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Best Cities For Digital Nomads

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Digital nomads and remote workers are considering living the digital nomadic lifestyle. And why wouldn’t they? As long as you have a reliable internet connection and online projects, you have the freedom to work from any corner of the globe.

While it has been trending for several years, it is the pandemic that added the much-needed fuel. Within three years, the number of individuals aspiring to live a digital nomad lifestyle has tripled and is estimated to reach a staggering one billion by the year 2035.

Why Digital Nomads Are Roaming

The opportunity to live as a digital nomad and work remotely from another country has never been so viable before. It is no longer simply a career choice, but rather an entire movement gaining momentum.

If you work remotely and plan to explore different destinations, you might want to know which cities are the best for Digital Nomads. And affordable accommodation with a workspace. It is the lifestyle of a remote worker that inspires millennials and Gen Z to become one. 

But behind that glam-glitz life of roaming from one place to another is the hard work, dedication, and a broad network of connectivity. Looking at the rising number of digital nomads, several countries are now offering visas and inviting them to work in their countries. So, what are the best countries for digital nomads right now? Which countries offer the best digital nomad visa? Let’s find out!

The Best Cities For Digital Nomads

What are some awesome places to be in for the Digital Nomads? While you can select any destination of your choice, it is best to know other options as well. After all, you are going to spend a month or two there. In this article, we explore some of the top destinations for digital nomads worldwide, taking into account their expenses, available activities, and other crucial aspects for a digital nomad’s lifestyle. Here are six of the best:

Berlin, Germany

First up is the European city of Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Over the last few years, it has become a primary hub for nomads. Thanks to the freelancer visa that allows digital workers to live there. It provides easy access to the rest of Europe and is a great choice to make a base for those who want to bounce around the entire Europe.

Another reason to make it your base is the city’s efficient transportation, strong and inexpensive internet connectivity, affordable lodging, tons of culture, people history, art, and endless fun. Whether you are in Berlin for a short period or for long-term stay, you will find several affordable hotels with dedicated workspace and strong WiFi connectivity.

Additionally, there are tons of co-working spaces and cafes with free WiFi scattered around the city. And while you are not working, you may like to explore the many museums, historic buildings, and art galleries.

Cost of Living in Berlin

Life in Berlin is relatively affordable if you compare the daily expenses with other European cities. Depending on your everyday expenses, you may require an average of € 150 to €500. If you are a Digital Nomad, living in Berlin, here are the average costs you may have to spend.

  • Accommodation: €1,223 – €12,546
  • One-way Local Transportation: €3
  • Monthly Pass for Local Transportation: €107
  • Meal: €12 – €60

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If your eyes are set on South America, Buenos Aires could be the best base for you and your tribe. Argentina’s capital city certainly is the best choice for digital nomads. Not only does it have a growing number of co-working spaces with fast internet, it also hosts several events and workshops for digital nomads.

While the cost of living in Buenos Aires is slightly higher than other South American cities, you can expect a better quality of life here. Moreover, most visitors to Argentina do not have to apply for any visa for a 90-day stay for tourism purposes. However, you can extend your stay up to 180 days by applying for an extension.

Buenos Aires has a very strong community of digital nomads and expats working and staying in the city. Although the city is expensive in comparison to others, for DN and expats, living here can be inexpensive. Apart from its cosmopolitan vibe and creative cafe culture, the city can also be a great starting point before heading out for Chile or Brazil.

Cost of Living in Buenos Aires

One reason why digital nomads and expats can enjoy a low cost of living is because the Argentine peso experiences high inflation, making foreign currency more valuable. One can live on a budget for $500-1000 per month, with rent being the most significant and fluctuating expense.

  • Accommodation: $ 350 – $1,200
  • Local Transportation: $85- $150
  • Meal: $250 – $279

Mexico City, Mexico

This underrated hub for Digital Nomads in Mexico balances quality of life with affordability. It is one of my personal favorites as the city is home to tons of museums, art galleries, food hubs, bustling nightlife, and a diverse culture. Being one of the most preferred choices for the digital nomads from its northern neighbors, the city has quite a strong base of DN community.

Here, you will find a robust expat and digital nomad scene, tons of networking events, coworking spaces, and connections to anywhere in the world. But not just it, the city’s low cost living makes it a popular destination. If you are looking for a more tropical and laid-back vibe, visit Tulum, Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, and other historic cities full of Mayan evidence.

Those who want to work remotely in Mexico City, can apply for a Non-Lucrative visa, which will allow you to work in the country as a DN. Americans and Canadians can live here up to six months without any visa formalities. It lets you stay in the country for a year. Additionally, its friendly locals, world-class cuisine, and plethora of attractions, make it a must-visit destination.

Cost of Living in Mexico City

The reason many prefer Mexico City is because it is possible to live off $1,200 per month here. If you are a digital nomad or remote worker planning to stay in Mexico for a few months, it is important to evaluate the average cost of living. Although, the expenses may differ depending on the type of accommodation you choose or the kind of luxury you seek, here is an average breakdown of monthly expenses in the city.

  • Accommodation: $ 50 – $400
  • Local Transportation: $15-
  • Meal: $150 – $200

Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand

Due to its low cost living, abundance of coworking spaces, vibrant cultural experience, and picturesque natural beauty, Southeast Asia has become popular among the global communities of digital nomads and remote workers. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are one such city in Thailand, discovered by the backpackers. Even Chiang Mai has surpassed the popularity of Bangkok to become the most preferred base for the digital travelers.

Its low-cost living, fast and affordable internet connectivity, co-working spaces, cheap public transport, and a rich culture, make it a favored destination. Moreover, it is easy to get around both Bangkok and Chiang Mai easily. While Chiang Mai is more of a peaceful destination, Bangkok is the most urban city, packed with thumping nightlife.

The living cost in Chiang Mai is incredibly affordable when you compare it with other Thai cities. While you can also choose to stay in Bangkok for a better network, I personally believe Chiang Mai is more convenient, in terms of both affordability and connectivity.

Cost Of Living in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

If you compare the cost of living in Thailand to the USA and European countries, it is much more affordable. One can spend an entire year within $1000 – $1500. From rental apartments to local transport, and food, everything comes within a limited budget.

  • Accommodation: $ 150 – $400
  • Local Transportation: $10- $20
  • Meal: $100 – $200

Prague, Czech Republic

In recent years, Prague has become a major digital nomad destination, thanks to its stunning architecture, beautiful weather, fast internet connectivity, and affordable cost of living. The country ranks 45 in the world in terms of internet speed. It is home to a very large DN and RW communities, which led to plenty of co-working spaces. If these aren’t enough, you should know that Prague is well-connected with other historic places, such as Olomouc, Cesky Krumlov, Pilsen, etc. If for your work, you need to meet clients or you wish to work somewhere other than your apartment or coffee house, you can even get a day pass or monthly membership to any of the co-working facilities in the city.

Additionally, Czechia is part of the Schengen area, so as per the Schengen visa policy, you can stay in the country up to 90 days on a tourist visa, as a non-European. In case, you need to stay more than 90 days as a Digital Nomad, apply for a D-visa. So, you have enough time to experience the country’s rich urban and traditional charm.

The city hosts numerous networking events and meetups that take place on a regular basis. Also, if you are looking for a small getaway, Vienna and Budapest are just a few hours drive from Prague. The city is chock-full of attractions, historical places, museums, and art galleries.

Cost of Living in Prague

Prague is one of the most popular digital nomad hotspots in Europe. The cost of living for a DN or RW is between $2,100 to $ 3,161, depending on the kind of luxury you want. It has an excellent standard of living. Additionally, the country’s currency is not part of the Euro currency, which makes it even more cheaper than other European destinations like Amsterdam, London, and Paris.

  • Accommodation: $500 – $750
  • Local Transportation: $80- $120
  • Meal: $450 – $500

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Needless to say that the capital of the Netherlands is one of the popular European destinations among tourists as well as digital nomads. Its cobblestoned streets, stunning views, and creative coffee culture has given rise to a thriving community of digital nomads and remote workers. Moreover, it was the first country to grant remote working flexibility by law in 2022.

While many consider it as one of the expensive cities, you can make it affordable by making the cafeteria your working space for free. There are plenty of co-working spaces and co-working boats scattered around the city, which are highly affordable if you don’t want a big office. From the points of safety, infrastructure, affordability, and inclusivity, Amsterdam certainly checks all the boxes.

While there is no digital nomad visa for the Netherlands per se, a digital nomad should register themselves as independent workers in the country and apply for a MVV visa, if planning to stay longer.

Cost of Living in Amsterdam

No doubt the city is expensive. But if you know how to cut off unnecessary expenses, you can make it through the months with just $5000. You can get around the city on a bicycle free of cost instead of taking public transport. And instead of renting a co-working space, you can work all day at a coffee house with zero cost.

  • Accommodation: $ 1,500 – $2,000
  • Local Transportation: $20- $50
  • Meal: $100 – $200

Bottom Line

The flexibility, independence, and opportunity to explore the globe are what inspired Millennials and Gen Z to become a full time digital nomad. There are countless amazing places for digital nomads to explore and work. Whether it’s the vibrant cities of Chiang Mai and Buenos Aires or the cultural hubs of Berlin and Prague, there is a destination to suit every taste and preference.

From affordable living costs to reliable internet connections and thriving coworking spaces, these locations offer the perfect blend of work and globetrot for those who choose to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. So why not pack your bags, grab your laptop, and embark on an adventure that allows you to see the world while still pursuing your career? The possibilities are endless!

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