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About Spirit Airlines

If you would like to book a reservation, change or cancel the existing reservation, manage your booking or want to resolve an issue, then just visit the official website of Spirit Airlines. However, if your issues can’t be resolved here, you can always contact Spirit Airlines customer support number. Even if you prefer to email, you just need to complete a form on the website, and the airline will send you an email.

Spirit Airlines is an ultra low-cost carrier of the US, which was founded in 1983 and commenced its operation in 1990. It is headquartered in Miramar, Florida and operates scheduled flights throughout the US, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Moreover, it is the largest ulta low-cost carrier in North America.

Spirit Airlines Customer Support Service

If you are facing trouble with any of the services provided by Spirit Airlines and want to have a quick response, then one of the numbers below should suit your needs. Once you call them, a customer support executive will assist you to resolve your issues faster. However, Spirit Airlines phone number varies depending on the region from where you are calling.

For Spirit Airlines Sales & Guest Service: Domestic and International:

  • Toll Free: 1-855-SAVE-555 (855 728 3555)
  • For Text: 48762
  • For Whatsapp: 855 728 3555
  • For Mexico: 800 030 071

Assistance for the hearing impaired

For TTY/TTD dial 711

Spirit Airlines Customer Support Numbers for Different Region

Spirit Airlines customer service number varies depending on the country or city from where you are calling the airline. These numbers are round the clock available to assist you with your queries. Here is a list of Spirit Airlines phone numbers for each country and city, it provides its services with: 

RegionPhone NumbersWhatsAppEmail
Bogota571 +241 4000Cellular: 318 364 4210[email protected]
Medellin57 300 912 0761 / 57 448 5158 / +57 305 355 5401[email protected]
Armenia57 6749 7244+57 310 452 2527[email protected] 
Cali(57-2) 888 2353 / (57) 315 710 1521[email protected] 
Cartagena55 674 1359[email protected] 
Barranquilla+57 5 309 3238+57 300 843 8569[email protected] 
Ecuador593 4 371 0897[email protected] 
Peru+51 932 132 847 / +51 946 288 073+51 932 132 847 / +51 946 288 073[email protected] 
Haiti011 509 2940 4422
Guatemala City502 2292 0828 / 502 2368 1695[email protected] 
Antigua4130 59204145 9764[email protected] 
Quetzaltenango502 7725 4500 / 502 5780 8259502 3134 9123[email protected] 
Honduras504 9452 0238 / 504 9452 0239[email protected] 
Tegucigalpa504 9472 8517[email protected] 
El Salvador+503 2534 8228+503 7166 9738[email protected] 
Nicaragua505 227 81149
Costa Rica+506 4032 9449+506 7201 9465[email protected] 

Waiting Time

A typical waiting duration for a passenger calling Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number is about 3-4 hours. However, the time may vary depending on the availability of the airline’s customer support agent.

Other Modes to Communicate

Apart from Spirit Airlines customer support number, the airline also provides its customers with alternate modes to communicate.  Below is a list of the other alternatives available on which you can communicate and request for a faster response:

Chat Bot

You can simply visit the official website of Spirit Airlines and click on ‘Contact Us’ page. Once you click ‘Let’s Chat’, a chat bot will appear, where you can select your preferred language and narrate your issues or queries. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, then the chat bot will redirect you to one of its customer support executives, who can guide you further.


You can also send a message to Spirit Airlines’ WhatsApp number 855 728 3555. Start your conversation with a ‘Hello’. You will receive a message stating different types of queries. Once you select the subject you want to address, the airline will assist you with further process. It typically takes just a minute to get a response via WhatsApp.


You can send your feedback or file a complaint via Email. To email your complaint, you need to file a form on the official website of Spirit Airlines and submit it. Once you submit the form, the airline will get back to you as soon as possible.

Social Media

Spirit Airlines is also available on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can directly share your feedback or complain about any issue here. Since social media has a huge reach, the airline takes the queries seriously and tries to resolve them quickly.

How Lowest Flight Fares helps customers resolve their issue with Spirit Airlines?

When you connect with Lowest Flight Fares for any Spirit Airlines customer service related issue regarding a ticket purchased from us, we will personalize and solve the problem for you and help you provide all the information you want. When you seek concerns for cancellation, rescheduling, booking, rebooking, refund, problems, we assist you to have a more transparent guidance that can resolve your issue quickly.


  • Why do customers call Spirit Airlines Customer Support number?

    Passengers call Spirit Airlines for several reasons, which include booking or managing flights, cancellation and refund related information, issues related to Spirit Airlines reservations, baggage claim, damaged or lost baggage queries, information on making arrangements for specially-abled passengers, children, and pets, complaints about Spirit Airlines Service, etc.

  • What kind of issue does Spirit Airlines Customer Support Executive Resolve?

    A customer support executive provides the caller with relevant information and assistance, such as information about flights, booking and managing flights, ticket and payment related issues, canceling or changing flight booking, refund related issues, information on service arrangements for specially-abled passengers, pets, and children, etc.

  • What kind of issues can’t be resolved with a call to the Spirit Airlines customer support executive?

    Spirit Airlines Customer support service can’t address if your item was lost outside a plane or gate. In such cases, the passenger is required to contact the Airport Authority.
    Apart from that, for passport, visa, ID & documentation, consult the immigration center. Spirit Airlines Customer support service is not entitled to resolve such issues.

  • What is Spirit Airlines’s toll free customer support number?

    Spirit Airlines’s toll free number varies depending on the region. However, you can send a text on WhatsApp 855 728 3555 and get a quick response from the airline.

  • What are Spirit Airlines’ other modes of support?

    If you are not satisfied with your chat with Spirit Airlines customer support executives, try to communicate with them via WhatsApp, or the airline’s social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook. You can also contact them directly at the airport Spirit Airlines counter.

  • How does lowestflightfares.com help customers resolve their issues with Spirit Airlines?

    When you get in touch with us for any Spirit Airlines related issue for a ticket purchased from us, we will assist you better and resolve your issue faster. Whether you seek assistance for cancel, reschedule, book, rebook, refund, etc. related issues, we provide you with detailed information and resolve the issue.

  • How do I talk to Spirit Airlines Customer Support Service?

    Once you dial one of the customer support numbers provided by Spirit Airlines, you need to select your preferred language. Once you select the language and follow the further process, one of the executives will respond back with whom you can share your queries.

  • What are Spirit Airlines customer service hours?

    Spirit Airlines offers round the clock (24*7) customer support service. You may contact Spirit Airlines 24 hours helpline number at your convenience. 

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