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Cheap Eateries in Barcelona

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About Barcelona

Barcelona is the seaport capital city of Spain perched on the sparkling Mediterranean Sea in northeastern Spain and the foremost tourist spot among travellers. Known for a plethora of cheap eateries in Barcelona, affectionately known among locals as Barna, Barcelona is filled with energy and remarkable architecture that has enchanted sightseers for decades. However, the city is blessed with its alcoholic sangria and gin, gourmet dining opportunities, white coral sandy seashores with azure water, pleasant climate, prosperous history and remarkable artworks. There’s no doubt that the city draws a large number of travellers— since it has plenty to show!

Cuisines of Barcelona

About Barcelona

In addition, the capital city of Spain also boasts an enviable food scene, and city streets are packed with sun-dappled courtyards. Side pathways are overindulging with diners, bustling fresh food markets, and some of the world’s best tapas bars. There’s no doubt that the city is a pretty much food-centric cosmopolitan capital of Spain and a paradise for food enthusiasts. While you’re travelling within a captive budget and wandering for affordable diners in Mexico City that gave us bang for our bucks, we’ve curated a list of some cheap eateries, and I was pleased to discover that it was not so hard to find.

Cheap Eateries

Chen Ji

Asian residents are travelling worldwide and are conveying their culture and cuisine with them! In Barcelona, Chen Ji is the most beloved Asian restaurant that offers big portions of mouth-watering Chinese meals at under 5 USD. Further, the menu is brimmed with more than 100 types of Chinese dishes, from a traditional bowl of noodles, spicy fried rice, slushy soups to atypical conventional Asian meals such as jellyfish salad, duck tongues or cow bellies. 

  • Phone
    +34 932 47 68 31
  • Price
    5.80 USD – 14.50 USD 
  • Cuisine
    Chinese, Asian
  • Location
    Carrer d’Alí Bei, 65, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

König Barcelona Centro

If you’re looking for a diner with an authentic Catalunya atmosphere, then consider your visit to König Barcelona Centro. König Barcelona Centro is a small, cosy restaurant with a fancy and modern venue near the city centre. Since eating out on a tight budget can leave a dent in your wallet, König Barcelona Centro is a perfect restaurant for a cash-strapped backpacker like me because a few dollars is all you need to dine in here. 

  • Phone
    +34 934 12 28 36
  • Price
    7.91 USD – 20.34 USD
  • Cuisine
    Bar, Mediterranean, European, Spanish
  • Location
    Rambla de Catalunya, 5, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

N.A.P. Neapolitan Authentic Pizza

Eating out on a tight budget can leave a dent in your wallet. So I’ve decided to visit an extremely well-known N.A.P. Neapolitan Authentic Pizza point in Barcelona. But due to their increasing popularity nowadays, they are available in El Born’s heart and next to Barceloneta too. If you want to relish traditional Neapolitan pizza baked in a wood oven, you must add N.A.P. Neapolitan Authentic Pizza to your bucket list. 

  • Phone
    +34 686 19 26 90
  • Price
    4.52 USD – 12.43 USD
  • Cuisine
    Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean, Neapolitan, Campania, Southern-Italian
  • (Locations)
    Av. de Francesc Cambó, 30 (el Born) 
    Carrer del Baluard, 69 (Barceloneta)

La Tasqueta De Blai

La Tasqueta De Blai, situated in Carrer de Blai, is an excellent resto to relish some traditional tapa and pintxos. The usual tapa is a smaller plate of meals, while pintxos are finger meals pierced through with a toothpick. Further, these small bites are a key part of the city’s cuisine, and you’ll find them in every region of Spain. Moreover, you just need 1 USD to 2 USD for each tapa and pintxos, and you have to be patient and wait for your turn to place an order. 

  • Phone
    +34 930 13 03 18
  • Price
    5.65 USD – 33.87 USD 
  • Cuisine
    European, Gastropub, Vegetarian Friendly
  • Location
    Carrer de Blai, 15, 17, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

La Malandrina

La Malandrino is an excellent place for steak lovers with a big appetite! Indeed, this Argentinian-Uruguayan restaurant serves the smokey steaks with spicy barbecue sauce at a reasonable price. If you’re on a captive budget, then you must try their combos at under 9 USD and you’ll get short ribs, chicken breast, sirloin or skirt steak with a salad, rice or potatoes, and homestyle sauce. Europe can be expensive, but this restaurant breaks that norm, and within a few dollars, you can fill-up your appetite with some scrumptious meals.

  • Phone
    +34 603 62 19 39
  • Price
    11.29 USD – 16.94 USD 
  • Cuisine
    Barbecue, Argentinian, Grill
  • Location
    Calle Almirante Cervera Numero 5, 08003 Barcelona Spain


Spain is home to myriad traditional dishes, and each region of Spain offers a unique gastronomic scene. Barcelona is the foremost gastronomic city in Spain, and the town boasts an enviable food scene. Further, the city is an ideal spot for foodies as the city is packed with plenty of restaurants, and your taste buds will thank you for the finger-licking and lip-smacking flavour they’re about to find. 

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