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New York City Travel Guide

by Dhriti

About New York City

New York, the epicenter of incredible art and architecture, trending fashion, crazy nightlife, buzzing culinary, bustling streets, and iconic landmarks, is the trendsetter city of the world. Composed of five boroughs- Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, the visit here can prove overwhelming for even the locals living here. However, we have jotted down a complete New York City travel guide for you. Scroll down to know more about the city before planning a trip.

About New York City

With a dizzying list of museums devoted to everything from fin de siecle Vienna to Medieval European treasure, with iconic Brooklyn Bridge to its 19,000 restaurants reflecting the culinary tradition of all cultures around the world, visiting NYC could be overwhelming for even a seasoned traveler. You could spend months exploring NYC, yet there will be a lot to explore.

Population ​

With a population of 8,177,025, New York City is the largest and most highly populated city in the United States. Furthermore, it is the nation’s most densely populated city of all municipalities. The borough of Manhattan itself has a population density of 72,918 inhabitants per square mile, making it the most populated county in the U.S. and higher than the density of any American city.

New York City Population
Population of New York


New York City is the most densely populated city in the US, nestled at the congregation of the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean. NYC is bordered by Canada and Lake Ontario in the north, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the Atlantic Ocean in the south, Lake Erie in the west, and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont in the east. It is located at an elevation of 300 meters above sea level and covers 141,300 square kilometers.


New York City’s history began around 10,000 BC when the first people arrived. However, the native Americans came to the city about 5,000 years ago and settled their colonies here.

In 1624, the Dutch from the Netherlands settled their colony in New Amsterdam, which is now popularly known as Manhattan Island. NYC was renamed in 1664 when the British took over the area and named the city after the Duke of York and Albany, brother of King Charles II.

Furthermore, it played a pivotal role during the American Revolution in 1776 and became a US state in 1788 and became the capital of the US. One year later, George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the United States in New York.

New York City’s history
Nyc history


The majority of New Yorkers are Christian (60%), followed by irreligious (27%), Judaism (7%), Islam (2%), Hinduism, and Buddhism (1%). The largest Christian denomination in NYC is the Roman Catholic Church (31%). Although NYC has been a home to immigrants for ages, Christianity is the major New York religion here.


New York is considered the ‘cultural capital of the world’, thanks to diverse New York culture and multi-ethnic population. The city boasts some of the significant American cultural movements that first took place here. New York is home to many Irish, Italian, Jewish, Asian, and Hispanic Americans who emigrated to this incredible city during the 20th century.


Over 20 million people live in New York, speaking over 800 languages in New York. New York has a rich history of immigration on the country’s coast.

However, English still tops the chart, and the 2019 U.S Census Bureau reported almost 70% of the New York population over the age of 5 speaks English. With 15.9%, Spanish is the second most spoken language in New York.

Furthermore, 1,587,798 residents speak Indo-European languages, and 948,949 residents speak Asian and Pacific islander languages.


The official currency of New York is U.S. Dollar ($, US$, USD).

Governance of Newyork


New York comprises five boroughs- Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. The city is run by The New City Council, which is a unicameral body of 51 members and a Mayor. Each council member is elected from a geographic district for four-year terms.

The mayor is the chief executive officer of the city, who is responsible for setting the agenda for the town and its finances. Along with the mayor, an independently elected Public Advocate represents the consumers of the city service. An independently elected Comptroller is also appointed, who manages the city’s finance.


Climate Chart New York

The New York City climate features a variety of humid subtropical climates, with parts of the city transitioning into humid continental climates. Although NYC experiences cool, wet winters and hot, humid summers, it can be prone to extremes. Being on a coastal location and exposed to the Atlantic, NYC witnesses strong winds and heavy snowfall.

When to Go New York City

The honest answer to ‘When to go’ would be ‘Ánytime’. New York is an all-year-round city, and each season beautifies the city in its way. ‘However, if you want to explore the city in its prime, then plan your trip from April to October, when the weather is pleasant.



The city offers a good range of hotels to its guests. New York City has over 700 hotels and 138,000 rooms operating in the city. From luxury hotels to affordable B&Bs, New York accommodates all kinds of guests. Find out some of the best hotels to check-in in this city in our New York City Travel Guide.

The Mark Hotel

The Mark Hotel

Location: 25 E 77th Street, NY 10075

Contacts: +1 212 744 4300

Lotte New York Palace

Lotte New York Palace

Address: 455 Madison Ave, NY 10022

Contact:+1 212 888 7000

Mandarin Oriental, New York

Mandarin Oriental, New York

Address: 80 Columbus Cir, NY 10023

Contact: +1 212 805 8800

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Lowell Hotel

Address: 28 E 63rd Street, NY 10065

Contact: +1 212 838 1400

The Plaza- A Fairmont Managed Hotel

The Plaza- A Fairmont Managed Hotel

Address: 768, 5th Ave, NY 10019

Contact:+1 212 759 3000



  • Dress Code
    The best part of traveling to New York is, well, there’s no dress code. You can dress whatever you like, from classic chick to punk or whatever suits you.
    However, it is better to check in with the restaurants, clubs, or bars if they have any specific dress code before visiting them.
  • Drinking
    NYC has some of the best bars, clubs, and breweries globally, where anyone above the age of 21 can go. Maintain your social etiquette and don’t create chaos in public.
  • Tipping
    Although tipping is your choice, New Yorkers always tip at 15%-20% of your total bill in cash. While ordering a drink, a $1 tip to the bartender would be appreciable.
  • Photography
    Public photography is considered legal in NYC. Public Place is where most New York photographers are taking pictures, and it is one of the popular things to do in New York City. Even subways are considered public space. As a photographer, you have the right to take pictures of the subject as long as you are in public space. However, taking photos in a private establishment is strictly prohibited until given permission.


New York City comprises 5 boroughs- Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, each with a large number of neighborhoods lending their own local flavor. Here’s a quick look at the five boroughs of NYC:

  • Brooklyn
    If Brooklyn Bridge is the first thing that comes to your mind, you should know this borough of NYC has more to offer. From Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Museum, and Coney Island, the borough is home to some of the iconic tourist spots of New York.
  • Manhattan 
    Manhattan is the most densely populated and the most popular borough of NYC, and it is considered the world’s major financial, commercial, and cultural epicenter. Home to prominent Broadway and Times Square, Manhattan is a promising neighborhood to explore.
  • The Bronx
    The Bronx is known for Yankee Stadium, the home field of the Yankees baseball team, and it is also known for its hip-hop culture and Bronx Zoo, home to hundreds of animal species. Visit Arthur Avenue, known among the locals as little Italy, to relish authentic Italian delicacies.
  • Queens
    Perched on the Long Island across the East River from Manhattan, Queens is known for its diversity, and queens are home to Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which hosts the annual U.S. Open Tennis Tournament.
  • Staten Island
    Staten Island is the greenest borough of NYC and is connected to lower Manhattan via ferry. The Staten Island Zoo is home to kangaroos, birds of prey, and snakes. It has a fascinating maritime history, and its beaches, parklands, and preserved colonial villages attract a large number of tourists from across the globe.

Exploring New York

Museum and Cultural Tour

The choices are nearly endless when it comes to NYC’s museums, art, and culture. Museum tours are a popular activity in New York. There are over 5000 years of art history with a collection of stone age objects and contemporary art in the Metropolitan Museum.

So, while visiting NYC, consider choosing the cultural and theme tour of the city. From world-class museums spanning from the Upper East Side to the Lower East Side, the boroughs of NYC are dedicated to several museums and art galleries.

Top Museums and Art Galleries

New York Sightseeing

New York Food and Wine Tour

High End Dining

The best way to experience New York’s culinary lifestyle is to take a culinary & wine tour of the city. New York offers a host of novel dining options and boasts over 19,000 eateries, and New York is abuzz with some of the finest restaurants serving off-beaten delicacies and wine.

New York gets alive when darkness arrives. Who doesn’t want to experience the city’s pulsing nightlife that never sleeps? Most bars offer Happy Hours from 4 pm to 8 pm, when you can snag one of those cocktails you have always wanted to try.

New York organizes some of the best and most exciting Food fairs and Wine tours, where you can relish the authentic cuisines of the USA and taste the finest wine from California’s Napa Valley. Book one such tour and embark on a culinary voyage.

However, before visiting these public places, check the latest travel restrictions in New York.

Jean-Georges/High End Dining


Cuisine: French Cuisine

Location: Trump International Hotel & Tower New York, 1 Central Park West, New York NY 10023

Contact: +1 212 299 3900

Batard/High End Dining


Cuisine: Contemporary European

Location: 239 W Broadway, NY 10013

Contact: +1 212 219 2777

The Modern/High End Dining

The Modern

Cuisine: Contemporary American

Location: 9 W 53rd Street, NY 10019

Contact: +1 212 333 1220

Indian Accent/High End Dining Delhi

Indian Accent

Cuisine: Indian Cuisine

Location: 123 W 56th Street, NY 10019

Contact: +1 212 842 8070

Hirohisa/High End Dining


Cuisine: Japanese Cuisine

Location: 73 Thompson Street, NY 10012

Contact: +1 212 925 1613

Casual Dining

Vineapple Cafe/Casual Dining

Vineapple Cafe

Cuisine: Italian Cuisine

Location: 71 Pineapple Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: +1 347 799 1035

La Contenta/Casual Dining

La Contenta

Cuisine: Mexican Cuisine

Location: 78 W 11 Street, NY 10011

Contact: +1 212 533 2233

Hole in The Wall- Flatiron/Casual Dining

Hole in The Wall- Flatiron

Cuisine: Australian Cuisine

Location: 37 W 24th Street, NY 10010

Contact: +1 646 726 4277

Silver Factory

Silver Factory

Cuisine: Korean Cuisine

Location: 270 S 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact: +1 347 725 3017

5ive Spice Taco & Banh Mi/Casual Dining

5ive Spice Taco & Banh Mi

Cuisine: Vietnamese Cuisine

Location: 227 Mulberry Street, NY 10012

Contact: +1 917 409 2605

Bars & Lounges



Location: 35 W 8th Street, NY 10011

Contact: +1 347 866 7739

The Long Island Bar/Bars & Lounges

The Long Island Bar

Location: 110 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: +1 718 625 8908

Bemelmans Bar/Bars & Lounges

Bemelmans Bar

Location: 35 E 76th Street, NY 10021

Contact: +1 212 744 1600

Sidney’s Five/Bars & Lounges

Sidney’s Five

Location: 103 1st Ave, NY 1003

Contact: +1 917 409 3368

Clover Club/Bars & Lounges

Clover Club

Location: 210 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: +1 718 855 7939

Spas & Wellness Resorts

Menla Retreat & Dewa Spa/Spa & Wellness Resorts

Menla Retreat & Dewa Spa

Location: 375 Pantherkill Road, Phoenicia, NY 12464

Contact: +1845 688 6897

The Well/Spa & Wellness Resorts

The Well

Location: 2 E 15th Street, NY 10003

Contact: +1 646 560 8080

Mirbeau Inn & Spa Rhinebeck/Spa & Wellness Resorts

Mirbeau Inn & Spa Rhinebeck

Location: 46 W Market Street, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Contact: +1 877 647 2328

Shou Sugi Ban House/Spa & Wellness Resorts

Shou Sugi Ban House

Location: 337 Montauk Hwy, Water Mill, NY 11976

Contact: +1 631 500 9049

Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards/Spa & Wellness Resorts

Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards

Location: 33 Hudson Yards, NY 10001

Contact: +1 212 812 9200

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