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About Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines is considered as the flag carrier of the Philippines. It was founded on 26 February, 1941. Its predecessor company was called the Philippine Aerial Taxi company and was founded on December 3, 1930. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is where its main flight operations are carried out from. It is Headquartered at the PNB Financial Center in Pasay. It even has a subsidiary called PAL express that operates regional routes. The airline along with its subsidiaries serve 69 destinations in total at present. So there are numerous options to purchase a Philippine Airlines ticket.


The airline company has a fleet size of 46 and contains narrow body as well as wide body aircrafts coming from two aircraft families: Boeing and Airbus.

Let’s take a look at the aircrafts used by Philippine Airlines:

AircraftIn Fleet
Boeing 777-300ER9
Airbus A350-9002
Airbus A330-30010
Airbus A321neo8
Airbus A321-20017

Philippine Airlines Flight Details

Flights Per WeekMost Popular Destination
2,024Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Popular Airlines Flight Routes and Destination

OriginDestinationDeparture DateBest Price
Perth (PER)Manila (MNL)June 28, 2023$ 946
Toronto (YYZ)Manila (MNL)June 29, 2023$ 2,666
Cebu (CEB)Bangkok (BKK)July 2, 2023$ 223
Cebu (CEB)Seoul (ICN)July 7,2023$ 215
Doha (DOH)Davao (DVO)July 9, 2023$ 982
Singapore (SIN)Davao (DVO)July 11, 2023$ 281
Manila (MNL)Fukuoka (FUK)July 13, 2023$ 281
Manila (MNL)Riyadh (RUH)July 15, 2023$ 820
Tokyo (NRT)Cebu (CEB)July 17, 2023$ 288
Davao (DVO)Delhi (DEL)July 24, 2023$ 625

Top Airports Served by Philippine Airlines

  • Clark International Airport
  • Mactan–Cebu International Airport
  • Francisco Bangoy International Airport
  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport
  • Kalibo International Airport
  • Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport
  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Philippine Airlines Policies & Services 

Cancellation Policy

The Philippine Airlines cancellation policy is aimed to provide a smooth way for passengers to solve their issues with regards to their Philippine Airlines ticket that they may wish to cancel. 

  • Philippine Airlines(PAL) gives travellers the option of cancelling flights within 24 hours after booking them. Also, the flight should be booked 7 or more days before departure. 
  • Only flights that are booked through customer support and the official website can be cancelled.
  • A cancellation fee can be charged that depends on the type of ticket and fare. 
  • The compensation for cancelled flight will be credited to the original payment source. 
  • Refunds will be credited within 7-10 business days. 

  Refund Policy

  • The refunds will be paid in accordance with the cancellation policy.
  • A cancellation fee will be charged depending upon the destination and fare. The remaining amount will be credited back to the original source of payment. 
  • The ticket refund will be processed through bank transfer if you have purchased tickets through cash.

 Baggage Policy

The Philippine Airlines(PAL) has variable rules for baggage for different classes. 

  • Each class has a free baggage allowance policy of their own. 
  • The dimensions of a carry-on baggage must have a maximum weight of 7 kgs and total dimensions 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (22in x 14in x 9in).
  • Each passenger is allowed one carry-on luggage.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Domestic Flights 

The baggage allowance in Philippine Airlines flights varies depending on the class.

Economy Class

Fare BenefitEconomy SupersaverEconomy SaverEconomy ValueEconomy FlexPremium Economy
Free Baggage AllowanceNo Bags10 kg20 kg20 kg25 kg

Business Class

Fare BenefitBusiness ValueBusiness Flex
Free Baggage Allowance30 kg35 kg

International Flights

Free allowance varies as per one’s destination. Please check the Philippine Airlines website for further information.

For International flights coming and going to the Middle East. 

Economy Class

Economy SupersaverEconomy SaverEconomy ValueEconomy FlexPremium Economy
2 pieces at 23 kg (50 lbs)/Piece2 pieces at 23 kg (50 lbs)/Piece2 pieces at 23 kg (50 lbs)/Piece2 pieces at 23 kg (50 lbs)/Piece2 pieces at 25 kg (55 lbs)/Piece

Business Class

Business ValueBusiness Flex
2 pieces at 32 kg (70 lbs)/Piece2 pieces at 32 kg (70 lbs)/Piece

International Flights – Free Baggage Allowance

ClassFare TypeWeight ConceptPiece Concept
BetweenPhilippineandKoreaAsia, PacificJapan, Middle East, Guam, the US, Canada, Europe
EconomyAll fares20 kg30 kg2 pieces up to 23 kg (50 lbs) each
Premium EconomyAll fares25 kg35 kg2 pieces up to 25 kg (55 lbs) each
BusinessPromo, Classic30 kg40 kg2 pieces up to 32 kg (70 lbs) each

Infants Baggage

Passengers who travel with infants will pay 10% of the adult fare or more. They have free baggage allowance.

RouteChecked BaggageCarry-on Baggage
Domestic (Philippines)Not ApplicableNot Applicable
International(Asia, Pacific, Middle East, Europe)1 piece not exceeding 10 kilosNot Applicable
North America(USA, Canada)GuamJapan1 piece of baggage not exceeding 50lbs (23kgs)Not Applicable

Booking Fee

The booking fee for Philippine Airlines scheduled flights varies depending on the destination, class, date, type of baggage, and check-in type.

Web Check-in

  • The airline company provides a web check-in and people can find out various important details regarding the flight from home itself. The  Philippine Airlines Check In system makes life easier for passengers.
  • The web check in option opens up about 24 hours before departure for all flights. It finishes 1 hour 15 minutes before international flight departures and 1 hour before domestic flight departure time. 
  • It allows passengers to also select their preferred seat before arriving. 

Baggage Check-in

Passengers must be at the online check-in baggage drop counter at least 45 minutes before departure time. 

In-flight Entertainment

Philippine Airlines(PR) provides passenger seats that are outfitted with personal TV and AVOD (Audio/Video on Demand). It offers movies, TV shows, Music, etc.

Customer Support

Philippine Airlines(PR) can call their toll free number 1-800-435-9725 for assistance and help regarding flights. 


  • What can you not bring on Philippine Airlines?

    Basically, items that are dangerous or not necessary in any way. LIke fire extinguishers, dry ice, tear gas, pepper spray, etc.

  • What is Philippine Airlines known for?

    The airline has emerged over recent years as not just a top airline in Asia but throughout the world. It has been running for several years and is known for its great service.

  • Is PAL customer service 24 hours?

    The Global Reservation Hotline runs 24 hours and addresses several booking related issues for customers. Those that have issues can contact them.

  • How do I get a full refund from Philippine airlines?

    Refund application requests need to be submitted through PAL Reservations Hotline, myPAL Request Hub, PAL Ticket Offices, etc. Upon initial application customers will be given a Refund Application Reference Number. The case will be reviewed and if deserving refunds will be issued.

  • Do Philippine Airlines provide food?

    Yes, they provide food and a wide array of meals.

  • Is Philippine Airlines 5 star?

    Philippine Airlines(PAL) is rated 4-star which is still pretty good.

  • How many weeks pregnant can you fly with Philippine airlines?

    A woman who is not more than 35 weeks pregnant may be accepted. However forms must be filled out which vary depending on how many weeks pregnant they are.

  • What happens if I cancel my flight?

    If a flight is cancelled and certain conditions are met then customers may be eligible for a partial refund.

  • How can I check the status of flight?

    One can simply visit the website of the airline company and search under the manage section. There will be an option of flight status where Philippine Airlines flight status can be examined.

  • Are pets allowed in Philippine Airlines?

    No, they are not allowed except for emotional support dogs and certified service dogs.

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