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About Caribbean Airlines

Travelling with overweight and oversized bags can get pricey at the airport. That’s why it is better to familiarise yourself with the baggage policy of the airline. If you are travelling with Caribbean Airlines then this Caribbean Airlines baggage policy will help you more than you think. Follow these guidelines and avoid having to pay hefty baggage fees at the airport. 

Caribbean Airlines Limited is a flag-carrier of Trinidad and Tabago. It is also the flag carrier of Jamaica and Guyana. The airline is entirely state-owned with 11.9% ownership of the Government of Jamaica. Headquartered in Lere House in Piarco, the airline majorly operates its flights to the Caribbean, North America and South America from its base at Piarco International Airport, Trinidad. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy Guidelines 

Baggage Allowance ensures that travellers carry appropriate luggage as per size and weight depending on their travel destination. As per Caribbean Airlines new baggage policy, in case of any overweight or oversized baggage, passengers will have to pay the mentioned charges as per destination and exceeding limit. Each customer travelling in Caribbean Airlines can carry-on bag and one personal item such as handbag, briefcase or laptop bag on all Caribbean flights. 

  • As per Caribbean Airlines Baggage allowance, the tickets issued after 7 Nov 2019 for travellers with infants are eligible to carry an infant with collapsible strollers, an infant-carrying basket or one seat in the cabin which is subject to the space of availability.
  • Checked baggage allowance in Caribbean Airlines depends on the fare, destinations, purchased by the customers. The airline has four fare types that decides the Caribbean Baggage policy including Economy non-flexible, Semi-Flexible, Flexible and Business Class. 

Caribbean Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

  • All passengers on Caribbean flights are allowed to carry one piece of carry-on luggage with dimensions 56 x 35 x 23 and weight of 10 kg ( 22 lb). 
  • As for personal items, passengers can carry one personal item with dimensions of 33 x 43 x 15 cm. 
  • In addition to carry-on and personal items, passengers can also carry foldable wheelchairs, crutches, walkers or other special equipment allowed as mobility aid on board.  
  • Powders like-substances weighing 350 ml or more are prohibited on board unless related to medical conditions. 
  • As per Caribbean Airlines baggage policy, non-flammable liquids or gels not exceeding 100 ml are allowed in the carry-on baggage in a sealed container. 
  • For medically prescribed prowder, customers will have to display a copy of prescription. 
  • Caribbean Airlines also allows passengers to carry drones in their carry-on bag as long the device follows the permitted weight and dimension of the baggage allowance. 

Caribbean Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance 

Checked Baggage allowance depends on the fare type and destinations  of the customers. Passengers are allowed to carry checked baggage weighing 23 kg with a total dimension of 157 cm/62 inches.

  • The airline does accept baggage weighing more than 23 kg however, not more than 32 kg subject to availability as per Caribbean Airlines checked baggage policy.  
  • Along with overweight, the airline also accepts oversized baggage with dimensions more than 157 cm but less than 292 cm which is subject to availability. 
  • There are certain baggage restrictions on the specific routes such as to/from Caracas and Grenada and North America (USA and Canada). 

Checked Baggage on Domestic Travel (Between Trinidad and Tabago)

Checked BagEconomy Flex 
1st Bag Free 
2nd BagTTD 3.00/per kg
3rd BagTTD 3.00/per kg
4th Bag TTD 3.00/per kg
Overweight Bag TTD 3.00/per kg

Checked Baggage on International Travel 

Checked Bag Eco Lite Eco Classic Eco FlexBizBiz Flex 
1st Bag USD 30FreeFree Free Free 
2nd BagUSD 40USD 40Free Free Free 
3rd Bag USD 150 USD 150 USD 150 USD 150 Free 
4th BagUSD 175USD 175USD 175USD 175USD 175
Overweight BagUSD 75USD 75USD 75USD 75USD 75
Oversized BagUSD 75 USD 75 USD 75 USD 75 USD 75 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Fee 

The airline has applied a certain Caribbean Airlines baggage policy when the baggage is surpassing the permitted weight or size. These bags will be tagged and placed on the aircraft and delivered at the baggage claim at the destination airport. However, the baggage fee not only depends on the weight or the size but it also depends on the destination. 

Carry-on Baggage Within Caribbean To/From Caribbean/  South America To/From USA/Caribbean and South America  To/From Canada/Caribbean and South America 
Extra Carry-on Bag $100$100$100USD 100/ CAD 120
Heavy Carry-on Bag$50$50$50USD 100/ CAD 120
Oversized Carry-on Bag $50$50$50USD 100/ CAD 120

Caribbean Airlines Damaged Baggage and Missing content Policy 

Caribbean airlines new baggage policy also offers a damaged baggage policy which allows passengers to seek appropriate response from the airlines if their baggage is damaged during transit. 

  • As per Caribbean Airlines baggage policy, passengers should inform the airline representative before leaving the airport.
  • The passengers must submit a property Irregularity report at the Caribbean Airlines airport. 
  • However, if you have already left the airport, passengers must submit a written claim within 7 days of receiving your baggage. 
  • In case of a missing baggage, the airline demands a police report before they can assess the claim. 
  • Caribbean Airlines does not accept fragile, perishable, valuable items in checked baggage and does not take the liability in case of any mishap as per Caribbean Airlines Baggage policy. 
  • Items like jewellery, money, eye wear, important papers, paintings, artifacts, camera, medication, electronic equipment, can be carried as carry-on baggage. 
  • Caribbean Airlines does not take the liability of damage of parts such as wheel, pull straps, nicks, scratches, scuff marks or even dents. 

Caribbean Airlines Missing and Delayed Baggage Policy

The airlines also devised a policy where passengers can complain and seek assistance accordingly if their baggage is missing or delayed. If your baggage does not arrive with you at the destination airport, then you can seek assistance from the Caribbean Airlines representative. 

  • Passengers will have to present their boarding pass as it contains the baggage identification number and tag as per Caribbean Airlines checked baggage policy. 
  • Apart from this, passengers must sign and submit a Property Irregularity Report form at the counter. The airline advises passengers to follow the procedure before they leave the airport. 
  • As per Caribbean Airlines baggage policy, the baggage will either be delivered to passengers’ houses or the passengers will have to collect their luggage by themselves. 
  • In case if the missing luggage is not located within 7 days then a secondary search will be deployed. However, if the baggage remains missing then your claim will be settled in accordance with international conventions (Geneva or Warsaw convention). 


  • How many bags are allowed on Caribbean Airlines?

    Caribbean Airlines allows 1 carry-on baggage along with 1 personal bag on board. However, the checked baggage allowance depends on the fare class purchased by the customer. Carry-on baggage must not exceed the permitted weight of 10 kg with dimensions of 114/45 inches.

  • What is Caribbean Airlines baggage policy?

    The Caribbean Airlines policy for Lite economy class is one carry-on bag and one checked baggage only. Economy Lite passengers are not eligible to carry checked baggage unless purchased. However, Economy Classic and Economy Flex are eligible to carry checked baggage without any additional charges.

  • What is Caribbean Airlines checked baggage allowance?

    Passengers travelling in Economy and business class (except Economy Lite) carry checked baggage weighing 23 kg with dimension of 156 cm/62 inches. The airline does accept baggage weighing more than 23 kg however, not more than 32 kg subject to availability. The airline also accepts oversized baggage with dimensions more than 157 cm but less than 292 cm.

  • Are there any fees for sports equipment on Caribbean Airlines?

    Caribbean Airlines allows certain items as both checked and cabin baggage that includes musical or sports equipment. The maximum weight allowed per item is 23 kg with maximum dimension of 157 cm. If the equipment exceeds the permitted guidelines then passengers will be charged depending whether it is overweight or oversized.

  • What are the fees for extra baggage?

    The extra baggage fees on Caribbean Airlines may vary depending on the destinations. Passengers can access the baggage calculator to know the estimated cost of extra baggage.

  • Can I travel with a pet on Caribbean Airlines?]

    Yes, Caribbean Airlines does allow passengers to travel with pets, specifically cats and dogs as checked baggage for a fee given by the weight of the pet. The weight of the pet carriage should not be more than 32kg with a total dimension of 292cm.

  • Does Caribbean Airlines offer free baggage allowance to lap infants?

    Yes, parents or guardians can accompany their lap infants with free baggage allowance that includes fully collapsible strollers, pushchairs, buggies and or baby carriers.

  • Does Caribbean Airlines offer free baggage allowance?

    Yes passengers travelling in all fare except Lite, are eligible to carry their first checked baggage free of cost. Some premium classes such as Flex, Business Class and Business Class Flex are even allowed to carry second checked baggage free of cost.

  • Are there any prohibited items for checked baggage on a Caribbean Airlines flight?

    Caribbean Airlines does not permit certain items such as explosive, flammable items, sharp items and ammunition are not allowed in any carry-on or checked bags.

  • What are the fees for overweight and oversized baggage in Caribbean Airways?

    Fees for overweight and oversized baggage may depend on fares and destinations. However, one must check the up-to-date information at the airport.

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