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About Emirates Airlines

Celebrated for its premium onboard amenities and lavish lounges, Emirates Airlines Business Class is designed to impress and provide an enhanced experience. While Emirates has a substantial competition with other Middle Eastern carriers, it still remains a comfortable and chic airline to fly with. You can expect regionally inspired onboard cuisines and thoughtful service on Emirates flights. The inflight entertainment is arguably the best in the world and the cabin crew is diverse and eager to please.

Emirates is a great airline, so don’t expect anything less. Although the flight prices are a little expensive, but it’s worth every Dollar. Emirates Airlines is the biggest airline of the United Arab Emirates. Each year, several new destinations are added to the carrier’s service list. The airline leads a high standard in business class. It also ensures that each passenger is provided with the most impeccable journey and they reach their destination in style. 

Business Class Airport Experience

  • Unlike most airlines, even getting to the airport is part of the Emirates experience for passengers paying Business Class fares. In over 70 cities, the Emirates Chauffeur-drive service picks up passengers and takes them to the airport in Mercedes-Benz or BMW vehicles. The service can be scheduled when you book your flight, or later through the Manage Your Booking section. 
  • Emirates Business Class guests get access to branded lounges in its mega-hub at Dubai International Airport, plus in many international airports including Boston, Cairo, New York JFK, and Sydney. 
  • In cities where there is no Emirates-branded lounge, Business Class passengers have access to third-party facilities as they wait for their flight departure. 
  • These lounges feature substantial buffets with Middle Eastern and international food, a stocked bar that includes fine wines and spirits, barista-prepared coffee, and plenty of work and relaxation space. Most Emirates lounges feature prayer rooms, and many offer shower facilities.
  • As the airline’s home base, Dubai’s lounges have superlative features including a custom Moët & Chandon Champagne lounge serving four types of bubbly and canapes created by Michelin-starred chefs.
  • Other Business Class Lounges in Dubai are located in Concourses A, B and C, which also consist of a dining room; bar areas with complimentary wines, beer, and premium spirits; a Health Hub with options like salads and smoothies; dedicated quiet areas and free WiFi zones. If your flight departs from Concourse A, you can board directly from the lounge. 

Extra Flexibility 

WIth Emirates Airlines Business Class, comes extended flexibility and convenience. Such include the baggage allowance, flight cancellation and option to make alterations in flight date or seat.

Baggage Allowance 

Cabin Baggage

Only one piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item bag allowed with a weight limit of 15 lbs each. The carry-on baggage dimensions must not exceed 55 x 38 x 20 cm. The personal item bag’s dimension must not exceed 45 x 35 x 20 cm.

Checked Baggage 

As per Emirates baggage policy, according to your destination either piece system or weight system for baggage will be applied. 

  • For routes with a piece system, you can take free checked baggage of the weight up to 88 lbs. The dimensions must not exceed 300 cm. 
  • For routes with a weight system, you can take two free pieces of checked baggage up to 70 lbs each. The dimensions must not exceed 150 cm.

Baggage Allowance For Infants 

If you’re traveling with infants, then you are permitted to bring one carry-cot or one fully collapsible stroller into the cabin if there is room. No other bag is allowed for infants.

Flight Cancellation 

Emirates flight cancellation policy offers free of cost flight cancellation for Business Class, provided they do so within 24 hours of booking. If a flight is canceled after a risk-free period, then a fee of USD 200 will be charged and the remaining ticket balance will be refunded back to your account. 

Flight Change 

All passengers in Emirates Business Class are allowed to make changes free of charge including name and flight date changes till 24 hours before departure date. You can make changes even at the same day of flight departure, but a fee may be charged.


  • If you’re flying Business with Emirates Airlines , it means there will be a separate check-in desk for you. Bags are checked with priority tags at check-in, meaning they’ll be the first to come off the baggage carousel at arrival destination. You’ll also get a fast track pass (Pre-check in the US), and a fast-track pass for immigration if you’re entering the UAE.
  • Many flights have a facility to board Business Class passengers through dedicated gates situated inside the lounge for maximum convenience.
  • Rest everywhere, such guests are provided with priority boarding and screening facility which ensures expedite security checks and you become the first to get settled in the aircraft. 
  • Passengers in this cabin class can board at their leisure and are given priority at the beginning of the boarding process. This means you can board first, or wait in the lounge a little bit longer if you’d like.

In-flight Experience 

Considering the luxurious experience provided by Emirates Airlines, it’s obvious that the airline also offers a prominent in-flight experience for Business Class flight members. The list of services and facilities goes from comfortable lie flat beds and Bulgari special skin care products kit to endless options of entertainment. Check out these services in detail.

Cabin & Seat

  • Emirates never fails to make an impression when it comes to cabin design, with a fondness for flashy décor. The airline is famous for rich wood paneling and the use of gold and beige design tones that makes a bold statement. 
  • Travelers fly on either the double-decker Airbus A380 or Boeing B777 aircraft, the only two aircraft in the airline’s fleet. Additionally, The new Emirates Business Class cabin design features softer champagne-coloured leather covers and wood finishing, providing an Elegant look. 
  • Emirates offers complimentary seat selection on all Business Class tickets. This way, you can choose your preferred seat while booking your flight. The sooner you book the flight, the better option of seat you’ll get. 
  • On the flagship A380 aircraft, the staggered, forward-facing 1-2-1 seating is a plus for many passengers who prefer the option to sit alone. Solo travelers will prefer one of the single seats while those traveling together should opt for the pairs of seats.
  • On more recently updated B777-200LR planes, the seating is in a more spacious 2-2-2 layout, which does away with the dreaded center seat and offers a full flat, 180-degree recline bed.
  • Emirates Business Class seats on the A380 recline into a fully flat bed ranging in length from 1.78 to 2 meters, depending on location with various positions for relaxing or lounging.
  • Waiting at each seat after boarding are a thick pillow and wrapped duvet blanket, which are provided for all Business Class passengers, since most Emirates flights are long-haul.
  • A novelty feature in Emirates Business Class is the in-seat mini-bar stocked with water, soft drinks and juices. Unfortunately, the mini-bars are not refrigerated, so passengers who prefer a cold drink will have to request ice cubes from the cabin crew.

Amenities and Facilities 

  • Emirates has a longstanding partnership with Bulgari to provide well stocked amenity kits for medium and long-haul flights containing Bulgari products. The items include fragrances such as the Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert, hand lotion, lip balm, ear plugs and dental kits. The amenity kits come in eight different designs – four for women and four for men – with designs refreshed on a yearly basis.
  • Hot towels precede any meal service and are also a nice refreshment before landing. 
  • Babies on Emirates flights are well-cared for with a bassinet provided on all aircraft. It is best to reserve this in advance to assure availability. 
  • A380 aircraft offer an onboard bar and lounge for the Business Class section. This gives travelers the chance to stretch their legs and congregate with fellow passengers if they wish. A complete bar menu is available in this stand-up area, which is not something you will find on most other airlines. 
  • All Emirates Airlines Business Class guests also get a refreshing welcome with a complimentary glass of champagne served as soon as they arrive on board. And it just gets better, with a wide selection of cocktails, fine wines and spirits to choose from throughout the flight.

Note: For maximum rest, avoid selecting a seat near the bar area since there is potential for noisy conversation from other passengers.

Dining Experience 

  • The menu depends on the length of the flight with the carrier dividing its flights between short, medium, and long-haul services.
  • Meals begin with aperitifs from the cocktail menu and a plate of mixed nuts. Next comes an appetizer and salad plus warm bread almost always including Arabic pita. Main course dishes come from a printed menu of choices ranging from beef, poultry, seafood, or pasta, served at each seat. Desserts consist of sweet and savory items like decadent pastries and cakes or fruit and cheese.
  • Whether you’re on a short or long haul flight, expect your meals to be served on Royal Doulton fine bone china along with cutlery exclusively made for Emirates by Robert Welch.
  • Long-haul flights feature breakfast, a snack (often a tofu poke bowl or lamb pie), and a three-course lunch or dinner showcasing Middle Eastern, Indian, European, and Asian flavors. Short and medium-haul flights include one meal. All come with a juice option (orange, watermelon, apple, mango, tomato), soft drinks, hot tea or coffee. 
  • A variety of different Champagnes are also served in Emirates Business Class, most commonly non-vintage Moët & Chandon or Veuve Clicquot. Rosé or vintage Champagnes sometimes make guest appearances on the Business Class wine list.
  • Several beer options are normal, and there is a long list of spirits, liqueurs, and digestifs on flights. During meal service, aisle carts make it easy to provide refills from the bar menu of respectable wine, spirit, and cocktail options.

Business Class Short and Medium Haul Flights 

  • Even Emirates’ shortest flights within the Middle East, are well-catered with a lovely selection of meals and drinks. Most Emirates flights are quite lengthy, but no matter the flight number, there is plenty of catering to go around. 
  • One important thing to note is that Emirates does not have narrow body (single aisle) aircraft. This means that even its short flights have flat-bed seating for those wanting to sneak in a power nap.
  • A full bar service is also available on shorter flights (including Champagne), even if the meal service is delivered as a one-tray service rather than in multiple courses like on long haul flights.

In-flight Entertainment 

  • No matter what the aircraft, large-screen entertainment screens are standard amenities for Emirates Business Class guests, with a vast selection of movies, television programs, and music. Responsive touch screens and easy-access remote controls give you a choice of entertainment from over 5,000 channels of movies, Tv shows, music, and games at the push of a button.
  • Emirates is careful to choose programming that is suitable to its global audience but does not skimp on providing the latest Hollywood blockbusters as well as full box sets of television programs for those that want to catch up on their favorite series. Noise-reducing headsets are provided to enhance the experience.
  • Children can enjoy their journey with everything from cartoon and youth-themed shows to special toys and gifts to keep them busy. The flight attendants can be seen spending extra time engaging with kids to make them feel welcome. 
  • International newspapers and magazines are available during boarding and throughout the flight in magazine racks in the cabin, and in the onboard lounge of Airbus A380 aircraft. The Open Skies inflight magazine is available at each Business Class seat. 
  • You can also create an “ICE Playsists” consisting of your favorite music, movie, and TV shows in advance before your flight. Thereafter, you can sync your playlist with the onboard screen and enjoy streaming.

In-flight Wifi

Staying connected online is a popular service on Emirates flights. The airline offers amazing Wifi plans which you can purchase as per your preference. Check out these plans-

Wifi PlanCharge 
Unlimited chat planUSD 2.99 ‑ USD 5.99 (depending on length of flight)
Wi‑Fi internet for the whole flightUSD 9.99‑ USD 19.99 (depending on length of flight)
Easy connect ‑ available in selected regionsUSD 9.99 for 30 minutes with no data limit.


Even the deboarding process of Emirates Business Class will make you feel like a Sheikh of Arab. When your plane is set to land at the destination, you will be the one to deboard and will be escorted to the ground level. If you have booked a chauffeur service, then stop at the Chauffeur-Drive desk to check-in. Thereafter, the assigned person will take you to your destination. Moreover you won’t have to wait for your baggage, simply head to the baggage claim counter and collect your luggage.


  • Does Emirates Airlines have a Business Class?

    There is a Business Class cabin fare offered with Emirates Airlines for those looking to enjoy a premium travel.

  • Does Emirates Airlines Business Class have access to airport lounges?

    Yes, all guests traveling Business Class with Emirates are provided free access to lounges, where they can relax and have complimentary food, drinks, etc.

  • Does Emirates Business Class have WiFi?

    Emirates Airlines’ aircrafts allows Business Class passengers to connect with onboard WiFi on all flights whether short haul or long haul. You can purchase one of their Wifi plans and enjoy internet streaming.

  • Do seats in Emirates Airlines Business Class lie flat?

    Yes, seats in Emirates business class lie fully flat for all flights and provide utmost convenience for all guests. 

  • Do I get a free meal in Business Class on Emirates Airlines?

    Yes, complimentary food is served on all flights with focus on regional cuisines. The type of meal served depends on the time of flight. 

  • What is the baggage allowance for Emirates Airlines Business Class? 

    The Business Class individuals are allowed one piece of carry-on and personal items of 15 lbs each to take onboard. They are also allowed free checked bags of 88 lbs in the piece system and two pieces of 70 lbs each in the weight system.

  • Is there a dress code for Emirates Business Class?

    There is no special dress code for Emirates Airlines Business Class. You may want to dress up appropriately, since you’ll be traveling in the luxury section of the plane.

  • Does Emirates Airlines offer amenity kits to Business Class guests?

    Emirates provides a complimentary amenity kit to all Business Class guests. The kit contains Bulgari’s skin care products, perfumes, hand mirrors, etc. 

  • Do Emirates Airlines Business Class guests get free inflight alcohol ?

    All Emirates Airlines Business Class get a wide range of complimentary drinks and A380 aircraft even have a private onboard lounge for the guests.

  •  Does Emirates Airlines offer in-flight entertainment for Business Class passengers? 

    Emirates Airlines offers an in-flight airshow to check up on the world and watch unlimited movies and shows from a range of 5,000 channels of movies, TV shows, music and games, on demand and in multiple languages.

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