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Punta Cana Travel Guide

by Tyla

About Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a city of the Dominican Republic in the easternmost region and is a part of the municipal district of Veron-Punta Cana. It is the second most popular tourist destination in Latin America, and witnesses more travelers than any other city in the Caribbean region. The city is known for white sand beaches, turquoise water and seaside resorts. This guide will help you learn everything about this place and tell you all the necessary information.

about Punta Cana

Furthermore, the climate of the city is hot year-round, especially during summer and autumn. Punta Cana contributes a lot to the tourism of the Dominican Republic and due to its location, water activities are the most preferred things to do here.


Punta Cana is not very populated and the population density is very low. Most of the inhabitants are migrant workers from Haiti and accounted for 81% of the town’s population as of 2010. The population of the city in 2010 was 43,982 and as of 2022, the population is 100,023 inhabitants with a growth rate of 7%.

Población 1
Población 2


It has its border with the beaches of Cabeza de Toro, Bávaro and El Cortecito, in the North. The nearest town, Higüey, is 500 years older and is 28 miles from the city, which takes an hour to reach by car. The province has a 62-mile coastline and natural marine pools in which travelers can bathe safely. From north to south, the biggest beaches to visit here are Uvero Alto, Macau, Arena Gorda, Las Corales, Cabo Engaño and many more. Bavaro is the most famous beach, because it is home to many hotels along the coast and has become a service center with supermarkets, fast food stores, pharmacies, gourmet food restaurants, banks, schools and more. Also, you can find everything you need during your trip to Punta Cana.


In the late 1960s, a Dominican entrepreneur, Frank Rainieri, sided with Theodore Kheel, a high-level New York lawyer, to acquire a 58-million-square-meter piece of land. This land in the easternmost part of the Dominican Republic and the province of La Altagracia was an undeveloped area and is now called Punta Cana. At that time, the nearest largest city was Higüey which took a lap of about 5 hours. The first project of this city was a hotel that housed 40 people and was called “The Club of Punta Cana”.

In 1970, Rainieri changed the name Yauya or Punta Borrachos to Punta Cana and in 1978, the Mediterranean Club of Paris joined with the SA project group of the town and built a 350-room hotel. In 1979, the Hotel Puntacana was built and then in 1984, the Punta Cana International Airport opened. In 1993, the construction of Marina de Punta Cana Resort & Club began and in 2000, the development of the first residential community began and six years later, Tortuga Bay opened.

Historia 1
Historia 2


Punta Cana is a city on the easternmost side of the Dominican Republic and that is why it is in accordance with the religion that is followed in the country. Christianity is the most followed religion in the Dominican Republic. Although in the past, Catholicism dominated other religions in the country and received government’s support. 

Approximately 85% of the country’s population follows Christianism. Of this 85%, Catholics count 57%, Protestants 13%, saints and others 15%. People who don’t follow any religion or who are atheists have 12%. Other religions followed here are Islam (0.02%), Buddhism (1.1%), baha’i (0.1%) and others are taoism, animism, etc.


Dominican culture has a lot to offer and has everything you would want on your trip to Punta Cana, from delicious food to pristine beaches. The Dominican Republic has a multicultural past, which has influences from Europe, Africa and native Taino India. All this has developed the social identity of Dominicans in their food, music, art, sport and religion. The country seems like a mixture of both, the ancient and the modern, unique and global.


The language spoken in Punta Cana is Spanish. There are many places where tourists do not visit and in these places, people only speak Spanish. But, you don’t have to worry because in the tourist places, you will find people who speak English. In addition, other languages are spoken to help people, such as German and French. If you want to plan a trip here but can’t speak Spanish, you don’t have to worry.


The official currency used by the people of Punta Cana is the Dominican Peso. Although some of the resorts also accept the U.S. Dollar and major credit cards.


The Dominican Republic is a representative democracy or Democratic Republic with three branches in force; executive, legislative and judicial. The President of the Dominican Republic is in charge of the executive branch, implements the laws of Congress, appoints a cabinet, and is a commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The national legislature is bicameral and has a senate, including 32 members and chamber of deputies with 178 members.

The Dominican Republic has a multi-party political system. Elections are held every two years, alternating between presidential elections. Presidential elections are held in four years. Legislative and municipal elections were held in even numbers. International observers have found that the elections held here are generally free and fair since 1996.



Punta Cana has a wet and dry tropical climate. The climate of this city is almost constant throughout the year with an average temperature of 26°C on average. The hot and humid season is in the months of May to September. The temperature during these months drops down to 35°C during the day. The months of November to March are pleasant and have a temperature of 20°C on average.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to travel to Punta Cana is around January to March. Many travelers travel here during these months, considering the optimum weather conditions to explore the city’s tourist sites. The temperature fluctuates between 19°C and 29°C at night and during the day respectively. During these months, you are unlikely to encounter rain since the sky is clear. Apparently, if you want to enjoy your trip here, it is the best time to visit.



Occidental Caribe

Western Caribbean

Address: Carretera Macao SN Playa Arena Gorda, Punta Cana, 23301, Dominican Republic

Contact: 00 34 917 69 58 87

Bahia Principe Grand Punta Cana

Bahia Principe Grand Punta Cana

Address: Arena Gorda _ Macao, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: 00 1 305-592-6466

Royalton Splash Punta Cana

Royalton Splash Punta Cana

Address: Playa Arena Gorda, Carretera Macao, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: 00 1 809-221-2121

Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana

Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana

Address: Juanillo Beach, Cap Cana, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: 00 1 809-469-7260

Sanctuary Cap Cana

Sanctuary Cap Cana

Address: Boulevard Zona Hotelera, Cap Cana, Punta Cana 23302 Dominican Republic

Contact: 00 1 833-297-5292



  • Dress code
    One of the factors you would like to know prior to your trip to Punta Cana is that there is no specific dress code that the city follows. However, many locals like to dress well or wear something casual during the day. But this does not mean that they need to wear a very attractive dress. Tourists may prefer to wear hats, dresses or shorts, since the weather is too sunny.

  • Drinking
    Drinking in this city is completely legal if you are 18 or older. The resorts even also follow the rules of drinking and do not provide alcohol to a person under the age of 18. The purchase, consumption and possession of alcohol for persons under the age of 18 is prohibited and is a punishable offense.

  • Tipping
    Tipping in Punta Cana is normal and expected. A 10% tip is customary for standard service in a bar; a tip of 15% or more shows additional appreciation. Remember that you don’t need to tip every time you order a drink, but you should certainly give more when your waiter goes above and beyond.

  • Photography
    Taking photos in the Dominican Republic is completely legal, and you will also find many places to take photos in different rooms of the city during your trip to Punta Cana.


  • The city of Dominican Republic has all the things you need for a relaxing trip: white sand, warm water, good food, and vibrant bars. It depends on your requirements in which neighborhood you have to stay during your trip to Punta Cana.

  • Bavarian
    Bavaro is a beach resort area in Punta Cana, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. It is located in the province of La Altagracia, the easternmost province of the country. With the development of the city, Bavara has become a tourist hub with many hotels and resorts.

  • Cap Cana
    This is a destination located in the heart of the Caribbean, on the easternmost shores of the Dominican Republic. Cap Cana is known for its luxurious, expensive and high-quality resorts. It is full of palm trees, beaches and offers popular activities such as surfing, kayaking and snorkeling. This neighborhood is located at a distance of 20 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport.

  • Uvero Alto
    Uvero Alto is a neighborhood that is home to many luxurious and high-quality resorts along with casinos. The hangover in the water on the beaches of Uvero, makes you the best place to do fun activities in the water. The Sirenis water park has slides, pools and picnic areas, while nearby stables offer horseback riding.
  • Punta Cana Resort
    A gated community of rental homes and several hotels, plus golf courses, tennis courts, a spa, restaurants, and more. Punta Cana Resort is a bustling resort within Punta Cana’s largest vacation area. There is a wide variety of accommodations and access to 5 kilometers (3 miles) of beaches, as well as something for all ages, ideal for families.


Punta Cana is a major destination housing many beachside resorts and the culture here is generally relaxed. It is famous for white sand beaches and luxurious resorts and is also known for being cheaper than other Caribbean destinations. The culture of this city is a mixture of different cultures, but has a little more of the European culture. The culture is varied and good for tourists, here you will find English speakers as well.

The Best Museums and Art Galleries

Punta Cana Tourism

Punta Cana Food & Wine Tour

Punta Cana, the city of the Dominican Republic, on the easternmost coast has many hidden gastronomic secrets. It can be said that this place is the center of Dominican cuisine. Dominican cuisine is a mixture of indigenous influence from Africa, the Caribbean, Spain and Taino. It offers the best delicious and unique flavors. Also, the cuisine here is one of the best in the country.Gourmet restaurants.

High Dining

Zoho Beach Club Punta Cana

Zoho Beach Club Punta Cana

Address: Calle Marcio Veloz Maggiolo, Bavaro, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 829-943-9003

Montserrat Manor Restaurant

Montserrat Manor Restaurant

Address: Blvd Turístico del Este km 28 #74 Macao Municipio de Higüey Punta Cana República Dominicana Hard Rock Hotel, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 849-945-0215

Chic Cabaret & Restaurant Punta Cana

Chic Cabaret & Restaurant Punta Cana

Address: Avenida. Francia TRS Turquesa Hotel, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 809-221-8149

La Yola Restaurant

La Yola Restaurant

Address: Puntacana Resort & Club, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 809-959-1010


Address: Fishing Lodge Cap Cana, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 849-451-5413

Casual Dining

Kukua Beach Club & Restaurant

Kukua Beach Club & Restaurant

Address: Carretera de Arena Gorda a Macao Entrada por Club de Golf Punta Blanca, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 829-642-0022

The Greek Resort 24 Hour Beachfront Restaurant

The Greek Resort 24 Hour Beachfront Restaurant

Address: Calle Pedro Mir # 7 The Greek Hotel, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 809-469-7000

Castaways Restaurant And Bar

Castaways Restaurant And Bar

Address: 1 Andi Las Vegas Boulevard At Playa Palmera Playa Palmera Between Grand Sirenis And Excellence El Carmen, Uvero Alto, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 809-455-9499

Onno's Bavaro

Address: Corner of Calle Pedro Mir and Avenida Espana, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 809-552-0376

Pearl Beach Club & Restaurant

Address: Carretera Cabeza De Toro, Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 809-933-3171

Bars & Lounges

Coco Bongo Punta Cana

Coco Bongo Punta Cana

Address: Centro Comercial Downtown Punta Cana, Carretera Barcelo (Verón)

Contact: +52 998-577-4289

Drink Point

Drink Point

Address: Avcon Av. Francia, Plaza Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 809-552-1175

Imagine Punta Cana Night Club

Imagine Punta Cana Night Club

Address: Av. Estados Unidos, old Coco Loco to Friusa crossroads, Punta Cana

Contact: +1 829-838-5341

The Kan Drink House

The Kan Drink House

Address: av españa 23001 Bávaro, República Dominicana

Contact: +1 829-762-1200

Kviar Show Disco & Casino Punta Cana

Kviar Show Disco & Casino Punta Cana

Address: Hotel Dominican Fiesta, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 809-931-9495

Spas and Wellness Resorts

Flavio Acuna Spa Natural Center

Flavio Acuna Spa Natural Center

Address: Spa Natural Center, Los Corales, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 (809) 849 9011, +1 (809) 210 3150

Ananda Yoga International

Ananda Yoga International - Punta Cana

Address: Galerias Punta Cana, 23000, Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 809-720-5052

Holistic Touch

Holistic Touch

Address: Bávaro, Dominican Republic · Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Contact: +1 829-745-7008

Plaza Caribeña & Massages Spa

Plaza Caribeña & Massages Spa

Address: Uvero Alto, La Altagracia, Dom. Rep.

Contact: (809) 994-0275 / (849) 875-7311

Palmarosa Spa

Palmarosa Spa

Address: Plaza Arenal del Caribe, local 7, German Avenue, 23301 Bávaro

Contact: 829 728 49 87

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