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Cheap Eateries in Santo Domingo

by Dhriti

About Santo Domingo

diverse culture, the gastronomy scene of Santo Domingo is also diverse which offers a wide range of dining scenarios with a unique range of flavors. Whether you are up for a healthy meal of rice and beans or a brunch, Santo Domingo’s delicious food is never more expensive in the Dominican Republic. The hearty capital of Santo Domingo is home to some of the best restaurants which offer mouth-watering cuisines.

Cuisines of Santo Domingo

About Santo Domingo

With the blend of Spanish, African, and indigenous Caribbean elements, cuisines are made in large portions, so that you can enjoy more and satisfy your appetite. For you to enjoy a variety of cuisines on a pocket-friendly budget I have jotted down some of the best cheap eateries in Santo Domingo.

Cheap Eateries

El Conuco

If you are looking for a touristy side of restaurants in Santo Domingo which offers delightful seafood options then visit El Conoco. I tried their Chicken mofongo, which was so delicious and reasonable. The portion of the dish was good and filled my appetite. You cannot miss to try their patio and chicken mofongo which are their specialty. As you enjoy your meal the talented artists of Santo Domingo will keep you entertained. 

  • Price
    The Cost of the food will be approx 2 $ – 20 $
  • Address
    Calle Casimiro De Moya 152, Santo Domingo 10207 Dominican Republic

La Cassina

Finding delicious steaks in Santo Domingo is not that tough, but I was looking for an inexpensive food joint. I googled and thankfully La Cassina popped up on my screen. I instantly decided to visit them and trust me, the steak was juicy, fatty, and spicy. At just $10, I had a really good meal at La Cassina.

  • Price
    The cost of the will be approx 10 $ – 60 $
  • Address
    Roberto Pastoriza 504, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Adrian Tropical

Wanna try Dominican food?

Dominican food is available at most of the restaurants in Santo Domingo. Whenever I visit Santo Domingo, my food craving for Dominican food awakes. But to find an inexpensive restaurant that offers authentic Dominican food on a friendly budget is difficult. Thankfully, I was able to find Adrian Tropical with the guidance of locals. I instantly ordered the traditional dish along with the yuka and grilled meat. The dish was so mouth-watering and delicious that I was able to enjoy their traditional dish at less cost.

  • Price
    The cost of the food will be approx 2 $ – 25 $
  • Address
    Av. George Washington 2, Santo Domingo 10205 Dominican Republic

Restaurante Vegetariano Ananda

Well, I love vegan food and I am health-conscious as well. Finding inexpensive healthy vegan food is difficult in Santo Domingo. While scrolling down google for the cheap eats in Santo Domingo, I finally found Restaurante Vegetariano Ananda. This restaurant is perfect to enjoy healthy food and I tried their soy and gluten range that are extremely healthy and flavorsome. With the starting range of 3 $, you are able to enjoy their gluten ranges.

  • Price
    The cost of the food will be approx 3 $ – 6 $
  • Address
    Calle Casimiro de Moya 7, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Food Truck Town

Are you looking to try fast food on a budget? If yes, then do not miss to visit this budget-friendly restaurant Food Truck Town. With the varieties of burgers and Tacos to the Arab cuisines, this food truck will come to your top list of favorite restaurants. While exploring Santo Domingo, sometimes I also look for the fast-food joint where I can enjoy tacos and burgers. This food truck town is the must-visit restaurant and they serve delicious tacos which are just for 3 $.

Don’t miss to enjoy the blend of cuisines here at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Price
    The cost of the food will be approx 3 $-9 $
  • Address
    Avenida 27 de Febrero No. 299, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

El Meson De La Cava

Ok, let’s say if you want to take your partner on a dinner date in Santo Domingo. Then, take them to the El Meson De La Cava. When I was planning to surprise my date, it popped up on my screen. The inexpensive restaurant with a wide variety of cuisine is perfect for fine dining. I ordered their Caribbean dish which is one of their specialty. The dish was served along with a variety of salads and it was so succulent that my date ordered the same dish again.

  • Price
    The Cost of the food will be approx 10 $-35 $
  • Address
    Sur 1 Avenida Mirador, Santo Domingo 11604 Dominican Republic

Affogato Café

Are you a coffee lover? Then, Affogato Cafe is the perfect cafe to enjoy the various baked goods along with a cup of coffee. I always enjoyed their Mocha Coffee ranges that start from 4 $. The cafe also offers amazing breakfast and brunch. Affogato’s ambiance is ideal for everyone, who wants to spend some quality time.

  • Price
    The Cost of the food will be approx 1 $- 12 $
  • Address
    Calle Arzobispo Nouel Esq. Sanchez, Zona Colonial Suite 251, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic


We all love burgers and to try the inexpensive and succulent burger in Santo Domingo is sometimes becomes difficult to find. With the help of Google, I was able to find this amazing restaurant CachArepa. I ordered their Chicken burger it was so delicious and with just 1 $ and I was able to save more and enjoy more.

  • Price
    The cost of food will be approx 1 $ – 5 $
  • Address
    Av. Winston Churchill 202, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

La Locanda

Love Italian? Then do visit La Locanda for drool-worthy Italian cuisines like pasta to tacos. The craving for Pasta is very common for me and if I am getting an opportunity to have pasta at 3$ then there is nothing bad to try the delicious Lobster Ravioli pasta which is gluten-free and delicious. I always visit to have a wide variety of Pasta in this restaurant in Santo Domingo.  

  • Price
    The cost of the food will be approx 3 $- 20 $
  • Address
    Avenida Gustavo Mejia Ricart No. 126, Santo Domingo 10130 Dominican Republic

Buche Perico

Are you looking to try a wide variety of Caribbean cuisines? 

If you are a foodie just like me, then don’t forget to try the wide range of Caribbean Cuisines in Bucho Perico. The  Albariño is one of the delicious cuisines to try in Bucho Perico which is inexpensive and delicious to have. Whenever I have a food craving for Caribbean and Latin cuisines, I always visit to enjoy the variety of food in this place.

  • Price
    The cost of food will be approx 10$- 20$
  • Address
    Calle El Conde No. 53 Zona Colonial, à côté du Parque Colon, Santo Domingo 10210 Dominican Republic


The evolving gastronomic scene in Santo Domingo is the center of attraction in the city. With the authentic flavors and traditional cuisines, you will experience the best food offered by this city. Also, if you are short on budget then these restaurants are definitely going to be your life saver with their delicious flavors. So, don’t think twice and grab the budget-friendly meals at cheap restaurants in Santo Domingo that will make you fall in love with the city.   

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