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About Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador, the pivot of two hemispheres, is the hidden paradise of South America. The mother of “Panama hat,” this city brings the renowned straw hat into life. The extraordinary reason to visit from Boston to Ecuador Quito is the Galapagos Islands, the sparkler for wildlife-gazing and a source of inspiration to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Together with many places to visit in Ecuador, not-to-miss mentions are Chimborazo volcano, humpback whales love ritual, The Mitad del Mundo monument, and many more. The featured activities in Ecuador are diving, trekking, hiking, surfing, rafting, bird-watching, etc. This city has won many awards for excelling their performance in tourism products & services. Make your plan to visit Ecuador for any purpose, whether for business or pleasure and book the cheap flights from Boston to Quito, Ecuador.

Season Time

The distance from Boston (BOS) to Ecuador (UIO) is 3328 mi. Located at the center of the world, it has only a dry & wet season. Ecuador experiences quick weather change, with temperatures as 65°F by day, 78°F by noon, and 55°F by night. If planning a trip to Ecuador, choose the month wisely because it experiences a more humid temperature all year.

The dry season (June-September) encounters cold & crisp weather. This is the ideal time for an outing to make your trip memorable because this weather enchants whales & dolphins offshore, creating a scenic and magnificent view.

Best Flights from Boston to Ecuador

The average price of the round-trip is 611 USD and of the one-way is 226 USD or less. The airlines’ flights that run their services between Boston (BOS) to Quito Ecuador (UIO) are American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, COPA Airlines, other airlines. The flight time & prices are mentioned below:

AirlinesAirlines NamePriceFlight TimeAction
CMCOPA Airlines468.5 USD8h 47mBook Now
AAAmerican Airlines499 USD9h 6mBook Now
United Airlines499 USD11h 15mBook Now
DLDelta Airlines682.5 USD8h 45mBook Now
DLOther Airlines881 USD15h 55mBook Now

You can also benefit from COPA Airlines, which offers the cheapest & fastest flight from Boston to Ecuador at 468.5 USD with 8h 47m of flight time.

Best Places to eat in Quito, Ecuador

Most of the time, 70% of the key-opener to our house of excitement in trips is lip-smacking food. So, here is the food list specially curated for you to try once in Ecuador, for sure.

Empanada de Viento
Empanada de Viento

Filled with cheese, these fluffy giant pies are made with regular dough. But don’t get mistaken when you hear it filled with cheese. It feels all empty from inside. These huge mega bombs are sprinkled with sugar on the top. Yummy, no?


Mostly eaten with llapingachos, mote (dried maize), and vegetables, this roasted pig is the traditional cuisine of Ecuador. It is cooked fully with tomato in the mouth. This dish can be found in markets of Quito and Otavalo easily.


This is the national dish of Ecuador. Its popularity is spread throughout its origin. It is a fried potato omelet flooded with cheese and served commonly with fried egg, avocado, and meat sauce.

Best Hotels to stay in Ecuador

The docket of pocket-friendly accommodation options to make your trip happier are:

Quito airport suites hotel
Quito airport suites hotel

At 44 USD, including an outdoor table and free Wi-Fi, this hotel offers free airport pick-up. If going with family, this hotel is best to choose from because it embraces a picnic area. Bonus points of this hotel are- the staff is fantastic, and they facilitate dry cleaning & luggage storage.

Hotel air suites
Hotel air suites

Comprehending a beautiful terrace and garden, this hotel has free Wi-Fi, complimentary self-parking, and a coffee shop. Just at 36 USD, you can take advantage of benefits like business center, laundry service, airport shuttle.

Hostel Perla real inn
Hostel Perla real inn

The pleasing vibes of this hotel can make you fall for it. It is cheap and has facilities like a restaurant, outdoor pool, poolside bar, free Wi-Fi, and free self-parking at the price of 39 USD.

Things to do in Ecuador

Visit the Virgin of El Panecillo
Visit the Virgin of El Panecillo

Guarding the streets of Quito’s old town, the Virgin of El Panecillo is considered the most remarkable landmark to date. You can ascend the statue to experience a better city view from a higher point. 

Step in the middle of the world
Step in the middle of the world

Just a short drive north of Quito sits the equator line, for which Ecuador receives its name. Marked by a massive monument where French explorers initially calculated the equator, Mitad del Mundo (middle of the world) lets travelers be in two places at once. 

Climb the Basilica
Climb the Basilica

To take a closer glimpse of this traditional city, the Basilica of the National Vow is another notable Quito landmark. Visitors can climb its two large towers up to the clock faces and explore the architectural beauty. 

Requirements & advisories

The COE National has updated Ecuador’s travel requirements for visitors traveling via plane.

  • Proof or card
    Tourists entering Ecuador must present a RT-PCR Report with a negative result for COVID-19 and that too 72 hours before arrival.
  • Vaccination card
    With the validity of at least 14 days, a vaccination card for COVID-19 is required.
  • Exceptions
    Only minors under two years old, travelers-in-transit, and crew members.

To travel sound & safe, here are some advisory tips to be considered while traveling to Ecuador

  • Don’t drink tap water. Only bottled water is recommended.
  • Except for the cities GALAPAGOS & QUITO, malaria is present everywhere, so be safe and take necessary precautions. Take advice from your doctor or travel nurse before visiting.
  • Vaccinations for Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Yellow fever and rabies are also advised as these diseases are still present in Ecuador.


  • What is the airfare from Boston to Quito, Ecuador?

    Sooner you book, the cheaper price you get. But also, booking in the off-season can cost you to spend less on airfare from Boston to Quito Ecuador. The price range of flight tickets from Boston to Quito Ecuador lies between is 455 USD to 881 USD approx.

  • What is the flight time from Boston to Quito, Ecuador?

    The flight time from Boston to Ecuador is 8h 45m from Delta airlines.

  • Which airline offers cheap tickets from Boston to Quito, Ecuador?

    The COPA airlines offer one-way tickets at 226 USD & good-deal round way tickets at 486 USD.

  • Which transport is available from the main airport of Quito, Ecuador?

    From Mariscal Sucre International Airport, you can easily get a taxi or a bus.

  • What is the earliest departure time for flights from Boston to Ecuador?

    The earliest flight departs from 05:00 am from Boston to Ecuador

  • Which one is the most reliable airline from the route from Boston to Ecuador?  

    For on-time arrivals, American is considered one of the most reliable airlines. 

  • What is the airport code for Boston airport?  

    The IATA code for Boston airport, Boston Logan International Airport is BOS. 

  • Can I carry my own food on Boston to Ecuador flight?  

    Every airline has different baggage policies, for exact information do check their website or contact customer service. 

  • What is the peak season time for Boston to Ecuador flights?  

    June-September and December-January are the best seasons to visit Ecuador.   

  • What is the low season time for Boston to Ecuador flights? 

    September to November and February to April are considered as low seasons. 

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Airports Near Quito
  • Mariscal Sucre International Airport – UIO
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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