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Extravagant Romantic Tour Guide to Bora Bora

by Tyla

Whether you’re a newly-wed couple looking for a honeymoon or a couple hoping to ignite that lost spark in your relationship, Bora Bora has got your back. Offering a plethora of white sandy beaches, lush greenery, water adventures, and soaring volcanic peaks, it is the most beautiful romantic island of French Polynesia. Besides, the lavish resorts tucked on the quaint beaches of the island is the best thing a couple could ask for. We have created this incredible Bora Bora romantic tour guide to help you prepare your bucket list of things to do here. 

On another note, here you will get a chance to experience a vibrant island life fused with a slice of heaven, beauty of freshwaters, and a delightful atmosphere. So, begin your happy life together with a sprinkle of romance and spend your honeymoon in Bora Bora. And for couples at other phases of their married life, you can speed up your train of romance here too.

Best time to Visit Bora Bora

The best time to take a Bora Bora vacation will be around June to October, when the weather conditions are most favorable. During this time couples can enjoy marine adventures and even take a good stroll with their beloved around the place. 

In contrast, November to April is considered the most inappropriate time to take a trip here. The reason is the hot and humid weather, which makes it unlikely to cheer up the whole romantic mood. Plus, many water adventures are also forbidden around this time. 

Hence, it’s advised to visit here only when the weather conditions are most suitable. 

How to reach here

By Air

French Polynesia’s only international airport is Faa’a International Airport on Tahiti. Bora Bora island is an additional 45-minute flight from Tahiti. You will have to take a flight with Air Tahiti (French Polynesia’s domestic airline). Visitors can also book helicopter transfers to Bora Bora from Tahiti.

By Water

Bora Bora’s airport, Motu Mute Airport, is on its own island and accessible only by boat. For all the travelers staying on the Motu Tane, can enjoy boat transfers (offered by resorts) to and from the airport, usually for about $100 per person round trip.

Getting Around

Fortunately, exploring this gem of an island along with your partner will be just as romantic as affordable. That said, there are many ways of getting around here. Let’s check out some of the ways you can stroll around, and we’ll let you decide which one suits you best.

  • Bike Ride
    The best way to get around here is on a two-wheeler, since the entire island can be traversed in one afternoon on a bicycle. While many resorts offer complimentary bikes, others may charge up to XPF 1,632 (USD 15) per day. Biking is the most exciting and fun way to discover the hidden gems of a destination and spend some quality time riding along with your boo.

  • Car Rentals
    Europcar, Avis, Bora Bora Tours, and Fare Piti Rent-a-Car are only a few among the many car and scooty renting companies on this island. These vehicles may be rented at the airport itself or at resorts, such as Club Med and Intercontinental Le Moana. Renting a car or a four-wheeler will save your time and is highly efficient. It makes it easier to cover a large distance and the scenic drive for a Bora Bora vacation is always worth it!

  • Le Truck
    The Le Truck local bus system is one of the most economical ways to travel around here. This is the most cost effective mode of transport you’d find here. If you’re in for a local transport, then this is your best option.

  • Taxi
    Taxis can be hailed or pre-booked on the mainland of the island. But they are expensive. A mere 10-minutes’ ride can cost you up to 1,800 XPF (USD 15). Make sure that the cab drivers don’t charge an exorbitant price and always bargain for a fair price.

  • Water Taxi
    Water taxis are one of the most expensive modes of getting around Bora Bora. A 2-person ride can cost in the excess of 8,500 XPF (USD 75). But similar to the water taxis, there are some complimentary boat shuttles provided by the airport and resorts. Some resorts, however, charge for the scheduled/private boat trips for traveling around the place. 

Things to do

Traveling to Bora Bora for your honeymoon is indeed a brilliant idea. But to make it count, you must check out the wide variety of attractions and adventures this place has to offer. On that note, here are a few of the best things to make your romantic vacation full of adventure, cozy moments, and fun. 

Snorkeling and scuba diving

Bora Bora with its pristine waters and coral teaming with life, is a renowned paradise for divers and adventure enthusiasts. You can opt for snorkeling or scuba diving and experience the beauty of underwater life. Most resorts offer boat trips and diving lessons on this island. However, you could also simply jump off the pontoon with your diving gears and see what you discover. Here you can witness marine turtles,  sharks, rays, and coral gardens filled with vividly-coloured fish.

Snorkeling and scuba diving

Relax at Matira beach

It is the only public access beach on the island and hence a perfect place to add in your Bora Bora romantic tour. The white sand stretches and the crystal clear water add to the beauty of this tourist attraction. Besides, it is also popular for the excellent experiences of snorkeling in Bora Bora.

Relax at Matira beach

Catch a shooting star

This might sound a little dramatic or filmy, but stargazing in Bora Bora with your partner is actually very romantic. Fortunately, there are several companies that offer star-gazing cruises at night. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate honeymoon romance, it would be best to find a secluded section of beach and take in the view alone with your other half.

Climb up a volcano

Since this one is quite an adventure, it’s the best time to bond closely with your partner. The island has two pretty spectacular peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. Although it would be a long day trip up and down from the peak, the iconic views are worth the honeymoon exercise.


Parasailing or taking a helicopter ride is worthy of a spot on anyone’s bucket list, but parasailing in Bora Bora or taking in the French Polynesia from a helicopter, well, that’s certainly phenomenal. There are several companies offering birds-eye views over the island, which you can enjoy with your beloved.


Bora Bora Tours

There are some wonderful Bora Bora vacation packages and tours that will help you explore this serene paradise island and ignite the kindling romance. This package offers 4×4 tours. Additionally, such rides includes: 


  • jeep safaris
  • bicycle tours
  • boat tours (ferries, speed boats, sailboats, glass-bottom boats, and kayaks)
  •  shark and stingray feeding tours
  • photo lagoon tours
  • helicopter tours
  • aqua-bike tours
Lagoon by Jean Gorges

Lagoon by Jean Gorges

Location – G872+78P, Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

Contact – +689 40 60 78 88

La Villa Mahana

Location – Povai Bora Bora, 98730, French Polynesia

Contact- +689 40 67 50 63

Bora Bora Yacht Club

Bora Bora Yacht Club

Location – BP 123 Vaitape – Nunue Bora Bora, 98730, French Polynesia

Contact- +689 40 67 60 47

The Beach Club

Location – F766+4M5, Mathira, French Polynesia

Contact- +689 40 67 52 50

Restaurant St. James

Location – Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

Contact- +689 40 67 64 62

Romantic Places to stay

While romantic cafes are crucial to spark up the romance, a perfect resort for staycation is important to let that romance get going. Interestingly, you can easily find many Bora Bora vacation packages which include flight tickets and opulent resorts topped with complimentary amenities plus food. However, if you’re looking to book privately, then check out the following:

St. Regis

St. Regis

Location – Motu Ome’e Bp, 506, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Contact – +689 40 60 78 88

Amenities Offered – Spa, beach villas, over-water villas, royal estate, restaurants, private pools, and bar.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui

Location – BP502 Vaitape Bora Bora, 98730, French Polynesia

Contact – +689 40 60 33 00

Amenities Offered – Spa, infinity pool, jet-skiing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, over-water villas, lagoon view suites, garden & hillside villas, restaurants, and bars.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons

Location – Bp 547, Motu Tehotu 98730, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Contact – +689 40 60 31 30

Amenities Offered – Holistic Spa, Infinity Pool, Fitness Center, Tennis, paddle-boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, over-water villas, beach villas, restaurants, and bar.

Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Location – Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Contact – +689 40 60 52 00

Amenities Offered – Manea Spa surrounded by lily ponds, resident tattoo artist, garden suites with private pools, beach suites with private Jacuzzis, restaurants, and bars.

Maitai Polynesia

Maitai Polynesia

Location – BP 505 – 98730, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Contact – +689 40 60 30 00

Amenities Offered – Kayaking, Canoeing, Snorkeling, restaurants, bar, overwater bungalows, beach bungalows, garden-view rooms, and ocean-view rooms.

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