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About Cathay Pacific Airlines

You can save ample amounts of time before you board your flight. All you have to do is check-in online and receive your boarding pass digitally. Cathay Pacific offers seamless and convenient check-in facility to customers for better flight experience. Cathay Pacific check-in offers flexible and easy check-in options. 

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, more widely known as Cathay Pacific is the largest  carrier of Hong Kong with its head office in Hong Kong International Airport. In addition, Cathay Pacific Airlines operates 190 destinations in more than 60 countries worldwide as of December 2021.  

Cathay Pacific Check-in Policy Guidelines 

Cathay Pacific offers a flexible check-in policy through which travellers can ensure their presence in the flight without any hassle. 

  • Cathay Pacific flight is available between 48 hours to 90 minutes before the scheduled flight departure. 
  • For flights to/from Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco or New York, the check-in time starts 24 hours to 1.5 hours before scheduled departure. 
  • As per Cathay Pacific Airlines check-in policy, passengers can choose their seats, pre order diet specific meals and purchase additional baggage from the online web check-in option.
  • In case connecting flights, Cathay Pacific check-in allows passengers to submit their bags for both flights at once and drops the baggage at the passengers final destination. 
  • Passengers travelling on Cathay Pacific can check-in for their flight via website, mobile app or through airport kiosk and at the counter. 

What is Cathay Pacific Online Check-in 

The online check-in method offers passengers the flexibility to check-in and select their desired seat from the comfort of their home. Moreover, it also offers a customer-friendly experience which makes the journey better. 

  • Online method for Cathay Pacific flight check-in is only available for flights operated by Cathay Pacific. However, exceptions apply to codeshare and charter flights of other airlines. 
  • For the majority of Cathay Pacific flights, you can check-in 48 hours to 90 minutes before scheduled flight departure. 
  • For flights to/from destinations in the US like Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, or New York, you can check-in 24 hours to 1 hour before the scheduled flight departure. 

How to Check-in through a Website ?

It is fairly easy to check-in via Cathay Pacific website, all you need to do is follow the below steps. 

  • Login to Cathay Pacific official website. 
  • Navigate through the website to check-in Cathay Pacific through “Manage Booking”. 
  • Insert your reservation number, flight number and last name. 
  • Choose the “Check-in tab. 
  • Confirm your desired seat selection, purchase additional baggage, reserve a special meal. 
  • Lastly, you can confirm check-in to receive their boarding pass online. 

How to Check-in through Mobile Application?

  • Download the Cathay Pacific mobile app from the Apple/IOS App store.
  • Login to the app with your credentials to access the flight reservation. 
  • Insert your flight number, reservation ID, and last name. 
  • Tap to select the flight segment that you want to check-in in case of connecting flight itinerary. 
  • After choosing your flight, adhere to the on-screen instructions to check-in. 
  • Choose your desired seats, purchase baggage and pre-order a special meal. 
  • Confirm the Cathay Pacific check-in and download the digital boarding pass. 

Perks of Online Check-in 

To minimise hassle at the airport while at the same time saving time, passengers can use the online check-in Cathay Pacific. Apart from saving time, there are several other perks of online check-in. 

  • You can change your seat and reserve another seat within the flight. 
  • You can add and pay your checked-in bags online also. 
  • Also, passengers can apply for same day flight change from the online check-in method. However, once checked-in to the flight, the airline does not allow any changes. 
  • Passengers can also print their boarding pass at home after online Cathay Pacific Airlines check-in to avoid peak rush hour time at the airport counter. 

Exception to Web-Check-in 

There are some instances where customers cannot check-in via online method and must check-in at the airport. 

  • Passengers will have to check-in directly at the airport if the flight is operated by a codeshare partner. 
  • Passengers with unconfirmed booking cannot check-in online. 
  • Unaccompanied minors are not eligible to do check-in online and must check-in directly at the airport. 
  • The online check-in facility is not available at airports outside the US. 
  • Passengers with special needs also have to check-in at the airport. 
  • Passengers travelling with pets also have to check-in at the airport.

How Check-in in Cathay Pacific Self-Service Kiosk?

Passengers who haven’t completed web or app Cathay Pacific check-in, can still check-in and get their boarding pass at the airport. Once you reach the airport, go straight to the self-service check-in kiosk and skip long queues. 

Who Can Use Self-Service Kiosk Check-in?

  • The self-service kiosk can be used by unaccompanied minors.
  • Passengers with special medical care can also use airport kiosks. 
  • Passengers travelling in a group can also check-in at the airport kiosk. 

Follow below steps to check-in swiftly for your Cathay Pacific flight. 

  • Access your reservation by inserting your reservation number and last name. 
  • Choose the flight that you need to check-in.
  • Using the interactive seat map and choose the seat of your choice.
  • Lastly, confirm Cathay Pacific Airlines check-in and print your Cathay Pacific boarding pass. 

Cathay Pacific Airport Check-in 

Passengers who are unable to access any of the above options can check-in directly at the airport. The airline advises passengers to reach the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure to check-in and collect your boarding pass timely. 

  • Upon reaching the airport, visit the Cathay Pacific counter to proceed with check-in. 
  • Review all the details of your reservation such as name, reservation number and flight timing. 
  • Provide the Cathay Pacific staff with all necessary information.
  • Upon check-in, collect your physical boarding pass. 
  • Arrive at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the flight scheduled departure as per Cathay Pacific flight check-in. 

Cathay Pacific International Check-in Guidelines 

Passengers travelling to international destinations should follow specific guidelines to check-in for their flight. In case if a passenger fails to adhere to the guidelines, then the passenger will be denied boarding.

  • All passengers must have a valid passport before travelling to avoid any inconvenience. 
  • Certain countries require airlines to collect API (Advance passengers information) thus passengers should fill this form with accurate information. 
  • The airline advises the passengers to reach the airport at least 3 hours before their scheduled departure of international flight. 
  • Always carry a medical certificate as a proof for fitness as some countries may require medical proof.  

Cathay Pacific Check-in Time For Different Destinations

Cathay Pacific check-in time varies as per different departure airports and thus it is advised to check the timing carefully prior to your schedule. 

Departure Airport Time 
In Hong Kong 45 minutes before departure 
In Riyadh and North America 60 minutes before departure 
In New York, London, Tel Aviv, Colombo, Kolkata, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai and Madrid 70e departure 
Dubai 75 minutes before departure 

How to Obtain a Cathay Pacific Boarding Pass? 

Cathay Pacific offers travellers to obtain their boarding pass through their online method or can collect the same from the airport counter. 

  • After completing your online check-in, you can download the boarding pass digitally and can get it printed at your home. 
  • Also, passengers who have completed check-in Cathay Pacific through a mobile app can download their boarding pass digitally. This digital boarding pass also features QR code that can be scanned during boarding. However, this digital boarding card is acceptable at selective airports. 
  • The airline does not accept digital boarding passes if the passengers are connecting flights through airports other than Hong Kong. 
  • Passengers have the same day return flight or flights within 24 hours have to board with a physical boarding pass. 
  • Passengers travelling with infant and unaccompanied minors have to collect a physical boarding pass from the counter. 


  • Does Cathay Pacific have online check-in?

    Yes, Cathay Pacific allows its passengers to check-in online via their official website. You can easily check-in 48 hours before most Cathay Pacific flights.

  • How early should I check in for my flight?

    If you are checking bags, then check at least 2 hours prior to your flight’s departure. And in case, you are not checking bags, then check-in 60 minutes before your flight takes off.

  • What is the check-in deadline for a Cathay Pacific flight?

    Cathay Pacific check-in for most of the flight opens 48 hours to 90 minutes before scheduled flight departure. However, for flight to/from Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco or New York, the check-in time starts 24 hours to 1.5 hours before scheduled departure

  • What is the last time to board a Cathay Pacific flight?

    The boarding gate closes 30 minutes before the flight’s departure. Passengers are required to present at the boarding gate at least 45 minutes prior. You will be marked a no-show if you fail to reach the gate.

  • Do I need to check-in online if I have baggage to check-in?

    If you have luggage to check-in, you need to go to the check-in counter assigned for Cathay Pacific at the airport.

  • Do I need my e-ticket to check-in?

    Domestic passengers do not need to show e-tickets. A print copy of your flight ticket is enough to get a boarding pass. An international passenger needs to have a print copy of e-ticket and boarding pass to clear the security checks.

  • What is the deadline to drop the luggage before boarding the flight?

    Passengers flying with the checked bag/s must drop their luggage at the airline’s baggage counter at least 40 minutes prior to your flight’s scheduled departure.

  • Do I have to pay for seats in Cathay Pacific ?

    The airline offers complimentary seats with each reservation free of cost.

  • How early should I arrive at the airport for an international flight with Cathay Pacific?

    Passengers should arrive at least 3 hours early at the airport for international flights.

  • Can I check my luggage early with Cathay Pacific?

    You can check your baggage at the baggage drop counter as early as 1 day to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

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