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About Lufthansa Airlines

Booked a flight, and now there is a sudden change in plan. This is a pretty common scenario for travelers and airlines. If your booked flight is with Lufthansa (LH), and you need to reschedule your trip, you will be grateful to know that Lufthansa flight change guidelines are seamless and flexible. The airline allows its passengers so many ways to make changes in their itinerary.

Germany’s flag carrier airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG, popularly known as Lufthansa (LH), is the second-largest airline in Europe. Furthermore, Lufthansa (LH), one of the founding members of Star Alliance, covers 220 destinations worldwide. 

Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

Being Germany’s largest airline covering 220 destinations globally, Lufthansa (LH) carries millions of passengers each year. To accommodate such a large number of passengers, Lufthansa (LH) continuously updates its policies to make travel comfortable. Lufthansa’s (LH) change flight policy is designed to eliminate the chaos of cancellation so that passengers can easily reschedule their trip and board the flight whenever they want.

  • Lufthansa (LH)’s 24-hour risk free period allows passengers to make the changes in their reservation free of charge. Under this policy, passengers can change their trip free of charge, if the changes are made within 24-hours of booking and the flight’s scheduled departure is at least 7 days later.
  • Lufthansa (LH) will not accept any change request, once the passenger completes its check-in procedure.
  • If the airline changes the time or date of the flight, passengers are entitled to make free changes to their tickets.
  • If you have a refundable ticket, you are allowed to make the changes 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. You may have to pay a nominal change fee along with the fare difference (if applicable).
  • Non-refundable tickets must be changed within 24-hours of booking.
  • Lufthansa (LH) doesn’t allow its passengers to change their destination. They can cancel the ticket free of charge within the 24-hour of booking and rebook.

Lufthansa 24-hour Flight Change Policy

  • Lufthansa (LH)’s 24-hour flight change policy allows passengers to change their itinerary for free within 24-hours of booking.
  • The 24-hour free flight change policy will be applicable to only those tickets, whose scheduled departure is at least 7 days later at the time of booking.
  • Both refundable and non-refundable tickets are allowed to make free changes within the 24-hour time-frame.
  • You may have to pay for the fare difference, if the new ticket is costlier than the original ticket.

Lufthansa Date Change Policy

Lufthansa (LH) allows its passengers date change, in case they need to change the date of the flight and reschedule the entire trip. Here is some key highlights to Lufthansa (LH)’s date change policy:

  • Lufthansa (LH) allots specific time-frames within which passengers are allowed to change the flight date. It depends on the fare type., and the new flight must depart within the next 14 to 50 days.
  • Lufthansa (LH) may charge you USD 250 to USD 1000 depending on the reissue date and original date difference. This charge may include additional flight change fee, which depends on the fare type, and time of rtebooking.

Lufthansa Name Change Policy

  • Only Miles & More members are allowed to change their names on fares.
  • Lufthansa (LH) doesn’t allow its passengers to change their name on a booked fare unless their legal name has been changed, after they made the changes.
  • If the passenger has changed its legal name, then he/she must present copies of court order, marriage certificate, or divorce certificate.

Lufthansa Same-day Flight Change

  • Passengers are allowed to make changes in their bookings at least one hour before the scheduled flight.
  • Lufthansa (LH) same-day flight change policy states that the new flight must be the same as the original flight. Which means, you can just change the time, but not the route.
  • Once check-in, both online and offline, passengers are no longer eligible to make any changes in their booking.
  • Long-haul flights are not entitled to same-day flight change policy.
  • A nominal same-day flight change fee of USD 75 to USD 100 will be applicable to all fares along with the fare difference (if applicable)

Lufthansa Flight Change Fee

  • Lufthansa (LH) flight change fee depends on the route you are taking. If you are flying from the United States, the flight change will cost you between USD 250 to USD 1000.
  • Specific Award fares are entitled to make free changes.
  • For emergency cases like sickness, or death, Lufthansa (LH) allows its passengers to make free changes.
  • Passengers must pay for the fare difference along with the change fee, if the new flight is costlier than the original flight.
  • In case the new flight costs less than the original flight, Lufthansa (LH) will refund the amount as future travel credit.

Steps to Change Lufthansa Flight

Lufthansa (LH) offers two ways to its passengers to make changes in their reservation- online and offline. You need to follow the instructions to complete the change procedure.

Online Method

  • Visit
  • Click ‘My Bookings’ and enter booking code, first name, last name and then click find bookings
  • The next page will display all your bookings with Lufthansa (LH)
  • Select the one you want to change
  • Request for the changes you want to make
  • Pay for the change fee and any fare difference if applicable
  • Once the airline approves your request, you will receive a confirmation mail from the airline

Offline Method

  • You can call Lufthansa (LH)’s customer support executive at +1 800 645 3880
  • Share your details required to make the changes
  • Once done, the executive will check if you are eligible for the changes
  • Pay if any charges are applicable
  • The airline will send you confirmation SMS or mail once your request is approved

Note: You can also visit Lufthansa (LH)’s ticket office or airport counter to make the changes.


  • Can I change my Lufthansa (LH) flight without change fees?

    Lufthansa (LH) offers a free change fee if the changes are made within 24-hours of booking. After that, Lufthansa (LH) flight change fee depends on the routes, and fare type.

  • How late can you change a Lufthansa (LH) flight?

    Lufthansa (LH) permits its customers to modify their reservations for up to a certain period for urgent scenarios. Passengers traveling to domestic destinations, must change the flight at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure of the original flight.

  • How much does it cost to change a Lufthansa (LH) flight?

    Lufthansa (LH) change fee depends on the route you are traveling to. However, the change fee varies between USD 250 to USD 1000.

  • What happens if my new flight costs less than my original flight?

    If your new flight costs less than the original flight, then the remaining amount will be refunded as future travel credit.

  • How do I modify a reservation?

    If you are eligible to make changes in your flight ticket, then you can do the same by visiting Lufthansa’s (LH) official website and following the instructions. If you are unable to change the reservation online, you can call Lufthansa’s (LH) customer support number.

  • How to change a non-refundable ticket?

    If you have a non-refundable ticket and need to change the booking, you can do it free of charge only if the changes are made within 24-hours of booking. After the 24-hour window, the passenger must incur a change fee to make any changes in the booking.

  • Can I change my ticket, which was purchased from a third-party agent?

    Lufthansa (LH) allows you to make changes for the tickets purchased from a third-party agent. However, additional charges may apply along with the change fee and fare differences.

  • Can I change my Lufthansa (LH) flight the same day?

    Lufthansa (LH) allows passengers to make the changes on the same-day of the flight’s scheduled departure. To make the same-day change, passengers must pay a nominal fee and fare difference if applicable.

  • Can I get my money back for the unwanted flight change?

    If the airline asks you to change your flight because the original flight is overbooked, or is delayed then Lufthansa (LH) will offer you an alternate flight. If the alternative flight doesn’t match with your schedule, you can claim for a refund.

  • Can I change my ticket at the airport?

    Passengers can easily change their ticket either at the airport kiosk or via a phone call to Lufthansa (LH) (LH) customer support. But you must request for the change at least one hour prior to the original flight’s scheduled departure.

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