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About American Airlines

American Airlines (AA) is a major US-based airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. With a fleet size of 858 aircraft, the airline covers 350 destinations worldwide. Being the world’s largest airline, American Airlines (AA) focuses on offering the most seamless service to its passengers. After the pandemic, American Airlines cancellation and refund policy was revised and underwent some changes. The airline has eliminated most of the fees associated with cancellation or itinerary changes. In this guide, we will help you understand different amendments to the American Airlines cancellation related policies.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy

We cancel a flight only when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, nobody wants to go through the lengthy cancellation process and pay a hefty amount as a penalty. However, if you booked your flight with American Airlines (AA), you do not have to worry, as the cancellation policy is straightforward.

American Airlines 24 hour Cancellation Policy

The 24-hour cancellation policy is applied to all types of tickets, even for a basic economy ticket. Under this policy, the customer is entitled to cancel their booked ticket within 24 hours of booking and receive a complete refund in the original source of payment, irrespective of class and fare they purchased. However, it is advisable to understand the following points before canceling your flight:

  • if the flight is canceled within 24 hours of reservation, the airline will not charge any cancellation fee.
  • Also, if you cancel your American Airlines (AA) flight within 24hours of booking, you are eligible for a full refund if your flight’s departure is at least 7 days later than the time of booking.
  • American Airlines (AA) has eliminated the cancellation fee for all international and domestic flights, irrespective of their class.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy due to Covid-19

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, American Airlines (AA) flight cancellation policy has undergone specific changes. The amendments are as follows:

  • There are no changes in fees for all domestic, short-haul international, and selected short-haul international flights on Premium Cabin, Premium Economy, and Main Cabin fares. Basic Economy Tickets purchased on or after 1st April 2021 will be non-refundable and non-changeable.
  • If you have purchased a Basic Economy ticket, you can buy upgrades, seats, priority boarding, and same-day flight changes.
  • You can fly standby for free on earlier domestic flights and flights to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy for refundable and Non-Refundable Ticket

Whether you have a refundable or non-refundable flight ticket, the cancellation policy depends on various circumstances. Here is a list:

  • Until the end of the risk-free period, the airline offers a free cancellation of both refundable and non-refundable tickets.
  • If you cancel your non-refundable ticket after 24 hours from booking, you will be charged a cancellation fee. The fee depends on the destinations you choose to travel to, and the cancellation fee will be deducted from the total amount of the fare. The unused part of your ticket will be refunded in credit, which you can use for your future travel with the airline.
  • Whether you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking or at the last minute, you will receive a complete refund if you have a refundable ticket. However, you might have to pay a cancellation fee.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy For Different Class

American Airlines’ cancellation policy varies on the type of ticket you purchased, and the policy also depends on the cabin class. Take a look at the below points to find relevant information:

Premium Economy, Premium Cabin, and Main Cabin Class

  • There will be no more change fees for all domestic, short-haul international, select long-haul international flights on Premium Economy, Premium Cabin, and Main Cabin Class.
  • Premium Economy, Premium Cabin, and Main Cabin Class tickets are not allowed to be canceled after the expiration of the 24-hour risk-free period.
  • Cancel your flight within 24 hours to receive a refund. After that, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee of USD 200.

Business Class

  • You will be fully refunded if you cancel your Business Class flight ticket.
  • However, to get a complete refund, you must cancel the itinerary no later than an hour before the scheduled departure.

First Class

  • First Class ticket holders can cancel their flight and claim a complete refund, if they cancel their trip within 24-hours of booking and the scheduled departure is at least 2 days prior.
  • If you make any changes to your reservation, including canceling the service, you have to pay a fine.

How to Get Compensation in case of Flight Delay or Cancellation?

Airlines do not cancel their flights unless there is a strong reason behind it. Several factors like technical glitches, natural calamities, or government orders can push an airline to cancel its flight. In such cases, American Airlines (AA) takes full responsibility and compensates the affected passengers.

  • In case of flight cancellation by the airline, the compensation remains the same for both domestic and international flights.
  • The compensation depends on the number of hours delayed and the number of miles.
  • The affected passenger will receive a compensation of around USD 275 if the flight delay is no less than 900 miles and delays last for three or more than three hours.
  • You will be compensated with USD 450 if the flight distance ranges between 900-2100 miles and delays last for three or more than three hours.
  • You will be compensated with USD 650 if the flight distance exceeds 2100 miles and delays last for three or more than three hours.

How to Cancel an American Airlines Flight?

You can easily cancel your American Airlines flight by simply visiting the airline’s official website or at the airport’s ticket counter. The airline will charge USD 200 to USD 750 depending on the domestic and international flights cancelled after 24 hours of booking. To learn how to cancel your booking, read below:

Cancel Flight Ticket Online

  • Visit American Airlines official website.
  • Log in with your details and click on ‘My Trip’
  • Once you click on ‘My Trip’, a tab will appear asking you for your name and six-digit reference booking number.
  • Once you enter the required information, click on ‘Cancel my Booking’.
  • The airline will ask you to confirm your cancellation
  • Click on ‘Confirm my cancellation’.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail regarding the cancellation.

Cancel Flight Ticket Offline

  • You can either visit the American Airlines counter at the airport or call +1 800 548 3192.
  • If you have called the airline’s customer support number, select the language that suits you the best.
  • Provide the required information asked by the agent (user name, ticket number, arrival city, and other information to verify your identity).
  • Choose the trip you want to cancel.
  • Choose a payment method if you have to pay a cancellation fee for American Airlines flights.
  • The airline will send a confirmation mail regarding the cancellation.

American Airlines Cancellation Fee

The passengers are required to pay USD 200 to USD 750 depending upon various factors as a cancellation fee if they cancel the flight after 24 hours of booking. The cancellation fee also depends on the pricing regulations that apply to your booking. If your ticket is eligible for a refund, the airline will initiate the refundable amount within 7-10 days.

  • Basic Economy ticket holders can cancel their flight within 24 hours. After that, they are not permitted to cancel their flight.
  • The airline levies USD 200 as a cancellation fee on non-refundable tickets for domestic flights and USD 750 on international flights.
  • Refundable ticket holders are not required to pay any cancellation fee.
  • Next is Award Ticket, as after 11 November, 2020, the airline has eliminated all cancellation and redeposit fees.

American Airlines Refund Policy

  • The passenger is entitled to a complete refund if the ticket is refundable.
  • You will get a complete refund if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours from the time of booking.
  • Non-refundable tickets are not subject to any refund after the 24 hours gets over.
  • The refund will be credited to the source of payment within ten days of cancellation. However, passengers who purchased the ticket via cash or cheque need to wait for 20 to 25 business days.
  • If the cancellation occurs due to natural causes, you are entitled to receive a refund.
  • You must pay a certain amount as cancellation fee if your ticket is non-refundable and you canceled the flight after 24 hours of booking.

How to Get Refund from American Airlines?

There are two ways you can request for a refund- online and offline.

Online Method

  • Visit
  • A pop-up box will appear, which says your ticket value is safe when you are ready to rebook.
  • To continue with the refund request, click on the ‘refund’ button.

Offline Method

  • Call the airline’s customer support number based on your language and region
  • Click on the correct button to talk with an agent
  • Share the required information with American Airlines’ expert agent
  • Request for a refund

American Airlines Customer Support Number for Cancellation and Refund Policy

American Airlines customer support number varies depending on the region you are calling from. Here is a list of the important phone numbers required to cancel your American Airlines flight or claim a refund.

For flights within the US and Canada

  • For English: 800 433 7300
  • For Spanish: 800 633 3711


  • Can I cancel my American Airlines (AA) flight and get a refund?

    Yes, You can easily initiate a cancellation request for the flight booked via, American Airlines (AA) Call Center, or airport counters. The cancellation would be applicable on all fares except for Basic and Classic fares, where passengers are not eligible for a refund.

  • How much is the cancellation fee for American Airlines (AA)?

    The American Airlines (AA) flight cancellation fee is USD 200-USD 750 and would be applicable after 24 hours from the date of booking. However, your eligibility criteria for a refund or credit voucher depends on the fare rules applied to your flight booking.

  • Does Canceling a flight give you a refund?

    The refund policy of American Airlines (AA) depends on the type of ticket you purchased. If the ticket meets all the requirements, you will receive an amount as refund.

  • Can I cancel my American Airlines (AA) reservation for free within 24hours?

    If the passenger cancels his/her booking within 24hours from the date of purchase, they do not have to incur any cancellation fee. However, the departure date must be 7days or more at the time of initiating the cancellation request.

  • How to get a refund with a non-refundable ticket?

    To get a refund for a non-refundable ticket, you must cancel your booking within the specified time. If the passenger fails to initiate the flight booking cancellation within the allotted time frame, then the airline may charge the total ticket fare as a cancellation fee.

  • Do I get a refund if my flight is canceled?

    You are eligible for a refund if the airline fails to provide flight service. However, the refund amount depends on cancellation, destination, technical glitch, and many other reasons.

  • Can I make a cancellation request on the day of departure?

    American Airlines (AA) allows you to cancel your booking on the same day of departure except for Basic Economy tickets. You have to pay a cancellation fee, and the amount will depend on ticket class, reason, and many other factors.

  • What are the easiest ways to cancel my American Airlines (AA) flight ticket?

    You can easily cancel your American Airlines (AA) flight by visiting the official website of the airline. You can also call the customer support number or visit the airline counter at the airport.

  • Is it possible to make flight changes on American Airlines (AA)?

    Yes, American Airlines (AA) allows its passengers to make changes in their bookings easily.

  •  What will I do if American Airlines (AA) cancels my flight?

    In case American Airlines (AA) cancels your flight or denies you boarding, the airline compensates for the inconvenience.

  • Is it cheaper to cancel or change American Airlines flights?

    The charges for canceling or rescheduling your itinerary with any American Airlines flights are almost the same. You can pick the one that suits you the best.

  •  Can I reschedule my American Airlines flight?

    Once you complete the cancelation process of your previous booked service, you can rebook a new flight any time you want.

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