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About Turkish Airlines

Before planning to book your tickets with Turkish Airlines, it’s crucial that you learn about the airline’s policies. Whether it’s cancellation, flight change or baggage, you must be well versed with what the airline permits and prohibits. Similarly, below is a guide on Turkish Airlines baggage policy, which explains the limit and allowance of luggage for each passenger. But first, let’s find out some details about the airline. 

Turkish Airlines is the national carrier airline of Turkey and is headquartered in Istanbul. Founded in May 1933, Turkish Airlines flights operate from its primary hub at the Istanbul International Airport and secondary hubs at Ankara Esenboğa Airport and İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport. As of now, it serves 82 destinations in 126 countries worldwide. 

Baggage Allowance Policy

In order to avoid chaotic scenarios with your luggage, it’s recommended that you learn everything about the Turkish Airlines baggage rule. The following mentioned guidelines will also help you learn about what is allowed and what is strictly prohibited in the cabin, in the hold, as well as in the cargo.

  • The cabin baggage policy will depend upon your cabin class, whether you’re flying Economy or Business Class. 
  • A few dangerous items are forbidden to carry in carry-on as well as checked baggage, as per the airline’s policy. 
  • The checked baggage policy may vary depending upon your destination. You can cross-check the allowance via the airline’s baggage calculator tool.
  • Passengers are allowed to carry household pets such as cats and dogs, in the cabin as well as in the aircraft hold. 
  • If your luggage exceeds the checked baggage limit, it will be termed under excess baggage and will be subject to an applicable fee.
  • You may carry your infant’s stroller and car seat within the passenger cabin, provided that they meet the FAA guidelines. 

Carry-on Baggage Allowance 

  • If you’re traveling in Economy class, then you’re allowed to take one piece of carry-on baggage and one piece of personal item bag. 
  • If traveling business class, then you can take two pieces of cabin baggage of 17 lbs each and one personal item bag, as per Turkish Airlines baggage policy.
  • The maximum weight limit for carry-on bags will be 23x40x55 cm and 17lbs. The personal item bag must not exceed the limit of 40x30x15 cm.  
  • The personal item bag includes a handbag, a small camera, tablets or laptops, strollers, umbrella, diaper bag, etc. 
  • Liquid regulations may vary across airports. At some airports, passengers are not permitted to carry liquids in containers of more than 100 ml, including duty free products (even if bagged or sealed). It is recommended that passengers review the regulations implemented at their transit airport.

Other items allowed in the cabin 

  • Non-prohibited liquids such as perfume, deodorant, contact lens solutions should be carried in sizes less than 100 ml in original containers. In addition, all liquid containers in the form of 100 ml should be kept in a 1-liter zip-lock transparent bag. You can carry only one bag in the cabin. 
  • You can carry shaving foam and toothpaste, and also carry make-up stuff, such as cream, lotion, mascara and lipstick in the cabin. 
  • If you are traveling with an infant, you can carry as much liquid or solid baby food as is required for your baby’s needs during the flight. 
  • You can carry respiratory devices in the cabin, as long as they meet the Turkish Airlines baggage guideline.
  • You can carry your solid and liquid medicines in your cabin baggage if they are in the original packaging and there is a doctor’s report stating that you should take the medicine with you. 
  • You can carry a lighter in an aircraft, provided it is in cabin baggage and not in the form of a weapon. 
  • You can carry a tennis or squash racquet in the cabin, if they are in a special bag.

Materials prohibited in cabin and cabin luggage

  • It is forbidden to carry firearms and sharp items such as scissors, penknife, pointed umbrella in the cabin and in the cabin luggage. In addition, toy guns and gun-shaped lighters are also prohibited from being carried in the cabin or in cabin luggage. 
  • Sports equipment such as golf, baseball, cricket, etc. bats and similar items are prohibited in the cabin in accordance with Turkish Airlines baggage policy.
  • It is prohibited to carry flammable and flammable materials such as camp stoves in the cabin and in the cabin luggage. 
  • Sharp items that cut and pierce such as sewing kits are prohibited in the cabin or in cabin baggage.

Checked Baggage Allowance

  • On routes with a piece baggage concept, the maximum weight of 1 piece of baggage is 50 lbs for Economy Class and 70 lbs for Business Class.
  • Infant passengers are entitled to one piece of Turkish Airlines checked baggage weighing 22 lbs on each flight and 50 lbs on flights under the piece baggage application.
  • Additionally, strollers that do not exceed 115 cm are allowed on all flights. Child passengers have the same amount of baggage allowance as adult passengers.
  • The piece concept of baggage shall not be applied to domestic flights. For domestic flights, the kilogram (pound) concept will continue to be in effect.
  • Star Alliance Gold Card holders have the right to carry +1 extra checked baggage in the Piece System and +44 lbs in the Weight System in addition to their checked baggage rights on their tickets.
  • Passengers traveling with different reservation numbers on international flights, cannot combine their checked baggage allowances with the passenger they are traveling with.

Excess Baggage Policy

  • Extra baggage allowance can be only purchased once via our online channels. Passengers who have previously purchased extra baggage allowance cannot re-purchase.
  • On routes with a piece baggage concept, an excess fee of TRY 1489 per piece will be levied, as per Turkish Airlines baggage weight limit rule.
  • Specifically, defined items such as sports equipment/musical instruments shall not be considered within the scope of extra baggage status. 
  • Minimum 11 lbs or 1 piece, maximum 507 kg or 10 pieces of extra baggage can be purchased at one time via Turkish Airlines online channels.
  • One piece of excess baggage shall not weigh more than 70 lbs. Any luggage weighing above it must be divided and carried into 2 / 3 pieces. Furthermore, the total of baggage’s sizes (width, length, height) must not exceed 158 cm.

Turkish Airlines Pet Policy

  • Passengers are allowed to carry household cats and dogs in the passenger cabin, provided that they comply with the imposed guidelines.
  • You must obtain a health certificate for your pet from your veterinarian before you travel abroad from Turkey.
  • Pets cannot be transported on Turkish Airlines flights that have final destinations in the UK, including connecting flights.
  • In accordance with Turkish Airlines baggage policy, it is prohibited until further notice to transport dogs to Canada for commercial purposes from 100 countries, including Turkey. 
  • In order to carry your pet, it must weigh more than 17 lbs including the weight of the pet carrier. The dimensions of the carrier should be 23 cm x 30 cm x 40 cm.
  • The carrier must have ventilation holes with a diameter of 2.5 cm on a minimum of three sides for adequate air circulation. Also, note that the lids / zippers of the pet container must be kept closed throughout the flight.

Pet carriage fees 

Carriage TypeWeight Fixed Fee
Pets carried in the flight cabin0-17 lbsTRY 150 
Pets carried in the cargo hold0-33 lbsTRY 250 
Pets carried in the cargo hold35 – 48 lbsTRY 350
Pets carried in the cargo hold50 – 61 lbsTRY 375 
Pets carried in the cargo holdOver 61 lbsTRY 450 

Turkish Airlines Special Baggage Policy

Sports Equipment 

Below are the items accepted as sports equipment: 

  • Bicycle
  • Mountaineering 
  • Golf
  • Canoeing
  • Snowboard
  • Archery
  • Parachutes
  • Rafting
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Water skiing
  • Diving
  • Hockey 
  • Lacrosse
  • Bowling
  • Tenting
  • Fishing
  • Hunting

Things to remember

  • Sports equipment is only accepted as checked baggage and carried in aircraft hold, in accordance with Turkish Airlines baggage policy.
  • The item which exceeds 50 lbs must be split across two pieces of baggage, and each piece will be charged separately.
  • You should inform the related personnel about the size of your sports equipment during reservation. Please note that this equipment should be carried in its special case packaged in a way to prevent damage.
  • On journeys with a stopover, such as Maldives-Colombo or Kilimanjaro-Mombasa, a fee of TRY 579 will be charged for all sports equipment.
  • For carriage of sports equipment domestically, you will have to pay a charge of TRY 169 per item. 

Musical Instruments 

Transporting musical instruments in cabin

In accordance with Turkish Airlines baggage allowance, the following conditions apply to the transportation of cellos and similar musical instruments for international flights transiting through Turkey, as well as international flights departing from and arriving in the country:

  • Musical instruments may be transported as paid cabin baggage at the request of the passenger. The instrument must weigh no more than 165 lbs, with maximum dimensions of 140 x 42 x 25 cm.
  • Cello must be booked up to 48 hours before the flight; cabin baggage tickets must be issued, and extra seats must be purchased.
  • The amount of cabin baggage is equal to the tax-free net fare on the purchased ticket, with a minimum amount of TRY 3725 for one-way in an Economy Class cabin, and TRY 7450 for return cabin baggage. For Business Class cabins, the cost is TRY 9312 for one-way and TRY 18,265 for return cabin baggage. 

Transporting musical instruments as checked baggage

  • The airline will transport your large instruments like contrabass in the aircraft hold as Turkish Airlines checked baggage. 
  • In order to transport such music instruments in the aircraft hold, you are required to deliver them in a durable hard case.
  • The instruments you delivered during check-in are not loaded onto the conveyor belt, and the airline will take special care to transport them safely. 
  • Please note that you are required to pay an extra baggage fee if you exceed your special baggage allowance.

Special baggage charges 

North AmericaUSA, CanadaTRY1160
South AmericaBrazil, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela
EuropeBulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Montenegro, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Belarus, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France , Latvia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Norway, England, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania, MaltaTRY 580
AfricaEthiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cameroon, Gabon Republic, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Djibouti, Somalia, Seychelles, Rwanda, Chad, Benin, Mali, Guinea Democratic Republic of Angola, Sierra LeoneTRY 966
North AfricaAlgeria, Eritrea, Morocco, Libya, TunisiaTRY 580
South AfricaSouth Africa, Mozambique, Mauritius, MadagascarTRY1160
Commonwealth of Independent StatesKazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, UzbekistanTRY1160
Middle EastBahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, YemenTRY 580
AsiaAfghanistan, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, NepalTRY 966
Far EastBangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, MongoliaTRY1160

Restricted Items 

ItemsCan be carried on youIn cabin baggageIn checked baggageNotes
Hair spray, perfumes, colognes, medicines containing alcohol

Maximum 100 ml can be carried in the cabin.
Toy guns or gun-shaped lighters


1 packet of safety matches or 1 lighter


Blue-flame lighters cannot be carried
Wheelchairs and movement aids with non-leak batteries


Wheelchairs and movement aids with lithium batteries 


Foldable wheelchairs and movement aids 


Portable electronic devices with lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries

Thermometers or barometers

Energy-saving light bulbs

Hair curling devicesX
Internal combustionXX
Alcoholic drinks

The maximum alcohol content allowed is 70%. The maximum amount of alcohol that can be carried by 1 passenger is 5 liters.
Sharp objectsXX
Medical oxygen cylinders


Gas cylinders
Portable electronic medical equipment 

Safe bags, money bagsXXX
First aid bagsX
Dry ice

A maximum of 2.5 kg may be carried per person
Self-defense itemsXXX
Camping stoves


The stove should be emptied of fuel and left to dry for at least 6 hours before the flight.
Arms and ammunition


For personal use, a maximum of 11 lbs per passenger can be carried.
All cues (eg: billiard)



All cues (pool, billiard, etc.) are only carried in the cargo compartment as registered baggage.


  • How early can I check my luggage, if I am traveling with Turkish Airlines ?

    Turkish Airlines allows passengers to check in at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of all flights.

  • How many free checked baggage can I carry with Turkish Airlines ? 

    Turkish Airlines will allow free checked baggage of up to 50 lbs for Economy class and 70 lbs for Business class, depending upon the destinations.

  • What is the Turkish Airlines excess baggage fee?

    Turkish Airlines charges an excess baggage fee of TRY 1489, for all baggage that comes under the piece baggage concept. 

  • What should I do if my baggage is delayed or damaged?

    If you are at the airport, you can go to the Turkish Airlines baggage counter and report about the issue. If the luggage is delayed or damaged and the airline is responsible, then they will reimburse you.

  • What is Turkish Airlines carry-on baggage policy ?

    Turkish Airlines baggage policy allows you one piece of carry-on bag (17 lbs) and one piece of personal item bag for Economy class and two pieces of carry-on (17 lbs each) and one personal item bag for Business class.

  • Can you check more than two bags in Turkish Airlines ?

    Turkish Airlines  will allow checked baggage, depending upon your cabin class and flight’s destination. 

  • How can I pay the Turkish Airlines baggage fee?

    Turkish Airlines allows you to pay your baggage fee both at the airport counter and online via the official website.

  • Can I carry my pet on the Turkish Airlines  flight? 

    Yes, Turkish Airlines only allows household pets dogs and cats in the passenger cabin. The pet must be kept in a pet carrier, under its owner's responsibility. 

  • What is Turkish Airlines baggage allowance for infants?

    As per Turkish Airlines baggage policy, infants are allowed one piece of carry-on bag of the weight limit 22 lbs on each flight and 50 lbs on flights under the piece baggage application.

  •  Is Turkish Airlines a good airline? 

    Turkish Airlines is a certified airline and one of the best in Europe. It promises unmatched reliability and great comfort while traveling, besides ensuring great customer services.

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