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A Complete Guide to Amalfi Coast

by Dhriti
A Complete Guide to Amalfi Coast

About Amalfi Coast

Have you ever seen heaven? If not, then probably you haven’t visited Amalfi. The charming, sophisticated, simple, and yet wild Amalfi is nestled in a picturesque setting below steep cliffs on Italy’s southwest coast. It is among those rare yet exotic destinations on earth, where mountains plunge into the sea, cliffs cling above the sea, scintillating houses peek through the mountains, and verdant wilderness soothes the eyes and soul. This UNESCO-listed site is undoubtedly an intriguing blend of sophistication and simplicity.


The spellbinding sublime vistas of Amalfi cover 34-miles of majestic terrain, coastal cliffs, multicolored houses, verdant valleys, and turquoise water, which amazes millions of visitors each year. Although each of the villages and coastal towns of Amalfi is equally enthralling, postcard-perfect Positano tops the list.

Best Time to Visit

Amalfi experiences short, hot, muggy, dry, and clear summers. The winters here are long, cold, windy, and cloudy. The temperature of this coastal region typically varies from 45℉ to 85℉. Hence, the best time to immerse in the beauty of Amalfi is during late spring (Mid-April to May) and early autumn (Late-September-October). During these months, you may not find many tourists, and the weather is comfortable. You may also visit during summer, which means larger crowds and high accommodation prices.

The choice is yours!

How to Reach

The easiest way to reach Amalfi is from Naples, either by train, bus, car, or ferry. For that, you have to reach Naples first. However the other two main transportation hubs are Sorrento and Salerno, but from Naples, it is easier to reach the destination. Read on to know the various modes of transport which can take you to Amalfi.

Hop on a local commuter, Circumvesuviana, train to Sorrento, and then catch a ferry from there to Positano or Amalfi town. You can also take the Campania Express, but it runs from March to October, so it is better to check its availability during your trip

Shuttle buses, operated by Curreri Viaggi, are available from Naples airport to Sorrento. It takes just one hour to reach the destination and costs 10 Euros. From there, you can hop on a ferry to reach your destination.

No direct ferries are available to take you from Naples to Amalfi. You will need to take a ferry from Naples to Sorrento and then another ferry to Amalfi Coast.

You can either rent a car or take your vehicle. The duration of the journey depends on the original destination from where you have started your car journey. The road trip is undoubtedly scenic, and you can wait anywhere to take pictures.

Getting Around

Amalfi is a charming coastal town, packed with abundant natural beauty, which can keep you hooked round-the-clock. Each of its corners is beamed with fascinating attractions, and you don’t want to miss any of it. Hence, the best way to get around the coastal town is on foot. However, you may like to hop on a car to reach one town from another. The SS163 highway, also known as Amalfi Drive, can take you directly to the various towns. Let me tell you, this is one of the most scenic drives in the world and you may not want to miss it.

Amalfi’s Gorgeous Attractions



There could be hardly any places on earth which are as picturesque as Positano. This dramatic and dashing coastal town with vertiginous houses, wisteria-draped hotels, and sea-side cafes and restaurants, can instantly enrich your insta-feed. This dream-destination with lush cascading cliffs, vibrant Mediterranean architecture, and luxury yachts, is everything you would ever imagine.


Furthermore, Positano also boasts some of the most beguiling beaches in the region, the bougenvilla-clad narrow streets, lined with boutiques and trattorias. The best way to enjoy the evening in Positano is to sip your Campari and take in the captivating views of the pastel-colored town. Apart from its breathtaking landscapes, the Vertical City offers some great highlights, including Path of the Gods, emerald grottoes, and a boat trip to Capri, etc.

The Coastal Beaches

Amalfi is blessed with over hundreds of beaches, and none of them are sandy. Instead, you will be greeted with pebbled beaches, which are a different kind of experience. There are several beaches beneath the cliffs, where pebbles have created secluded beaches, some of which can only be accessible by boat.


If you want to experience what luxury feels like here, then look no further than Marina Grande in Positano. Chances are, you may spot one or two of your favorite celebrities, as the beach is celeb’s fav. The beach is the biggest in this Italian town, and is nestled smack-dab in the middle of the town, with colorful cliffside buildings, soaring over both sides of the shore. Another popular beach is Arienzo Beach, where tourists flock to sunbathe and take in the beauty of the landscape.

The Coastal Beaches


Praiano, the next in line after Positano, is a low-key tourist hub of the Coast. Once a fishing village, Praiano today has become a resort town with a burgeoning art scene. If you are visiting this beauty during peak season, it is better to make Praiano your base, as most hotels in Positano will be already crowded with tourists. It is just fifteen-minutes drive from Positano, and has easy access to all tourist attractions nearby.

Although Praiano offers only a few beaches, and is off-the-radar, you can thoroughly enjoy sunbathing here, with fewer crowds. If you are on SS163 highway, then take the steep path leading down the cliffs to a tiny inlet and you will be in the charming Marina di Praia. The old fishermen’s houses here are transformed into chic restaurants, where you can enjoy a romantic meal, while enjoying the breathtaking views ahead.

The Emerald Grotto

This emerald grotto is a cave, partly inundated by the sea, named after the eerie emerald color of the water. This natural highlight with dazzling beauty and historic legend, was formed over the millennia and gradually filled with saltwater. It can be accessed by both land and sea. The cave consists of one single and large chamber, which is 25m high, above the sea level.

When the natural sunlight enters the cave through an underground passage. The water filters the sunlight and only green wavelengths reach the cave. On the bottom of the cave, there is a nativity scene made up of ceramic figurines of typical vietri. Visit the grotto on a sunny day to get wowed by this natural phenomena.

The Emerald Grotto


Italy is home to some of the world’s spectacular cities and it undoubtedly tops the list due to its unmatched beauty. It  is a kind of place, where you can relax, soak up the sun on the beaches, and relish a romantic dinner in one of its seaside restaurants. But it has some adventures too. The trails are equally enchanting and offer hikers the opportunity to soak up in the verdant wilderness of the town.


There are several trails in Amalfi to hike. The best is the II Vallone delle Ferriere, a four-mile trail, which takes you through a wooded area. On the way, you will discover fern-lined streams, waterfalls, and ruins of paper mills and medieval foundries. You can also hike La Baia di Ieranto, which is located in a small fishing village of Nerano. From the top, you can get a glimpse of nearby Capri island.


This beautiful gem tucked 100-feet up into the cliffside is for honeymooners and couples, who are looking for a secluded vacation amidst nature. This town was founded in the 5th century as a sanctuary from barbaric invaders. Today, this town’s glory, glamor, and beauty is known to all. Sitting on a mountain buttress, the ravishing Ravello is refined and sophisticated, and is much larger and richer.

The scenic landscapes, elegant villas, dreamy gardens, and palazzi have inspired many writers to create masterpieces. Visit Ravello during off or shoulders season to feel the otherworldliness of this beautiful town. Among all other top tourist attractions, Valle del Dragon is a little charmer, which you must visit.



Capri is 97km from Positano and takes 3 hours to reach by boat or on a luxury yacht. The cliffs here are rising majestically, villas are adorned with bougainvillea and wisteria, and the trees and gardens are perfectly manicured here. There’s barely an abysmal site in Capri to blemish its ethereal beauty.

Capri has been the vacation spot for stars and celebrities for a long time and is considered one of the most lavish and expensive islands in Italy. If you are not on a tight budget, then expect to spend a fortune here. Besides its extravaganza, the island offers you the chance to hike, stroll around, and soak in the beautiful beaches. In the evening, the island gears up to begin its buzzing nightlife.

The Best Villas and Luxury Resorts

Being Italy’s most popular and picturesque destination, Amalfi welcomes five million tourists each year. To accommodate such a large crowd, this Italian coastal town has turned several old villas into luxury resorts. These luxurious resorts and hotels are equally captivating and give justice to Amalfi’s scenic beauty. Here are some places to call home during your trip to Amalfi.

Houston’s Museum District

Villa Treville, Positano

Villa Treville was once the home of opera and film director Franco Zeffirelli. Today it hosts tourists from all over the world. Located just five minutes by boat ride from Positano, Villa Treville gives you a glimpse of its former owner’s collection of 18th century Caltagironne pottery. Former guests of this luxury abode have appreciated its luxurious home feel. The seafood and other dishes will keep you hooked, while the breathtaking setting of the hotel will keep you entertained.

Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi

Check in at this 19th-century art-Nouveau, seaside villa to soak up the sunrise views over the sea. This family-run hotel is surrounded by the endless blue of the Mediterranean and the sky, giving it an otherworldly look. Guests can enjoy a private access to the sea. Each of its rooms are adorned with hand-painted tiles, bright spaces, bathrooms with majolica and marble, and balconies overlooking the sea.

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

The villa is set within a 12th-century building and gives you access to abundant period features like tiles floors, stone fireplaces, individually decorated rooms with fireplaces, frescoed vaults, and antique furniture. Each of its suites are so perfectly decorated with furniture and no words can praise the sheer magnificence of the mountain views from the window.

Wrapping Up the Trip

Yes, unfortunately you are not among those lucky fellas who always get to praise the beauty of Amalfi. It’s time for you to wrap up your trip, and head back home or take a journey onward. Most Italian cities are known for their greatest art scene, architecture, spectacular landscapes, and endless feats. But the grandeur Amalfi boasts is rare to find. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to admire Amalfi and one shouldn’t miss that chance.

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