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Experience the travel with Red Eye Flights

by Dhriti

About Red Eye Flights

Whether you are a frequent traveler or not, you’ve most likely heard about the term red-eye flight. You must be curious about what exactly is the red-eye flight and what are the pros and cons? 

Red Eye Flights are flights that take off late at night and arrive early in the morning. Generally, these types of flights take off after 9 P.M. and arrive at the destination by 5 to 6 a.m. So, basically at midnight, you will be in the air when you typically would be asleep. Most passengers don’t prefer to travel on these flights as these flights are exhausting. In the earlier days, the airport was not equipped with the night staff or equipment to offer red-eye-flights. One of the major side effects of losing sleep is the red and tired eyes. Sometimes flying through these flights lets you save your time and helps in connecting the early-morning flights. Here’s what you should know before traveling from the Red Eye Flights:

Preparing yourself for the Red Eye Flights

Planning to fly from a Red Eye Flight?

You need to be prepared to fly with a Red Eye-Flights which is a bit different from normal flights. Let’s have a look at some of the best tips:

It may look illogical but if you can book a flight that leaves after 10 p.m. then you may have a better chance at actually getting a nap. If the flight takes off close to your regular bedtime then you are more likely to get tired once you get settled in your seat.

Comfort should always come first while traveling. From the fuzzy PJs to the Loose-fitting fabrics, there are several things that you can wear while traveling with a red-eye flight. Breathable fabrics are the perfect clothing to wear to get a goodnight sleep during the flight. Also, do not forget to wear an extra pair of socks in case you get cold at mid-flight which can often happen.

Not every time Airline’s blankets remain cozy, which is why sometimes you are charged extra for it. The similar goes for the neck pillow if you want something soft to lean against.

This will minimize your chance of sleep interruptions from the person next to you trying to get past to use the restroom and will give you a place to rest your head.

Advantages of Red Eye Flights

Before taking a red-eye-flight, the fate of the flight will depend on a few factors like how you are prepared and how well you do with sleeping on planes. The main advantage of traveling from Red-Eye Flights is that you can catch the next morning’s flights and save time as well and the biggest con is the potential for a sleepless night especially if you are in the middle seat where comfortability is a tough challenge. Also, the red-eye flights are much cheaper than the flights at other times. Moreover, the cons of traveling from the Red-Eye Flights are the potential for a sleepless night.

How to Survive a red eye flight

You are prepped, you are booked and now you are ready to take off. What’s next? Well, to survive the Red-Eye Flights there are a few things that you can do to help to make this process easier and possible.

Since you’ll want a goodnight nap during the journey it’s a good idea to have a meal before boarding the flight. For a perfect sleep on flight, it is better to have a balanced and nutritious meal like salad or lean protein which includes salmon or grilled chicken. Do Avoid anything spicy, processed, or salty that can all lead to bloating discomfort.

Before flying with a Red-Eye flight, it is best to avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine which will help induce sleep. It might help you fall asleep but it won’t be a restful one.     

Maintain much of what you normally would do before bed while getting prepared for the red-eye flight. So that you’re mentally prepared to sleep, wash your face, brush your teeth, prepare your blanket, and put on your extra pair of socks.

Before landing at your destination, it is best if you set an alarm to wake you up 45 minutes before your scheduled landing. So that you can be well-prepared for the landing.

Don’t Forget to carry Red Eye Flight Essentials

For Red-eye Flights, there are some things which you can carry to ease your travel from the Red eye flights. Surviving a Red-eye flight is not easy. To survive a Redeye flight there are some things that you should carry to ease your travel through these flights. There are some essentials which you should not forget to carry while traveling:


Traveling from a red-eye flight can be difficult and therefore can make you restless. So, the best way to travel from the Red-Eye Flights is to carry an eye mask with you. With eye mask, you can sleep peacefully as it provides a total blackout so that no ray of light can disturb you during the entire flight.



Listen to your favorite music and Block out all the noises on the plane by plugging on your earplugs and ensure that you get proper sleep. Earplugs are very helpful and every traveler should carry these while traveling on the Red-eye flights. Earplugs can ease your pain through which you can travel around the world hassle free.

Facial Cleansing Wipes

Facial Cleansing Wipes

Red-Eye Flights can be exhausting. To unclog your pores and feel refreshed you must carry facial cleansing wipes through which you can survive the journey with the redeye flight that can curb your fatigue and your skin will feel refreshed

Is traveling from the Red Eye Flights worth it?

Traveling from the Red-Eye Flights isn’t the most ideal but it definitely has some perks. By taking RedEye flights you are not using your vacation days on travel time whereas an overnight flight means that you will land in the morning, getting an entire day to explore. Moreover, by traveling with  RedEye Flights you will also save your extra expense on flight tickets. If you are habitual of sleeping anywhere then the redeye flights are best for traveling. 

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