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Cheap Eateries in Buenos Aires

by Tyla

About Buenos Aires

You might get caught up by the fact that Argentina is an expensive country. The consistent rise in inflation makes it difficult to find cheap dining places here. But hey! That doesn’t mean you cannot travel to Buenos Aires on budget. You certainly can and good for you, there are still some best and cheap eateries in Buenos Aires. And remember, these eateries are cheap in prices but not at all in quality of food or the ambience. 

About Buenos Aires

About Buenos Aires

So, let’s explore the best restaurants in Buenos Aires which are priced under $10. And trust me, these diners serve the best food you can have in this town. Keep scrolling to find all these cheap restros. 

Cheap Eateries


Nestled in a super-friendly neighborhood, this restaurant offers the best food in Buenos Aires, a classy ambience and a peaceful aura making it perfect for couples and families. In addition, they have a vast menu serving plenty of delicious meals to try out. The bife de chorizo is a must-try but also try out their other options like Patagonian lamb, or the beef tips marinated in spring-onion sauce. Also, visit here during a soccer match to have a much better dining experience.

  • Price
    $4 – $8
  • Address
    Defensa 855, C1065 AAO, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Che Taco

Want to eat something Mexican? Che Taco is the perfect place to eat in Buenos Aires. This iconic modern-style restaurant offers delicious international food, which you might not find easily in Buenos Aires. In addition, the menu is filled with a variety of delicious tacos, burritos, soups, etc., prepared exclusively with Argentine beef. This way, visitors get to have a taste of both Mexican and Argentine flavors. I would suggest you try the  shredded-beef tacos or the pozole (a traditional Mexican corn-and-beef soup) with spicy beer for loaded spiciness. 

  • Price
    $3 – $7
  • Address
    Balcarce 873, C1066 CABA, Argentina

Parrilla Peña

This is one of the best cheap eateries in Buenos Aires. The decor is quite immesifying and satisfactory for all the visitors. Further, the menu has something for all. From chicken and pasta to omelets and steaks, this parrilla is a perfect spot for a romantic date and late night cravings. You’d get a French omelet for about $3 and chicken dishes for $5. Plus, if you’re cravings something alcoholic, then beer cans and juices are provided separately on order. The best ones to try out here are colita de cuadríl (rump steak) and the papas fritas a la provenzal (French fries with garlic and parsley).

  • Price
    $2 – $9
  • Address
    Rodríguez Peña 682, C1020 CABA, Argentina

Burger Joint 

Being the beef capital, it is impossible for Buenos Aires to not serve beef loaded burgers. This casual restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy crispy burgers and fries. Besides, it is one of the best cheap eateries in Buenos Aires serving low cost burgers. The best part is, here you can request your own choice of toppings. If not, then you can try their specials- Tevez, served with salsa chimichurri, or the Mexican beef burger, which has jalapenos and salsa picante. Another thing to remember before going here is to carry only cash and reach a little earlier to avoid standing in long queues. 

  • Price
    $2 – $5
  • Address
    Jorge Luis Borges 1766, C1414 CABA, Argentina

Pizzería Güerrin

Pizza is a must-eat in Argentina. Buenos Aires is filled with restaurants serving a delicious range of pizzas. This is why it is called the pizza capital of South America. Well, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly restaurant then head to Pizzeria Güerrin. Proudly serving the best food in Buenos Aires, this restaurant serves pizzas with tons of toppings to choose from. Plus, the meal is completed with an array of cocktails and other alcohols that too under $10. The restaurant is also good enough to settle late night cravings, considering it stays open till 2 a.m.

  • Price
    $2 – $8
  • Address
    Av. Corrientes 1368, C1043 CABA, Argentina


This particular place is one of the top-rated cheap eateries in Buenos Aires. It serves the best choripan and morcipan sausage sandwiches in town. The food is prepared in a street-style manner which contains authentic Argentine sausages loaded in breads and mixed with spices and sauces to make it even more delicious. Here, you can try out the  smoked chorizo and blood sausage choripanes. Besides, you can also pair them up with a yerba mate gin and tonic for an added flavor.

  • Price
    $3 – $10
  • Address
    Thames 1653, C1414 CABA, Argentina


So, these were the top cheap eateries in Buenos Aires, where you can have a delicious bite and enjoy your time in this city. Besides, the city has so much to offer, if you’re really looking for a food adventure. 

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