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The Best Restaurants in Newport, Oregon

by Dhriti

About Restaurants in Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon is full of restaurants with mouth watering delicacies. Situated right next to the pacific ocean, Newport, Oregon is one of the main attractions of tourists in the western United States. Newport Oregon restaurants are famous for their seafood scene. Whether you are looking for fusion cuisine for a night out or if you wanna dip into seafood, you’re to find a restaurant that suits your budget easily. There are many restaurants with the best view of the Pacific Ocean in Newport, Oregon.

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The city provides the tourists the best restaurants with fusion cuisine and multicultural restaurants. Not just the food but the view from the restaurants, interior decoration and its services to their diners is fabulous. Look into the horizon where the sky meets the ocean, while relishing heavenly delicacies. Even some cafes in Newport are quite famous for their amazing service and scrumptious foods. Some of these restaurants will not only satisfy your hunger but they will also make your vacation memorable.

Best Places to Eat in Newport, Oregon

Nana’s Irish Pub

Nana’s Irish Pub is most certainly one of the best restaurants in Newport, Oregon. If you are in Newport, you have to visit this restaurant. Nana’s Irish Pub  is known for their Reuben Sandwich and delicious pies. It effortlessly combines delicious Irish “pub grub” and classic American flavors to attract customers. It’s even welcoming to kids till 9PM so it’s the best place for a family dinner. After 9PM, it becomes more of a pub than a restaurant so it’s thes best place whether you’re with your family or friends or just traveling alone. It’s a must-visit place when you’re in Newport, Oregon.

George’s Beachside Grill

Known for its seafood, George’s Beachside Grill is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. It provides some fantastic fusion delicacies. It may not be the food that attracts people to this restaurant but the view from the restaurant. You can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean while eating the regional food that’s served hot. The restaurant is embedded with multiple glass windows that would make anyone look for the waters. Anyone who’s been in Newport, Oregon must visit this restaurant at least once. One can’t beat the value for the money that this restaurant provides in cuisine and in the experience. It is open from 9 AM to 10 PM providing breakfast, lunch, dinner. The restaurant is full of people in the evening when the sunset goes under the horizon. Basking in the sun’s rays when it turns red and orange while people have the best Newport food so make sure to make a reservation.

Clearwater Restaurant

If you are going on a date, this restaurant might be the one because of their fantastic upscale and elegant feel to both space and its delicacies. They serve a variety of seafood prepared in almost every imaginable aspect and their speciality drinks have crafted the complement of its extensive menu. Another benefit? When you dine at Clearwater, you get an incredible view of the ocean with the famous Yaquina Bay Bridge. Clearwater’s menu changes often because of their innovative way of preparing new delicacies. If you visit this restaurant, make sure to have their mac and cheese and their fish and chips. This restaurant is open everyday. It features sea lion shows eleven months out of the year and yes we mean actual sea lions.

Local Ocean

 It’s highly unlikely that you will not hear of Local Ocean Restaurant when you come to Newport. Local Ocean is one of the best Newport restaurants on the water. Floating on the water, this restaurant is frequently visited by locals and out of the towers alike. Local Ocean is not just a restaurant it’s also a fish market for one of the best seafood coming out of Newport waters. Despite their fresh ingredients used in every dish, there is a remarkable skillset to prepare the cuisine as good as it tastes. Local Ocean is situated on the iconic Bayfront, the restaurant is always full of people but the wait is more than it is worth to eat here. Local Ocean is famous for fish tacos, fresh oysters and dungeness crab. Perhaps this comes from the experience of handling the food but it sure makes for some pretty amazing delicacies in this beautiful city boosting waterview fronts.

Ove Northwood

Even though Ove Northwood is relatively new in Newport, it has quickly gained a spotlight for being one of the best places to eat in the area. How they have managed to achieve this reputation is the secret that lies in the quality of their food. Ove Northwood provides the best food in the city. The quality of food and their innovative and creative way to prepare dishes makes it different from other Newport restaurants. Once visited, it might lure you to go there from time to time. Whether you are looking for something innovative or hearty classics, Ove Northwood will provide you with the best food available on Bayfront. Ove Northwood will make you a foodie and make you fall into a food coma. Prawns and Clam Chowder are the one dish that is people’s favorite in Ove Northwood but with innovative ideas and creative cooking skill, some seafoods are also prepared. This restaurant should be on your bucket list when you are in Newport, Oregon.

Pacific Kitchen at Nye Beach

Situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Pacific Kitchen serves the best seafood coming out of the waters. It’s a pet friendly restaurant. It offers fresh local delicacies that are mouth watering with the straight view of the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Kitchen is the place that would cheer you up on your coastal vacations. Cocktails and drinks are the features of this restaurant. It’s one of the main attractions of the locals. With a friendly and cheerful environment, Pacific Kitchen is a place that you must visit when traveling to Newport, Oregon. Pacific Kitchen urges people to enter a lovely and peaceful environment filled with seafood. Locals admire Pacific Kitchen so you might meet some amiable locals in the restaurant.

La Maison

Although it’s a cafe, you could dine in La Maison. Specializing in decadent milkshakes, gourmet ice cream, roasted coffee and vanilla latte. If you are planning to have a nice tea break with your friends, La Maison is the place where you can enjoy a cozy time with your friends. Their delicacies are sandwiches, egg scrambles, delicious salads and refreshing smoothies. La Maison directly translates to “the house” in french. Providing homemade foods with cake and coffee with latte. La Maison is the place where the food is cooked using the locally grown organics and house baked breads. La Maison only serves breakfast and lunch because it’s open from 9:30 AM to 4 PM. Though the cafe is not spacious, the service and quality of food is remarkable.

Del Alma

Del Alma, located in downtown Corvallis, provides an elegant yet cordial environment to diners. It may be a little far away from Newport but the food is worth traveling to. It basically translates to “from the soul” in spanish. With the view of the riverfront, the served food is impeccably delicious. Service they provide is amazing, making it a memorable evening with people. If you are looking to impress a date, this is where you can go for a romantic and lovely dinner. Del Alma is by far one of the famous restaurants in Newport, Oregon. One of the people’s favorite delicacies is Filet Mignon. Del Alma has been a great option for fabulous and scrumptious food. The entire staff of this restaurant craves to make the customer experience better and innovative. Del Alma is also famous for its wine collection in the area.

Mo’s Seafood & Chowder

Mo’s Seafood & Chowder is famous for its chowder. Providing one of the best Newport chowder for 75 years, it’s a place to visit when you are in Newport. Situated on Southwest Bay Boulevard, visit this place for a feast of crab cakes, baked oysters, seafood cioppino and many more dishes. Serving the locals for 75 years at a cheap price made the restaurant quite famous. This restaurant specializes in seafood too. It’s a great place to have lunch and dinner without having to spend a lot. You can have chowder while sitting along the historic bayfront enjoying and basking in the setting sun.


Various types of restaurants are located in Newport, Oregon and they become a tourist attraction for their food services, delicious dishes and the heart warming view of the Pacific Ocean. These restaurants are exquisitely well maintained and they attract a lot of diners so if you ever feel hungry in Newport and wanna fill up your belly with fusion delicacies or innovative dishes, you could just visit one of these restaurants and have a memorable cuisine.

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