edifices, leafless bare trees, and sparkling glasses reflecting on white snow. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York is something that every traveler dreams about.

The Big Apple is considered one of the top cities to celebrate New Year's Eve.

The Big Apple is considered one of the top cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a virtual ball-dropping celebration. However, the New York eve celebration is not just a city tradition, but it’s a global phenomenon. Approximately one million travelers flock to New York City to get a glimpse of the best new year event such as ball-dropping celebrations, star-studded New Year’s Eve parties, and live DJ parties at Fotografiska. 

This year’s New Year’s Eve in New York will look a whole different from last year, but now parties are back on track, thanks to COVID-19 vaccines. This New Year’s 2022, Times Square will be open for a grand new year celebration, but only for fully vaccinated travelers. 

Magical ways to celebrate new year eve in New York

Time Square is famous for the ball-dropping celebrations, the most notable New year's eve celebration event internationally.

The Times Square Ball Drop

Address- Manhattan, NY 10036, United States

The Times Square Ball is a giant time ball for the new year’s eve countdown celebration. However, Ball Drop has been offering a prosperous and happy new year’s eve celebration for the past ten years. The top venues of New York City are famous for hosting pulsing New Year parties, with well-known DJs and live performances of celebs.

Further, the Countdown ceremony is the most notable new year’s eve celebration event internationally, organized by Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment. Undoubtedly, over 1.5 million revelers attend the ceremony to witness the remarkable event every year, and the ceremony is broadcast live on television worldwide.

New Year’s Eve in New York on a Cruise

cruises are an excellent alternative if you want to celebrate the new year far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What could be more enticing than stepping into New Year’s Eve 2022 while witnessing the dazzling fireworks from the Hudson River! Hop on a cruise and welcome the year by toasting a bottle of champagne when the clock strikes midnight. Undoubtedly, cruises are an excellent alternative if you want to celebrate the new year far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you’re interested in taking a New Year’s Eve cruise and wondering which one to choose because the options are countless, then here is a list of the finest New Year’s Eve on-board cruises mentioned below. 

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New Years Eve Fireworks Boat Party in New York

Price– 303.25$ each person 

Address– Cruise in Lower East Side

Cruising at Liberty bell, you can celebrate a perfect New Year’s Eve, enjoying the sparkling fireworks show. It offers plenty of services to its guests, such as an open bar, Live DJ playing top hits, mouth-watering dinner, which will make your eve unforgettable. 

NYC New Year’s Eve Luxury Bateaux Dinner Cruise

Price– 818.33$  each person 

Address– Cruise in Chelsea

NYC New Year’s Eve Luxury Bateaux Dinner Cruise is another gem to celebrate New Year’s Eve on a boat cruise. The ship’s large windows give you an exceptional view of the city, and you can expect the finest dine-in options with a trendy bar.

NYC New Year’s Eve Fireworks Dinner Cruise

Price– 207.55$ each person 

Address– Cruise in Chelsea

Enjoy great cocktails or champagne and, of course, the fantastic view of the city. When the clock strikes midnight, admire an unbeatable view of the fireworks that you cannot find anywhere else. 

New York best rooftop bars for New Year’s Eve

New York is an ideal destination for all-night-party-seekers, and the city is filled with top renowned rooftop bars in the highest heights. However, Celebrate a New Year’s Eve a little closer to stars on rooftop bars, with fine dining options and a midnight toast of champagne. 

Celebrate a New Year's Eve 2022 a little closer to stars on rooftop bars

Nowadays, there are plenty of bars offering mini-golf, world-class cocktails, and craft beer prepared directly downstairs. So, here’s a list of the best rooftop bars in NYC to celebrate new year’s eve are mentioned below.

Panorama Room

Address– 22 North Loop Road, New York- 10044, United States

Tickets cost- 200$

Panorama Room is a striking cocktail bar at Hotel on Roosevelt Island. The view from the 18th floor of Panorama Room is unbeatable, and the bar serves both dining and drinking options. 


Address– 25 West 38th Street, New York- 10018, United States

Tickets cost– 95$

On the Hotel Hendrick’s 29th floor, Daintree is one of the most exceptional open bars to celebrate new year’s eve. 

The Roof at Public

Address– 215 Chrystie St Public Hotel, New York- 10002, United States

Tickets cost– 275$

Undoubtedly, the sexy indoor and outdoor of the bar doesn’t disappoint you, and the Roof at Public is one of the must-visit bars in NYC. 


Nowadays, New York is considered the top city to celebrate Eve; millions of revelers assemble around the Time Square and wait for hours in the cold for the notable Ball-lowering event. However, the ball-dropping tradition has become the most groovy event in NYC.

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