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Mexico travel guide: Everything You Need to Know!

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About Mexico 

Mexico is one of the most alluring destinations to explore, blessed with Caribbean islands. Mexico is a sprawling country in the southern part of North America, brimming with countless concealed gems among its Verdant rainforest and parched lowlands. However, Mexico was globally known for its palm-fringed seashores, spiciest cuisine, ancient ruins, rich history, fiesta fireworks, salsa, and Colonial towns. Yet, if you’re still unsure about why to visit this frequently-misrepresented North American state, in that case, this Mexico travel guide might convince you to visit Mexico. 

Mexico is one of the most alluring destinations to explore

While most globetrotters visit Mexico for its internationally renowned resorts and prominent tourist destinations such as Tulum, Cancun, Punta Cana, or Cozumel, the rest of the country offers a lot more. However, travelling to Mexico is something that every globetrotter dreams about. Furthermore, Mexico draws 93.4 million international visitors’ attention across all over the globe. Mexico is considered one of the most fascinating countries, pulsing with countless unspoiled natural splendours in the southern part of North America.

How to Get to Mexico 

Flight is the quickest and hassle free way to travel Mexico.

Travelling to Mexico overland from the US via train is attainable, but you have to be prepared for a long uncomfortable journey. If you’re looking for the fastest and convenient way to travel to Mexico, then taking a flight to Mexico is a perfect way to travel. Several airlines operate direct flights from major cities in North America within a reasonable budget. Furthermore, reserve your cheap flights to Mexico with lowestflightfares.com.

When to Go to Mexico

Mexico is accessible all year round, with most travellers sticking to the uplands throughout summer and the shores during the dry season. June to October is typically the showery season, though rainfall varies from place to place. If you’re looking for a peak season to visit, consider your trip during the dry season, which runs from June to October and December through April is also the busiest time due to tourist demand.

Mexican Cuisine 

Undoubtedly, Mexico is a pretty food-centric country.

Undoubtedly, Mexico is a pretty food-centric country in the southern part of North America- it is incredibly spicy. Traditional Mexican cuisine generally depends on aboriginal staples like beans, chilli peppers, and corn. Mexico is teeming with affordable eateries to dine in during your trip that gave us bang for our dollars. Furthermore, during your visit to Mexico, devour mouth-watering Tacos al pastor at Taqueria Franc. 

Where to go in Mexico

Indeed, Mexico is the most visited tourist destination in North America. Travellers from all over the globe visit to relish the country’s ostensibly eternal sunshine, breathtaking spots for sightseeing in Mexico, and enchanting white sandy seashores of Cancun. In addition, it has an astonishingly rich cultural heritage. So, here are some best places to visit in Mexico.  

Copper Canyon: Mexico’s Grand Canyon

Copper Canyon is Mexico's cultural and historical wonder, situated in the Mexican northern state Chihuahua.

Copper Canyon is Mexico’s cultural and historical wonder, situated in the Mexican northern state Chihuahua, affectionately known among locals as Mexico’s Grand Canyon. Further, one of the most visited natural attractions is in the middle of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. 

Mexico City’s Historic Centre

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico, one of America's oldest cities.

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico, one of America’s oldest cities and an ideal destination for a vacation. The city of palaces is a country’s popular alternative destination thanks to its numerous internationally renowned museums, fine art galleries, and attractions. There are plenty of reasons to visit Mexico City once in their lifetimes, such as a day trip to the National Museum of Anthropology, a guided tour to the Palace of Fine Arts, and a stroll through Chapultepec Park.


Cancun is a Mexican seaport city on the Yucatán Peninsula.

Cancun is a Mexican seaport city on the Yucatán Peninsula, globally recognized for its breathtaking white sandy seashores and tempting turquoise deep-blue sea. Undoubtedly, Cancún is one of the most popular resort towns in Mexico. Further, the seaport city is also ideal for sightseeing in Mexico. 


If you’re a budget-conscious traveller and planning a trip to Mexico within a tight budget, here are a few budget-saving tips through which you can save your extra expense.

If your travel dates are flexible, consider travelling during the off-season. 

Mexico’s market is an ideal place for backpackers to dine in Mexico, and you’ll find plenty of luscious meals to eat inexpensively. 

Don’t hire a personal guide during your trip to Mexico’s cities. Most cities provide a free walking tour, and during a walking tour, encounter a friendly local of the city.

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