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About Silver Airways

Save yourself from the trouble of standing in a long queue and opt for an online check-in process that saves a lot of time and effort. Silver Airways offers seamless and convenient check-in facility to customers for better flight experience. As per Silver Airways check-in, the check-in starts between 24 hours to 1 hour before the scheduled flight departure. 

Silver Airways is a regional airline operating primarily in the United States. Its headquarters is in Hollywood, Florida near Fort Lauderdale. Silver Airlines was founded in 2011 and was created from the assets of former Gulfstream International Airlines. The airline currently operates scheduled flights from its hubs at Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Silver Airways Check-in Guidelines

Silver Airlines has a flexible check-in policy that ensures convenience to passengers while travelling. However, there are certain rules and regulations before check-in. 

  • Each passenger will be allowed to undergo departure after check-in as per Silver Airways check-in policy. 
  • Silver Airways flight is available between 24 hours to 1 hour before the scheduled flight departure. 
  • Passengers travelling on Silver Airways can check-in for their flight via website, mobile app or through airport kiosk and at the counter. 
  • As per Silver Airways check-in policy, passengers can also choose their seats, pre order diet specific meals and purchase additional baggage from the online web check-in option. 
  • For flights within the United States, the check-in closes 45 minutes before the departure of the flight. 
  • For flights between the US and the Caribbean, Bahamas, US Virgin Island, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, the check-in is 60 minutes before the scheduled flight. 

Check-in Policy For Passengers travelling with Children and Infants 

  • As per Silver Airway check-in policy, passengers travelling with infants have to check-in directly at the check-in counter. 
  • Passengers travelling with infants should have a separate ticket number issued unless otherwise specified. 
  • Children between the age of 2-11 years old should have the reservation on the same ticket as the adult. 
  • Children under the age of 13 years old are not allowed to travel unaccompanied unless travelling with a guardian, another passenger over the age of 17 or under unaccompanied minor service. 

Check-in Policy For Passengers travelling with Luggage 

  • In case of connecting flights operated by SIlver Airways, the baggage will be checked-in up to the final destination. 
  • Passengers should reach the airport  at least 2-3 hours before their scheduled departure. 
  • As per Silver Airways check-in policy, the airlines advises all passengers not to carry the prohibited items in the luggage. 

Legal documents Required for Silver Airways Check-in 

  • As per Silver Airways check-in policy, all passengers are advised to keep necessary documents handy before proceeding to check-in. 
  • Passengers should carry valid passports and visas in case of International flight. 
  • Also, passengers are required to carry authentic government photo ID proof, health certificates, along with a confirmed ticket and boarding pass. 

Silver Airways Check-in Timing 

As per Silver Airways check-in guidelines, there are certain check-in deadlines that need to be adhered to by the customers to ensure smooth check-in and boarding experience. Also, passengers are advised to check Silver Airways flight status throughout to avoid missing out the flight.  

If you are flying to/from the United States, then you must complete your check-in at least 60 minutes in advance. Also, for flights to the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island, Dominican Republic. 

Departures Outside United States Standard Time Exceptions 
Short and Medium Haul flights 45 minutes N/A
Air Shuttle Services 15 minutes 20 minutes 
Long-Haul flights55 minutes N/A 
Domestic Airport within US Standard Time Exceptions 
Short-Medium Haul Flights 45 minutes N/A 
Long Haul Flights 60 minutes 40 minutes 
Air Shuttle Services 15 minutes 20 minutes 

Silver Airways Check-in Methods 

Silver Airways check-in offers feasible check-in methods to customers so that customers can enjoy their flight journey to the fullest. You can conveniently choose to check-in online, at the airport or through the airport kiosk and check-in counter. 

Silver Airways Airport Check-in 

  • The online check-in starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure of flights. 
  • The web check-in method allows you to check-in while staying at home. 
  • Also, you can purchase additional baggage fees at the time of check-in. 
  • You can also select, change or upgrade your seat at the time of check-in.
  • Through online check-in, you can also get your digital boarding pass. 

How to Check-in Via Website?

To complete online Silver Airway check-in, you simply have to access the website and follow the below mentioned steps. 

  • Login to the official website of the Silver Airways. 
  • Navigate to the “Manage Booking” tab. 
  • Select the flight that you want to check-in. 
  • Add additional requirements like seats, bags, and pay for the added services. 
  • Confirm your check-in and receive your boarding pass on your registered email address. 

How to Check-in Via Mobile App? 

  • Download the official application from the IOS/Apple store. 
  • Login with your credential and navigate through the website to “Manage Booking”. 
  • Add your flight number, reservation number and last name to retrieve your itinerary. 
  • Select the flight itinerary that you want to check-in. 
  • Upon completing the Silver Airways check-in, generate the boarding pass and download the boarding pass. 

Silver Airways Check-in at the Airport

Silver Airways airport check-in time depends on certain destinations. 

  • The check-in at the airport starts 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and ends 60 minutes before the flight is airborne. This is only applicable to the flights between US and Caribbean, Bahamas, US Virgin Island, Dominica, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. 
  • The check-in for flights within the US ends 45 minutes before the departure of the flight. 

Silver Airways Self Kiosk Check-in 

  • Access your reservation by inserting your reservation number and last name. 
  • Choose the flight that you need to check-in.
  • Choose the seat of your choice.
  • Confirm check-in and receive Silver Airways check-in boarding pass.

Silver Airways Check-in Fee 

As per Silver Airways check-in policy, passengers can complete their check-in without any cost unless you opt for airport check-in. 

Type Web Check-in Mobile Check-in Kiosk Check-in Phone Check-in Airport Check-in 
Domestic check-in fee FreeFreeFree$25$25
International Check-in feeFree FreeFree$25$50

Silver Airways Check-in Boarding Pass 

Passengers can also download the boarding pass either through an online method or you can retrieve the boarding pass from the airport check-in counter or get it printed from self service kiosk machines. Apart from this, there are a few vital points that the passengers should adhere to before reaching the airport. 

  • As per Silver Airways check-in policy, passengers should carry their boarding pass through the airport security, check-in and boarding gate. 
  • In case of network issues or a glitch in mobile that is unable to retrieve your boarding pass, you can get your boarding pass printed from the airport kiosk. 
  • If in some cases, you have lost or forgotten your boarding pass at the airport or on the way to the airport, you can seek assistance from the airport staff to retrieve your booking and print it immediately. 


  • Does Silver Airways have online check-in?

    Yes, Silver Airways allows its passengers to check-in online via their official website. You can easily check-in 24 hours before most Silver Airways flights.

  • How early should I check in for my flight?

    If you are checking bags, then check at least 1 hour prior to your flight’s departure. And in case, you are not checking bags, then check-in 45 minutes before your flight takes off.

  • What is the check-in deadline for a Silver Airways flight?

    Silver Airways check-in for most of the flight opens 24 hours to 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure. However, for flights to/from the US and the Caribbean, Bahamas, US Virgin Island, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, the check-in is 60 minutes before the scheduled flight.

  • What is the last time to board a Silver Airways flight?

    The boarding gate closes 30 minutes before the flight’s departure. Passengers are required to present at the boarding gate at least 45 minutes prior. You will be marked a no-show if you fail to reach the gate.

  • Do I need to check-in online if I have baggage to check-in?

    If you have luggage to check-in, you need to go to the check-in counter assigned for Silver Airways at the airport.

  • Do I need my e-ticket to check-in?

    Domestic passengers do not need to show e-tickets. A print copy of your flight ticket is enough to get a boarding pass. An international passenger needs to have a print copy of e-ticket and boarding pass to clear the security checks.

  • What is the deadline to drop the luggage before boarding the flight?

    Passengers flying with the checked bag/s must drop their luggage at the airline’s baggage counter at least 1 hour before for domestic flight scheduled departure.

  • How early should I arrive at the airport for an international flight with Silver Airways ?

    Passengers should arrive at least 3 hours early at the airport for international flights.

  • Can I check my luggage early with Silver Airways ?

    You can check your baggage at the baggage drop counter as early as 1 day to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

  • Are there any check-in fees associated with Silver Airways?

    For most flights, the online check-in is absolutely free. However, check-in at the airport may be subject to a certain check-in fee ranging from $25 to $50.

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