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About Silver Airways

Unexpected hiccups while travelling can hamper not just someone’s mood but also impact the pocket. However, some airlines offer flexible and convenient cancellation to ensure comfort of the customer. One such airline is Silver Airways which offers a customer friendly cancellation and refund policy. According to Silver Airways cancellation and refund policy, the airline offers 24 hours free cancellation option that allows customers to cancel their booking within 24 hours of booking it. 

Silver Airlines is a regional airline operating primarily in the United States. Its headquarters is in Hollywood, Florida near Fort Lauderdale. Silver Airlines was founded in 2011 and was created from the assets of former Gulfstream International Airlines. The airline currently operates scheduled flights from its hubs at Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The airline currently offers flight services to the rural airports in the United States. 

Silver Airlines Cancellation Guidelines 

Silver Airlines ensures to offer its passengers a comprehensive and flexible cancellation guide. The basic intent of the Silver Airways flight cancellation policy is to make sure customers book their flight when they are sure and may cancel them in case of emergency without much difficulty. 

  • According to Silver Airlines cancellation policy, the passengers can theri flight within 24 hours of making the reservation without paying any additional cancellation fee. However, this is only applicable for the bookings made at least 7 days prior to scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers will have to pay cancellation fees after the risk-free cancellation is over. 
  • The airline advises customers to cancel their reservation in the same way they have booked it. 
  • Refunds will only be given on refundable tickets. In the case of non-refundable tickets, no refund will be granted as per Silver Airways refund policy. 
  • If a passenger has made reservations, they can cancel one without the need for a risk-free window. However, the airlines will only allow the ticket with low airfare for cancellation. 

Silver Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

Silver Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy offers flexibility and convenience to  passengers who can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking the reservation given that the scheduled departure date is 7 days after. However, this policy has certain restrictions that should be kept in mind by the customers. 

  • Silver Airways cancellation policy does not offer a free cancellation window on every ticket. Also, as per 24 hours cancellation Silver Airways the risk-free 24 hours depends on the class of the ticket. 

Silver Airways Cancellation Fee 

Just like any other airline, Silver Airways also have certain cancellation charges for passengers who surpass the free cancellation window. The cancellation charges depend on several factors like the time of cancellation, fare type and class fare. 

  • Refundable tickets are eligible for complete refund with zero cancellation fee. In case of refundable tickets, cancellation can be done 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers with Freedom Fare will have to pay 90 USD if they cancel the booking after the free-window. 
  • The cancellation charges for international flights depend on the destinations. 
  • According to the policy of cancellation fee of Silver Airways, the cancellation fees are influenced by multiple factors such as destination of the flight and timing of reversal. Depending on these factors, the cancellation fee can vary.
Brand of Ticket Cancellation Fee 
Refundable No cancellation fee
Freedom Domestic Flight : $50 International Flights : $100
Escape Domestic Flight : $50International Flights : $100 

Silver Airlines Refund Policy 

Silver Airlines has a customer-friendly refund policy which allows passengers to get their appropriate refund in adequate time. If a flight has been cancelled or delayed, then the airline offers options to refunds or choose alternate flights to its customer. 

  • Passengers who have cancelled their flight within 24 hours of making a reservation will receive a full refund as per the policy of cancellation and refund of Silver Airways. Also, the booking has been made at least 7 days prior to scheduled departure. 
  • The cancellation refund usually takes 7 to 20 business days. 
  • The airline refunds the original value of the ticket through the original payment method only in which it was booked. 
  • Passengers who have purchased the ticket with cash or cheque can contact the  airlines for assistance. 

How to Cancel Silver Airways Flight? 

There are several ways to cancel the flight either through an online method or you can opt for an offline method. 

Website Method 

  • Visit the official website of the airlines. 
  • Select the “Manage Booking” Section. 
  • Login with your credentials and access your account. 
  • Enter your booking details to manage your itinerary and proceed with Silver Airways flight cancellation. 
  • Now, add your PNR and last name to find your booking details. 
  • Search for your booking details and cancel your reservation. 
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the process. 
  • Lastly, click on submit to confirm the cancellation. 
  • Passengers will receive a confirmation email regarding the cancellation on their email address. 

Mobile App Method 

  • Download the Silver Airways mobile app from the IOS/ Apple app store. 
  • Login to your account with your credentials. 
  • Now,click on manage booking to proceed with cancellation. 
  • Add details like PNR, flight number to proceed with cancellation. 
  • Lastly, follow the prompt and click on cancel and pay the applicable Silver Airways fee. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email regarding cancellation. 

At the Airport Method

Another way to cancel the Silver Airways flight is to cancel the booking at the airport. If passengers have some queries or seek assistance to cancel their booking, then they can get assistance from the agent present at the Silver Airways counter. SHare the necessary details regarding your booking such as flight number, last name of the passenger, departure date. The agent will cancel your booking on your behalf and will submit the request for a refund if applicable. 

Customer Service Method 

Another hassle free way to cancel the Silver Airways flight is by contacting the airlines customer service. As per the policy of cancellation and refund of Silver Airways, passengers should provide necessary booking details like flight number, last name of the passenger, reservation number to the agent. Lastly, the agent will cancel your booking on our behalf. Passengers may have to pay a certain cancellation fee depending on the time of reversal and ticket type. Lastly,  passengers will receive a confirmation email regarding the cancellation on their official email address.


  • Can I cancel my Silver Airways ticket for free?

    Yes, passengers are allowed to cancel their flight for free as long as they cancel their reservation within 24 hours of making it. Also, the reservation should be made at least 7 days prior to the actual departure of the flight.
    As per Silver Airways cancellation policy, if a passenger fails to cancel their flight within the free-window, then they have to pay 90 USD as cancellation fee. However, incase of refundable tickets, passengers can cancel their flight 1 hour before departure without any cancellation fee.

  • What happens when Silver Airways is delayed for more than 4 hours?

    If your flight is delayed for more than 4 hours, then passengers are entitled to receive either an alternate flight to their chosen destination or can demand a complete refund of their delayed flight. In case of a flight delayed for more than 6 hours, the airline will offer proper meals and beverages to the affected people. In some cases passengers are also compensated with 600 USD.

  • What is Silver Airways No show Policy? 

    In case of no show, the airline will cancel your ticket on the spot. Also, the ticket will not be considered for any refund in case of no-show.

  • What is the cancellation fee of Silver Airways?

    There is no cancellation if the reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of booking given that it has been made 7 days prior to the scheduled departure. However, after the lapse of free-window, passengers will have to pay $50-$100 depending on their flight destination and route.

  • Does Silver Airways have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

    Yes, Silver Airways does have a 24-hour cancellation policy which ensures a full refund if the booking has been cancelled within 24 hours of making it.

  • How to get a Silver Airways refund?

    Refunds can only be claimed for refundable tickets and for those reservations that were cancelled within the free-window. You can request for a refund via manage booking on the official website or call the airline's customer service to initiate a refund.

  • Does Silver Airways refund cancelled flights?

    Yes, if the flight has been cancelled voluntarily by the airline, then you can claim a full refund for the flight.

  • How long does it take to get a refund from Silver Airways ?

    The refund time depends on the payment method. If the payment is usually credited to the original payment method by which the ticket was purchased. Usually the refunds are credited within 7-20 business days. Passengers will have to seek assistance in case the payment was done by cash or cheque.

  • How do you cancel a Silver Airways flight?

    You can cancel your flight via online method if your ticket is fully refundable.

  • What happens if a Silver Airways flight d4yis cancelled?

    According to Silver Airways flight refund policy, the airline is liable to pay monetary compensation for cancelled flights. However, the airlines will also compensate the passengers of the original flight with an alternate flight.

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