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About Air Europa

How many items can I take? What are the measurements and weight of the carry on and checked baggage? What are the restricted items and what can I bring on board? Find complete information on Air Europa baggage policy here.

Air Europa, the third-largest Spanish airline, is based in Mallorca, Spain. It connects 44 destinations in Spain, the rest of Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean, Morocco, and Tunisia. Since it commenced its operation, Air Europa has been focusing on making travel convenient for its passengers. It understands that on a trip, one only packs the necessary things, and even after that if somehow the luggage  exceeds the restricted limit, the passenger has  to pay a baggage fee. To address such issues, Air Europa baggage policy has specifically mentioned the exact required  dimensions and restricted items, so that the passengers do not have to face any inconvenience later.

Air Europa Baggage Policy

Being one of the popular air carriers in Spain and Europe, Air Europa has been serving millions of passengers annually. Although it is not tough to get your tickets booked with Air Europa, it is still important to understand its various policies. So, before you pack your bag, let’s find out what you can bring on board and how my luggage you are allowed to carry on an Air Europa flight, under Air Europa baggage policy.

  • Air Europa baggage allowance depends on faretype, cabin class, and destination.
  • Passengers, Irrespective of their  class and destination, are allowed to carry one hand bag and one personal item for free.
  • Except  for Lite Fare, all adult passengers are allowed to have one free checked baggage.All baggage exceeding the maximum size and weight limitation will be subject to space availability in the aircraft. The airline will charge additional baggage fees for extra luggage.
  • Excess carry-on baggage are subject to being checked and charged as additional baggage.

Air Europa Carry-on Allowance

Air Europa allows its passengers to bring a cabin suitcase and additional accessories, which will be checked at the boarding gate. The suitcase must be light enough, so that you can store it in the overhead locker easily.

However, the measurement and the dimension of the suitcase depends on the duration of the journey. Read below:

For Short and Medium Haul Flight

  • 55cm×35cm×25cm (L×W×H), or the sums of the three dimensions must not exceed 115 linear cm.
  • The handles, pockets, and the wheels are included in the dimension.
  • For Economy Class, the hand luggage must not exceed more than 10kgs.
  • For Business Class, the hand luggage can weigh up to 20kgs.
  • Hand luggage on a  flight operated by ATR fleet, can have maximum weight of 8kgs and the dimension should not exceed 55cm×35cm×20cm (L×W×H).

For Long Distance Flight

  • 55cm×35cm×25cm (L×W×H), or the sums of the three dimensions must not exceed 115 linear cm.
  • The handles, pockets, and the wheels are included in the dimension.
  • For Economy Class, the hand luggage must not exceed more than 10kgs.
  • For Business Class, the hand luggage can weigh up to 14kgs.
  • Hand luggage on a  flight operated by ATR fleet, can have maximum weight of 8kgs and the dimension should not exceed 55cm×35cm×20cm (L×W×H).

Apart from the suitcase or your hand luggage, you are allowed to carry an additional personal accessory with maximum dimensions of 20cm×35cm×30cm (L×W×H).

Important Things to Notice

  • Your suitcase will be rejected or transported in the hold with additional surcharge.
  • Transporting ashes or human remains is allowed. The urn must fit under the seat or in the luggage compartment.
  • Some fleets are smaller and your hand luggage may not fit in the cabin. In this case, your hand luggage will be transported in the hold.

Air Europa Checked Baggage Allowance

All passengers of Air Europa except for Lite Fare, are allowed to bring one checked-in baggage. It is allowed by the Piece System for all flights and may vary depending on the routes and cabin class. However, the standard size and weight of checked in Air Europa baggage allowance are as follows:

  • The checked baggage must not exceed 158 cm, including the handle, pocket, and wheels. If it doesn’t meet the standard size, then you may have to pay for the excess fee.
  • The baggage must not exceed 23 kgs. However, you are allowed to increase the weight from 23 kgs to 32 kgs by paying a surcharge.
  • If you have more luggage, then you must pay for the additional luggage.
  • You will receive a discount if you pay for additional bags online.

Exceptions for Certain Cases

  • SUMA Customers
    Passengers traveling on Business Class of SUMA Silver, Gold or Platinum cards, or SkyTeam Alliance Elite or ElitePlus Cards, are allowed to bring an additional bag for free, provided that their luggage doesn’t weigh more than the total weight allowance.
  • Baggage on Codeshare Flights
    If you have a connected flight with a codeshare airline, then check the free baggage allowance limit by selecting the airline. If your reservation includes both Air Europa and another flight, then the longest leg allowance will be applicable.

Air Europa Baggage Allowance for Infants

Flying with infants can be simple and Air Europa makes it easier with its simple Air Europa baggage allowance for infants. 

For minors between 0-2 years old

  • Each adult can travel with a maximum of 2 kids below the age of 2 
  • Minors between 0-2 years old must travel in the same seat as the accompanying adult.
  • Babies under the age of 2 are entitled to 1×10 kg piece of hand luggage. They are also entitled to carry 1×10 kg baggage in the hold, provided that the adult has purchased fare that includes checked baggage.
  • The additional items they can carry are foldable pushchair, a baby car seat and a baby carrier

For minors between 2-11 years old

  • The minors between 2-11 years old must purchase a separate seat
  • They can check the same baggage as an adult
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult

Air Europa Baggage Allowance for Pets

If you have a reservation with Air Europa, then you do not have to worry about leaving your fur baby behind. You can easily bring them with you on board. However, there are some restrictions.

  • The overall weight of the pet and the container must not exceed 10 kgs.
  • The maximum measurement of the carrier should be 55cm×35cm×25cm.

Air Europa Damaged or Delayed Baggage Policy

In case the airline loses or damages your luggage or your bags arrive late, then the airline is liable to compensate you.

  • No damage or missing baggage complaint will be entertained after 7 days of arrival or after the baggage has been removed from the airport and/or from the facility.
  • You must notify Air Europa staff at the airport before leaving and confirm any further damage at the airport itself. Once you leave the airport, you cannot file any damage complaint.
  • You must keep all the documents and the damaged luggage until the issue is resolved.

Air Europa Excess Baggage Fees

The Air Europa baggage fees for excess luggage varies depending on the destination and fare type. If you happen to bring extra luggage, or your luggage exceeds the standard limit, then you may have to pay an additional charge. Check out the excess baggage fee below:

For Medium Haul Flights

  • Additional luggage is not allowed on flights to Dakar.
  • You have to pay Euro 50 for per piece 23 kg over allowance

For Long Haul Flights

  • You have to pay Euro 50 in advance and Euro 60 at the airport for the second piece 23 kg over allowance.
  • You have to pay Euro 100 in advance and Euro 150 at the airport for third piece 23 kg over allowance.
  • No excess baggage is allowed on the routes from Almeria, Baldajoz, Oviedo, Valencia, Malaga, and Lisbon to America, from any city from Spain and Europe with destination Lima and Buesnos Aires and from Barcelona and Milan to Lima.

Price Per First and Subsequent Additional Bag

In Advance2 Days In AdvanceExcess Weight
Economy Lite30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Economy Standard30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Economy Flex30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Economy Plus30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Business Standard30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR
Business Plus30 EUR60 EUR60 EUR

Sports Equipment

Air Europa allows its passengers to bring some specific sports equipment. However, there are some certain rules. Check them out:

  • Sports equipment is subject to the same travel conditions as the checked baggage.
  • Some certain special types of equipment may ask for an additional cost of 75 EUR each way.
  • Hang gliders, paragliders, poles, and other bulky sports equipment are not allowed on flights operated by ATR or E145.
  • On inter-island flights in the Balearic or Canary Islands, a limited number of surfboards are permitted, which is subject to availability on the flight.
  • The maximum measurement for sports equipment is 250 between length×width×height.
  • For flights operated by ATR or E145, the dimensions are 158 linear cm.

The permitted sports equipment are as follows:

  • Fishing equipment: 2 rods, 1 reel, 1 net, 1 pair of fishing boots, and 1 fishing gear box.
  • Golf equipment: 1 golf bag that contains golf clubs and 1 pair of golf shoes.
  • Skiing equipment: A set of skis, two poles, and a pair of ski boots
  • Kayak equipment: Oars are considered as standard checked baggage
  • Hockey or Lacrosse equipment: A canvas bag containing two hockey sticks

The other additional sports equipment you are allowed to bring are backpack equipment, sleeping bags, duffel bags, suit bags, bicycles, diving equipment, poles, surfing equipment, hang gliding, and paragliding.

Air Europa Restricted Items

Air Europa takes strict measures to ensure the safety of its passengers. For security concerns, the airline has prohibited some specific items from its flight. Hence, before boarding an Air Europa flight, learn about the items you are not allowed to carry.

So, before you pack your bag, here are  some restricted articles you are not  allowed to bring.

Restricted Articles

Hand LuggageHold Baggage
Firearms, like pistol, rifles, shotgun, firearm replicas, or any kind of firearm partsExplosives like detonators, fuses, percussion cups, grenades, and mines
Other type of weapons like compressed air guns, rifle, single rockets, starter pistols, harpoons, and underwater fishing rifles, deep water crossbows, and slingshotsGasses like propane, oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air bottles for diving, butane, insecticides, refills for lighters, etc.
Sharp or pointed object like bladed weapons, axes, javelin, arrows, darts, knives, scissorsPetrol, diesel, oil, alcohol, methanol, paints, solvents, varnishes, diluents, turpentine
Tools like drills, drill bits, saws, screwdrivers, professional knives, hammers, pilers, keys, welding blowtorchesFlammable solids like magnesium, celluloid film, sulfur, coal, matches
Baseball bats, sticks and clubs, paddles, skateboards, billiard cues, and fishing rods, and martial arts equipmentRadioactive materials
Small vehicles powered by lithium batteriesOxidants and organic peroxide
Liquids in containers over 100 ml and a total exceeding 1LToxic substance
Genetically modified organisms, magnetized materialCorrosive materials
Electronic cigarettes and smart luggage equipped with lithium batteriesAutomotive batteries


  • Does Air Europa charge for baggage?

    If you bring excess baggage or your checked in baggage weighs more than the restricted numbers, then you must pay for the extra luggage.

  • How much does Air Europa charge for extra baggage?

    According to Air Europa’s baggage policy, passengers have to pay between 30 EUR to 150 EUR for extra luggage. However, it also depends on the destination from/to where you are traveling.

  • What should I do if I lose my bag or if my baggage is delayed or damaged?

    If you are at the airport, you can go to the Air Europa counter and report about the issue. If the luggage is damaged and the airline is responsible, then the airline will reimburse you.

  • Can I give 2 bags in checked baggage?

    Air Europa allows its passengers to bring 2  bags as checked baggage  for free, only if the bags meet the airline’s baggage measurement.  If it exceeds, then the passengers must pay a fee for the additional luggage.

  • What is the Air Europa baggage fee?

    Air Europa’s baggage fee depends on the route, faretype, and destination. However, Air Europa’s baggage fee ranges between 30 EUR to 150 EUR.

  • What should I do if my luggage is damaged or delayed?

    In case of a damaged or delayed luggage, the passenger must issue a complaint with the airline within 7 days of arrival. If the damage on the luggage was done due to the airline’s fault, then Air Europa will compensate you.

  • Can I carry my pet on board?

    Air Europa allows fur babies on board.  However, only dogs and cats are allowed. However, the dog and the container must not exceed 10 kg.

  • How do I pay for the extra luggage?

    You can pay for  the extra luggage at the airport counter,or online,via Air Europa’s official website.

  • Can I bring medication in my hand luggage?

    Passengers are allowed to carry their medications in the cabin. However, if the passenger needs to be injected during the journey, then the passenger must present a medical certificate at the time of check-in.

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