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About Havana

The solo journey can be troublesome If you’ve never tried this before. However, the truth is that traveling by yourself on flights from Boston to Havana is challenging and wonderful when you travel to a country like Cuba. Cuba isn’t the most secure destination for solo travel but after having a good time in Havana and the beaches, Learning a common morpheme in the Spanish language can help you move around and can help you avoid being an anti-target as a tourist. Beware of being charged additional charges or being swindled.
Havana is a fascinating place for visitors who go on an excursion to Havana, Cuba. Havana is known as the capital city of Cuba and also a significant port city. Havana is the most well-known destination among globetrotters, because of its Spanish colonial architecture, which reflects the old Spanish style. Havana is the main attraction for travelers, and millions of tourists visit this beautiful city annually.

Best season to visit Havana

  • Peak Season
    The peak season in Havana is between December to March and July to August.
  • Low Season
    If you’re planning a trip to Havana within a reasonable budget, April to June and September to October is the ideal time to plan your excursion.

Details About flights Boston (BOS) to Havana (HAV) 

The cheapest route for travel from Boston to Havana, Cuba, is Boston Logan International Airport to José Martí International Airport, and there are no direct flights. These are some excellent Airlines that offer cheap flights from Boston (BOS) to Havana (HAV) Cuba.

S. NoAirlinesType of TripFair price 
1American Airlines One way tripUSD 1091
2JetBlue AirwaysOne way tripUSD 964
3Delta Airlines One way tripUSD 977
4United Airlines One way tripUSD 876

Best Eateries in Havana

Havana isn’t so well-known for its food and drink offerings. However, if you’re curious about where you can eat and enjoy beverages in Havana. A few top bars, restaurants, and cafes serve the most delicate exotic, and delicious local and international cuisines. If you’re traveling on your own with a tight budget and would like to eat like the locals, there is a way to save cash in Havana. There are many street food options to explore, and all come at a fair cost. However, average does not mean you have to sacrifice quality or taste. Tostones are the most well-known popular street food found in Havana, and everyone who visits should definitely taste them.

Where to Eat? 

Los Naranjos
Los Naranjos

Address :-   4JM3+MF3, La Habana,    Cuba

Price Range :- USD 27 each person

Mojito mojito
Mojito mojito

Address :- 4JPX+5QX, La Habana, Cuba

Price Range :- USD 20 each person

Somas Cuba Restaurant
Somas Cuba Restaurant

Address :- San Ignacio, La Habana, Cuba

Price Range :- USD 8 each person

Where to stay? 

El Candil Boutique Hotel
El Candil Boutique Hotel

Address :- Calle 2 # 457 e/ 19 y 21 Vedado, Havana Cuba

Price Range :- 267.19$ Per Day

El Encanto de Perseverancia
El Encanto de Perseverancia

Address :- Calle Perseverancia, 156, Havana Cuba

Price Range :- 133.60$ Per Day

Hostal Colonial Asturias
Hostal Colonial Asturias

Address :- Calle Lealtad 156 Alto Entre Ánimas y Virtudes, Havana 10400 Cuba

Price Range :- 31.40$ Per Day

Prime locations for a visit in Havana

Old Havana
Old Havana

Old Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage site, dotted with neoclassical and Baroque buildings. Among its many attractions, the most prominent ones are Plaza Vieja, Plaza de Armas. Another must-visit place is Catedral de San Cristobal.

El Malecón
The Malecon

Locals as well tourists in Havana take a walk along the Malecon in the evening to admire its sunset views. This iconic seafront boulevard runs from Havana Vieja to the Vedado and Plaza area and is seven kilometres long.

Museo de la Revolución
Museo de la Revolución

This grand presidential palace was designed by Belgian architect Paul Belau in the 20th century. It is one of the city’s finest examples of neoclassical architecture. There is a museum inside it that displays Cuba’s struggle for independence.


  • What is the cheapest way to get from Boston (BOS) to Havana (HAV)?

    The most inexpensive way to travel from Boston to Havana is flying, which costs between USD 109 and USD 420.

  • Does it mean that I have to perform a Covid test prior to taking a flight to Boston in the direction of Havana?

    Yes, All passengers must follow the rules of the covid-19.

  • How many passengers can I book in one reservation?

    You can book a maximum of eight passengers in one reservation.

  • How will I know my booking is confirmed?

    Once the booking and payment process is done, you will get an email confirmation of your flight booking.

  • What percent of BOS to HAV travelers were millennials?

    58% of travelers were millennials.

  • At what time the last flight departs to Havana?

    The last flight departs at 1:00AM – 2:00AM.

  • Which is the high season to travel from Boston to Havana?

    The month of November, December and January. is considered to be the high season to travel from Boston to Havana.

  • Which is the low season to travel from Boston to Havana?

    September is considered to be the low season for traveling from Boston to Havana.

  • What is the average price range of a Boston to Havana flight?

    Boston to Havana Flight Prices usually varies between USD 800 – USD 900.

  • Which is the busiest day for passengers flying between Boston towards Havana?

    Friday is the busiest day for passengers flying between Boston towards Havana.

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Airports Near Havana
  • Jose Marti International Airport – HAV
  • Playa Baracoa Airport – UPB
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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

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Unpublished discounted fares available for this route

Calling before booking can save you big