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Cheap Eateries in La Habana

by Tyla

About La Habana

La Habana or simply Havana, is the capital city of Cuba and boasts a plethora of scrumptious meals. While strolling in the city can be heavy on your pocket, the meal you eat shouldn’t be. So, being a big foodie myself, I took on the challenge, and traveled to Havana, to find the cheap eateries in La Habana for you guys. 

Cuisines of La Habana

About La Havana

I know you still might be wondering, if Cuba is really the place you should head out to. But trust me, this country might be a little underrated, the food they offer is seriously on another level. So, come along with me and let’s find out the best restaurants in La Habana which will offer the best vacationing experiences in this country. 

Cheap Eateries

El Carmelo

This is probably one of the best restaurants in La Habana known for its upscale ambiance and classy decor. However, don’t let that put you in doubt. When I visited here a few months back, the ambiance got me for a second too. 

But when I ordered lasagna and chicken mushroom pizza, I was overwhelmed with the large portion and heavenly taste. I also took a mug of beer which was again 4 USD. The best part here is that they provide a side dish of meat(your choice), ric and salad with the main dish and that too in large portions.  

  • Price
    2.5 USD – 5 USD
  • Address
    4JP7+J5X, La Habana, Cuba


Serving the best food in La Habana, this diner is a must place for you when you travel to Cuba. Don’t go on the prices. The restaurant is pretty elegant and a good one to visit with your partner. Besides, the quality of food you’d get here in comparison with the prices is rock bottom. 

Let’s talk about the menu which is serving a bunch of impressive meals like grilled chicken. Spicy pork marinated in homemade sauces is worth a try. Besides, unlike other Cuban restaurants, this one doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages but rather a glass of fresh lime juice. So, if you want to go for healthy options, then this place has it for you.  

  • Price
    3 USD- 4 USD
  • Address
    4HRX+3MH, La Habana, Cuba

La Kasalta

Are you making a list of cheap eateries in La Habana? Then don’t forget to add this diner in the list. Trust me when I say that you won’t find a better option to have a bite at midnight in Havana. Plus, if you’re looking for a break from Havana city, then you can take a short drive to Miramar, where ther restaurant lives. 

Furthermore, the restaurant is themed as a sports bar and the menu offers a wide variety of delicious meals like ham n cheese sandwich, Spanish white tuna, turkey breast, and much more. And, the food is completed with a mug of beer, a plate of dessert, and a cricket/hockey match, played on the large television screens sof this restaurant. 

  • Price
    4 USD- 7 USD
  • Address
    4HHP+3PG, La Habana, Cuba

El Cochinito

The name of this restaurant translates to piglet in Spanish. And, I guess it fits well since the menu concentrates on pork dishes but don’t worry there’s some chicken in there too. Okay! To be honest, I was craving a pork sandwich and luckily this diner popped up. So, I had to try it out. The service is quite slow here, considering the place is always crowded but I’ll give them full marks on the food quality. 

So, do you love pork or chicken? I love them both. Now, here I ordered one pork sandwich and a chicken burrito which cost me 2 USD each. Plus, a delicious scoop of ice cream was something that made me fall in love with this place. 

  • Price
    2 USD- 5 USD
  • Address
    4JP7+RCQ, La Habana, Cuba

Buona Sera

This is one of the popular cheap eateries in La Habana and a good place to have a fun time with your friends and family.  It might not be very classy and elegant like the others on this list, but definitely a worthy place to have good quality food. 

The menu is filled with mouth-watering Italian dishes starting from Just 3 USD. The dishes like homemade pasta made with homemade original sauces of Italy, spaghetti topped with chopped ham, and a huge variety of pizza is what you can expect here. As for the drinks, you can ask for cans of soft drink, beer, and juices, whichever you like.

  • Price
    3 USD- 8 USD
  • Address
    4JP7+XHG, La Habana, Cuba


La Habana is a beautiful city boasting several cuisines and restaurants which are not only affordable but also provide world-class quality and ambience. The above ones are  a full-fledged researched list of the best and cheapest restaurants in La Habana. 

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