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About Spirit Airlines

A large number of flight cancellations done by passengers forced airlines to undergo some significant changes. These changes are designed to address the issues related to flight cancellation. Whenever a passenger cancels a flight, it costs them a huge buck and even significantly impacts the airline. This is why Spirit Airlines’ flight change policy has been introduced. Instead of canceling your Spirit Airlines flight and losing your money, you can reschedule your trip. Here we will take you through the details to Spirit Airlines flight change and the fee applicable.

Spirit Airlines is a major American ultra-low-cost airline founded in 1983 and commenced its operation in 1990. It covers 83 destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy

Spirit Airlines have undergone some specific changes to make travel with the airline convenient and flexible. The airline encourages passengers to reschedule their flight instead of canceling the entire reservation. However, it depends on various factors. To learn about the Spirit Airlines’ change flight policy, read below:

  • Spirit Airlines allows passengers to make changes in their bookings up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure and levies a change fee charge on you.
  • You can make changes in your booking free of charge if the request is made within 24-hours of booking the flight and the departure is at least 7 days later.
  • You can make changes for free up to 60 days before your flight’s departure.
  • Flight Flex ticket holders and Bundle It Combo can cancel their flight for free up to 24-hours before departure.
  • If the passenger is changing the reservation due to an illness or death of a relative, the airline will let you change the booking for free.
  • If the passenger booked the flight with a credit card, it would offer flight change coverage.

Spirit Airlines 24-hour Flight Change Policy

  • Spirit Airlines 24-hour flight change policy allows passengers to change their reservation free of charge if the changes are done within 24-hours of booking and the flight’s departure is at least 7 days later at the time of booking. It is applicable to all fares.
  • Passengers have to pay for the fare differences, if there is any change in fare that states that the new flight is costlier than the original flight.

Spirit Airlines Same-day Flight Change

  • Spirit Airlines same-day flight change allows passengers to change the itinerary 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • A USD 99 same-day flight change charge will be applicable.
  • Passengers are not allowed to change the origin and destination.
  • If you have already checked-in, you are no longer eligible to make any changes even if you are requesting for the changes 1 hour before departure.
  • Long-haul flight passengers are not allowed to make any changes.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Fee

Spirit Airlines flight change fee depends on fare types, destination, date, and the reason for change. Under some specific circumstances, the airline allows passengers to make free changes. However, if you are changing the reservation of the permitted rules, the airline will charge a penalty. Here is a list of Spirit Airlines’ change fee:

Standard and Award Ticket

  • You will be charged USD 39 to USD 99 for making changes in the reservation, if the changes are made after the 24-hours window.
  • If your new flight is costlier than the original flight, you will have to incur the fare difference.
  • If the new flight is less costlier than the previous flight, the airline will offer you reservation credit for future travel.

Flight Flex Ticket

  • Flight Flex ticket holders are allowed to make changes only once for free.
  • You can purchase this either online, by phone, or through a travel agent.
  • The Flight Flex option allows you to change your itinerary for free to up to 24-hours before the flight’s departure, only once.
  • Flight Flex tickets cannot be used on canceled bookings.
  • It cannot be purchased for an existing reservation. It should be purchased during the booking process.
  • With Flight Flex, you can modify the date, time, and origins and destination.
  • Flight Flex is applicable to only selected routes.
Type of TicketChange TimeChange Fee
Standard and Award TicketWithin 24-hours of purchase and flight departure is 7 days laterNo Change Fee
60+ days before departureNo Change Fee
59-15 days before departureUSD 39
14-7 days before departureUSD 59
6-0 days before departureUSD 79
Flight Flex/Bundle It ComboUp to 24-hours before departureNo Change Fee
Same-day ChangeWithin 24-hours before departureUSD 99

Steps to Change Spirit Airlines Flight

  • Visit https://www.spirit.com/
  • Click on My Trips and enter passenger’s last name and confirmation code
  • Click Continue
  • Follow the prompt to make changes in your reservation

Note: You can also text them at 48763 or contact them on whatsapp at 855 728 3555.


  • Can I change my Spirit Airlines flight without change fees?

    Spirit Airlines allows passengers to change their reservation free of charge if the changes are done within 24-hours from the time of booking. After the 24-hour risk-free period gets over, a change fee of USD 39-USD 99 will be applicable.

  • How late can you change a Spirit Airlines flight?

    Spirit Airlines passengers are allowed to make changes in their reservation up to 1-hours before the scheduled departure. The airline will charge them a change fee along with the fare difference, if applicable.

  • How much does it cost to change a Spirit Airlines Flight?

    The total cost of the flight change fee depends on various factors, such as, fare type, cabin class, destination, and time of the journey. If you are changing your itinerary after a 24-hours risk-free period, then you must pay USD 39 to USD 99 along with the fare difference.

  • What happens if my new flight costs less than my original flight?

    In case the new flight costs less than the original flight, Spirit Airlines will reimburse the amount as e-credit for future travel.

  • How do I modify a reservation?

    If you are eligible to make changes in your flight ticket, then you can do the same by visiting Spirit Airlines’s official website and following the instructions. If you are unable to change the reservation online, you can call Spirit Airlines at 1 855 728 3555.

  • Can I change my ticket, which was purchased from a third-party agent?

    Spirit Airlines allows you to make changes for the tickets purchased from a third-party agent. However, additional charges may apply along with the change fee and fare differences.

  • Can I change my Spirit Airlines flight the same day?

    Yes, you can change your Spirit Airlines flight up to 1-hour of its scheduled departure. The airline will levy a penalty fee for the changes you make.

  • How to change seats on Spirit Airlines?

    You can request for a seat online by visiting the airline’s official website or at the airport counter. If your seat fee is not included in your airfare, the airline may ask you for a fee to upgrade your seat. You are allowed to change your seat for free only once. After that, you have to incur a change fee.

  • Can I get a refund for an unwanted flight change?

    If Spirit Airlines asks you to change your flight due to some reason, then the airline will compensate you. The compensation can be a complete refund, and a free alternate flight.

  • What are the benefits of Flight Flex?

    Flight Flex allows passengers to make changes in their reservation free of charge for once. After that, passengers need to pay for each change they make.

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