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About Hawaiian

Unlike other airlines that fly to Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines take you to the islands way before you even land. From delicious regional meals and premium Hawaiian hospitality from the flight crew to folk music playing in the cabin, the airline does its best to put you in an island state of mind, no matter what seat you’re in. Additionally, when it comes to Hawaiian Airlines First Class, the airline adds more luxury and comfort for the guest flying in this cabin fare. The airline ensures to elevate your trip to Hawaii even further with lie-flat beds and a gourmet food and beverage service.

First Class covers a soothing in-flight experience that almost instantly wipes away the hassles of the airport once you step onboard. Although there’s no onboard wifi service available, you can still enjoy the journey while traveling to this Aloha state. First Class cabin service is available for longer domestic and international routes. 

First Class Airport Experience 

  • Booking a First Class flight ticket to any island of Hawaii, will get you access to the Premier Club lounges which are found in Honolulu, Lihue, Kahului, Kona, and Hilo airports. The Plumeria Lounge is found only in Honolulu and is available for guests on an international route and such guests heading to New York, Boston, or Orlando. 
  • Day passes can be purchased for the Plumeria Lounge for anyone flying on a Hawaiian Airlines flight for $40. However, access to these lounges is complimentary for First Class individuals.
  • Lounges are very basic in layout and amenities, providing complimentary snacks and drinks, seating, WiFi and air-conditioning. If you expect to be pampered before your flight, you may have better luck outside the lounge in the airport terminal. 
  • Hawaiian Airlines also has partnerships with international airlines at airports in Australia, Japan, and Korea, where you can access third-party lounges, but for the most part, Hawaiian Airlines does not have lounges at other airports. 

Extra Flexibility 

Not just enhanced airport and inflight experience, but Hawaiian Airlines First Class also offers guests flexibility of baggage, flight cancellations and changes. Here are the facilities offered: 

Baggage Allowance 

Cabin Baggage 

Each guest is allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item bag for all flights. Your allotted carry-on bag must fit safely under the seat in front of you or in an approved overhead compartment and must not exceed dimensions of 114 cm. 

Checked Baggage 

You are allowed to free checked baggage which must weigh up to 50 pounds and the dimensions of your luggage must not exceed 158 cm. Any luggage above this, will be subject to excess baggage and will incur a fee.

Flight Cancellation 

As per Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, you are allowed to cancel your booking free of charge, provided that you do so within 24 hours of booking. Post this period a cancellation fee will be charged. 

Flight Change

  • In accordance with Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy, you are allowed to make flight changes even after 24 hours of booking for free. Since First Class tickets are refundable, you will only have to pay the fare difference. 
  • You can make changes to your domestic flight free of charge, till the day of original flight departure. However, for all international flight routes, a change fee will be charged for same-day flight changes. 


  • Hawaiian Airlines First Class guests have priority check-in via dedicated lines at the airport, meaning you’ll have your bags taken care of by a desk agent versus doing the self check-in and bag drop at a kiosk. 
  • However, when departing from Hawaii’s airports, all checked luggage must go through a mandatory agricultural screening where passengers place their bags on a conveyor belt similar to a TSA screening. This is done before heading over to the check-in desk. 
  • At certain airports, like Kahului Airport, this screening is confusing for some since it’s located near the TSA checkpoint. Just know that it’s only for passengers who have checked baggage.
  • A first class ticket comes with expedited security screening so that you are all clear with the formalities quickly.
  • First Class passengers also get eligible for priority boarding, which means you will get a chance to get settled first in the aircraft. 

In-flight Experience

To ensure your journey is enhanced and convenient, Hawaiian Airlines offers several top-notch facilities as a part of in-flight experience. From flat lie beds to opulent dining and drinking service, there are so many things that will make the flying period impeccable. 

Cabin and Seat 

  • Hawaiian Airlines prides itself on its seats. In Hawaiian Airlines First Class, you’ll get a full 180 degree lie-flat seat with all the perks.
  • Even on a short six-hour flight from a West Coast city like Los Angeles, you’ll still get one of these comfortable lie-flat seats in first class. This sets Hawaiian apart from many competitors that don’t offer fully lie-flat first class seats from the West Coast to Hawaii.

A330 fleet’s First Class cabin

The 180-degree lie-flat seats are laid out in a 2-2-2 pattern with the most desirable seats being either A and B or H and J. These can be found on flights between Honolulu and international destinations and nonstop flights to major mainland cities. 


If the flight is more than eight hours, First Class flight members will get premium bedding for a good rest before landing. Plus, each seat also comes with two USB charging ports and an AC power port with universal connections so you won’t arrive with a drained battery smartphone.

Dining Experience 

  • Meals in First Class cabin comes with an array of island-inspired dishes such as a soy-braised chicken, pork stew made with daikon and rice, and a Maui onion breakfast potato cake, all developed by Hawaiian-born executive chefs.
  • The selections vary depending on the time of your flight, but all meals include an appetizer, main course meal, dessert and a snack. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available that must be requested 48 hours before the flight.
  • Hawaiian Airlines First Class cabin adds an island spin to the beverage selections including three Hawaiian-inspired signature cocktails, a sommelier-curated wine list, and a few craft brews from the Maui Brewing Company.

In-flight Entertainment 

  • Recline, relax, and choose from a variety of entertainment options to keep you entertained and relaxed throughout your flight. Guests in our Premium Cabin enjoy complimentary unlimited access to a selection of Movies on Demand, a wide variety of popular TV shows, games, music videos, and audio channels.
  • Stream the airline’s in-Flight entertainment from your personal device onboard, and enjoy watching movies / TV shows from a wide collection of entertainment options. 
  • In-flight entertainment also allows you to enjoy several games, watch the latest world news, short videos on Hawaiian skies, Ola Pono series, and stay updated about Hawaii’s culture with the in-flight magazine- Hana Hou.


With Hawaiian Airlines First Class, you get an advantage to deboard the plane first, once you reach the destination. You will be safely escorted to the ground and will have a right to access priority checked baggage claim upon arrival.


  • Do HawaiianAirlines have First Class?

    The airline offers First Class cabin fare for those looking to enjoy enhanced flying experience.

  • Does HawaiianAirlines First Class have access to airport lounges?

    Yes, all guests traveling First Class with HawaiianAirlines are provided free access to lounges, where they can relax and have complimentary food.

  • Does Hawaiian Airlines First Class have WiFi?

    Hawaiian Airlines does not offer onboard Wifi service on any of its aircrafts.

  • Do seats in Hawaiian Airlines First Class lie flat?

    Yes, Hawaiian Airlines has lie-flat seats on its A330 planes which fly to international destinations

  • Do I get a free meal in First Class on Hawaiian Airlines?

    Yes, complimentary food is served on all flights for First Class guests.

  • What is the baggage allowance for Hawaiian Airlines First Class?

    The First class passengers are allowed one piece of carry-on and personal item to take onboard. They are also allowed free checked bags of 50 pounds in total.

  • Is there a dress code for Hawaiian Airlines first class?

    There is no special dress code for Hawaiian Airlines First Class. You may want to dress up appropriately, since you’ll be traveling in the luxury section of the plane.

  • Does Hawaiian Airlines offer amenity kits to First Class passengers?

    Hawaiian Airlines does not offer amenity kits for First Class passengers.

  • Do Hawaiian Airlines First Class passengers get free inflight alcohol ?

    All Hawaiian Airlines First Class get access to free bar drinks including beer, wine, and cocktails.

  • Does Hawaiian Airlines offer in-flight entertainment for First Class passengers?

    Guests in the Premium Cabin of Hawaiian Airlines can enjoy complimentary unlimited access to a selection of Movies on Demand, a wide variety of popular TV shows, games, music videos, and audio channels.

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