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Cheap Eateries in Heredia

by Dhriti

Whether it is about having street food or fine dining, the gastronomy scene of Heredia is scrumptious.There are ample varieties of cuisines and restaurants that are available to dine-in and enjoy the ample varieties of  food in Heredia.

Restaurants in Heredia

Restaurants in Heredia

Sometimes, it creates lots of confusion to pick one restaurant from the hundreds, So, I have jotted down some of the best cheap restaurants in Heredia where you can enjoy these ample varieties of cuisines.

Cheap Eateries

Soda El Kora

Are you looking for an affordable dine-in?

If yes, then you cannot miss dining at Soda El Kora which offers a wide variety of cuisines.

With just four tables, this restaurant offers a delightful ambiance with delicious and high-quality food. Whenever I visit this city, I always stop to try their famous Batidos which is a delicious milkshake with less sugar. Also, their famous Mexican tacos are available at 6 USD which you should definitely try in Heredia.

  • Phone: +506 8562 5235
  • Location: Mts Norte del Hogar de Ancianos 500 La virgen
    de Sarapiqui,
    La Virgen 41002 Costa Rica
  • Price: The cost of the food will be approx 6 USD-11 USD

The Ko.

Start your day with a morning coffee at The Ko in Heredia. Whenever I get a craving for coffee I always stop at The Ko which offers coffee with an abundance of food. I recommend trying the coffee here along with the bowl of ramen. You can enjoy the Asian cuisines to the Korean cuisines at an affordable range as it is one of the best cheap restaurants in Heredia.

  • Phone
    +506 7297 1707
  • Location
    Avenidas 3 Y 5 Calle 11, Heredia 40101 Costa Rica
  • Price
    The cost of the food will be approx 5 USD-9 USD.

Tepuy Bistro

Enjoy the wide variety of cuisines at “The Tepuy Bistro ”, which offers Venezuela to Costa Rican cuisines. I try their Arepas that are so scrumptious and inexpensive. These sweet and slightly flavorsome Aerapas are perfect if you are hungry and craving for inexpensive food.

  • Phone
    +506 4700 3640
  • Location
    Avenida 1 Heredia Centro, Heredia 40101 Costa Rica
  • Price
    Approx 1 USD-8 USD

Bentana Costa Rican Street Food

Millennials are fond of street food and hence the popularity of food trucks or street food carts are growing exponentially in several countries. Bentana Costa Rican street food is the popular and affordable street food that offers both Caribbean and Costa Rican cuisines. Most people like their hamburgers while some are very fond of their natural juices.

It is one of the best urban places for Costa Rican Street food where all the dishes are made in an urban way with the use of crafting techniques.

  • Phone: +50689721018
  • Location: Avenue 7, Heredia 40101 Costa Rica
  • Price: 1 USD- 8 USD

Estadero Bistró & Café

Head towards Estadero Bistró & Café which is an ideal place to be in Heredia’s historic center. Enjoy its special coffee along with the delicious Savory pastries. Moreover, this place is pet-friendly and all the dishes are made from premium, local and fresh ingredients. Also, it comes in the list of the best cheap restaurants in Heredia.

  • Phone: +506 2262 1234
  • Location: Avenida Central Rafael Mora 150 Metros Oeste
    del Fortín, Heredia 40101 Costa Rica
  • Price: The cost of the food will be approx 8 USD-30 USD

La Santa Empanaderia

Have you ever enjoyed corn Pie?  Yes, The delicious corn “empanadas” are filled with authentic ingredients and you can actually choose the ingredients of your choice like meat, beans, potatoes, and many more. I love having empanadas which are just for 3 USD.  You can sit and enjoy or you can also take away the various cuisines.

  • Phone
    +506 2262 1234
  • Location
    Avenida 15, calles 0 y 2 25m Oeste Del Automercado,
    Heredia 40101 Costa Rica
  • Price
    The cost of the food will be approx 2 USD-3 USD

Final Thoughts

Heredia is a food paradise that is never going to disappoint you. From wide varieties of cuisines like Asian to Mexican, it is the perfect city to enjoy cuisines while exploring. You can find an ample variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars here that offer cuisines at affordable prices. Moreover, the ambiance of every restaurant is unique and beautifully crafted which attracts tourists to dine in and enjoy the food. You can also plan a beautiful date in these best restaurants in Heredia and enjoy the ample variety of foods.

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