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Copa Airlines Check-In Policy

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How Can I Check-In With Copa Airlines?

The airline has several ways to check-in that offer customers the liberty to choose from. You can either opt for check in Copa Airlines or mobile check-in. If you are not tech-savvy then you can check-in at the airport counter as well where the Delta staff will help you check-in. 

Can I Check-in Online With Copa Airlines?

For online check-in, you can opt for web check-in through the official website of the airlines.  

  • For International flights check-in starts 24 hours before departure and closes 60 minutes before scheduled departure. 
  • For domestic flights, check-in starts 24 hours before the departure and closes 60 minutes before departure. 

Can I Check At The Airport For Copa Airlines?

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in

The airline allows passengers to check-in 24 hours prior scheduled departure for Copa flights through self-service kiosks available at the airport. You can also do Copa check in from the Kiosks available at Panama’s leading hotels such as Holiday Inn Clayton Lobby, Hotel El Panama’s main lobby, Radisson Decapolis Hotel as well. 

Airport Counter Check-In

If you have spare time, then you can simply check-in at the airport as well. However, it is crucial to reach the airport early to check-in on time before the check-in time lapses. 

  • For International flights, reach the airport at least 2 hours before the departure and check-in at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. Also, make sure to reach the boarding gates no less than 45 minutes before the boarding begins. 
  • For flights departing from the US, reach the check in Copa counter at least 3 hours before departure. 
  • For domestic flights from Panama or Columbia, reach the airport at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure and reach at least 90 minutes before during the holiday season as you might experience a high volume of customers. 
  • For flights departing from Venezuela, reach the check-in counter at least 4 hours before departure because the check-in counter at the airport closes 2 hours before scheduled departure. 

What Are The Steps For Copa Check-in?

What Is A Copa Flight Web Check-in?

You can check-in online from 24 hours to 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure for most Copa flights. It is fairly easy to Copa Airlines web check in through the online web check-in method as you just have to access the Copa website. 

  • Go to official website of Copa Airlines 
  • Click on the “Web Check-in” tab.   
  • Insert your reservation number along with e-ticket number and last name or if you are ConnectMiles number, then simply add the account number in designated space. 
  • Click on the web check-in button. 
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email regarding check-in on your registered email. 

Exception to Web-Check-in 

Copa Airlines has certain restrictions when it comes to web check-in. Below mentioned passengers cannot check-in via online method and must check-in directly at the Copa check in counter at the airport.

  • Passengers with unconfirmed booking cannot check-in online. 
  • Passengers with outstanding payment are also not eligible for a web check-in facility.
  • Unaccompanied minors cannot check-in online and must check-in directly at the airport. 
  • Passengers with special needs have to check-in directly at the airport counter. 
  • Passengers travelling with pets are not eligible for web check-in and thus have to check-in at the Copa counter.
  • Passengers travelling on non-Copa connecting flights also have to check-in at the airport counter.
  • Group booking of more than 10 passengers on the same booking are not eligible for web check-in. 

What Is Copa Airlines Mobile Check-in?

Passengers flying on Copa Airlines can also check in Copa Airlines through the mobile app from 24 hours to 60 minutes. 

  • Download the official Copa Airlines app from the IOS app store. 
  • Log in to the account and proceed to do check-in to your flight. 
  • Enter the reservation number, last name, flight number to retrieve the booking.
  • Lastly, click on the check-in button to complete the check-in process. 
  • Download the boarding pass and get it printed later. 

Advantages of Mobile Check-in

There are multiple advantages of Copa mobile check-in that offers convenience to every passenger. You can use Copa Airlines Mobile app to track your flight status, search or book flights, review flight details, select desired seats, check in Copa Airlines, getting boarding passes along with cancelling and modifying flight reservations. 

Can I Check-in At The Airport?

Passengers can request for Copa Airlines check in at the airport counter or through the self-service Kiosk available at the airport. 

  • Arrive ahead of your schedule so that you have plenty of time to complete the formalities like check-in, baggage drop, security clearance and boarding, 
  • Ask the staff present at the Copa Check-in counter to complete your check-in. 
  • Provide the representative with your reference number, flight number and last name. 
  • The representative may ask to provide certain travel documents such as passport, visa. 
  • Lastly, provide your seat preference and any other special request and finish the Copa Airlines Check-in process. 
  • Collect your boarding pass and proceed to the baggage submission counter. 

How Do I Print Copa Airlines Boarding Pass?

  • Online Check-in : After completing the check-in process, you can download your boarding pass and get it printed. 
  • Mobile Check-in : After check in Copa Airlines through a mobile app, you don’t have to print your boarding pass; rather you can simply display the mobile screen with a QR code at the boarding gate. 
  • Airport Kiosk : Follow the screen prompts to check-in for Copa Airlines flight on self-service kiosk. Right after completing check-in, you can print the boarding pass from the Kiosk itself. 
  • Airport Counter : You can ask to assist you to check-in and subsequently print your boarding pass.

When To Check-in With Copa Airlines?

Copa has different airport check-in times depending on departure and destination. Thus, airlines advise passengers to reach the airport ahead of the flight schedule to avoid any last-minute stressful situations. 

  • For International flights, airport check-in is available 2 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • For domestic flights within Panama or Columbia, airport check-in is available 1 hour before departure. 

Copa offers flexible check-in facilities to customers. However, it also has strict deadlines as well to ensure timely service delivery. The airline also advises passengers to adhere to those deadlines to avoid last minute hassle 

  • You can check in Copa Airlines with the help of web check-in available at the official website of the airline. The check-in starts from 24 hours to 60 minutes before the departure. 
  • Passengers travelling with baggage should reach the check-in desk at least 90 minutes before departure. 
  • Passengers should reach the boarding gate at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure for international flight. 
  • Also, passengers are advised to reach the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure for domestic flight.

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