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About Emirates Airlines

Searching for the current status of your Emirates flight? Interestingly, nowadays airlines have made their policy and other protocols seamless and convenient for all the passengers. That said, checking the status of a flight has also become effortless. Passengers can easily check Emirates flight status from the comfort of their home. Let’s quickly have a look at the brief details of  this airline. 

Emirates is the largest airline and one of the flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1985, this airline is headquartered in Garhoud, Dubai. Emirates has a primary at Dubai International Airport and operates over 3600 flights on a weekly basis. Moreover, the airline currently serves 157 destinations in 83 countries across all continents from its main hub. 

How To Check Emirates Airlines Flight Status

To check the flight status Emirates Airlines (EK), you can either opt for the online method or can also check at the airport. 

Online Method 

  • Visit Emirates flight status to check your flight’s status. 
  • Enter your flight number, departure/ arrival place or the route details. 
  • Click on the submit button.
  • You will find the necessary details of flight.

Offline Method

To check Emirates flight status via offline mode, you can do so at the concerned airport. If you’re already at the airport and haven’t checked the flight status yet, you may check the details at the displayed screen or ask the airport staff regarding your flight. 

How To Check Emirates Airlines PNR Status

To easily check your Emirates Airline flight status, you can visit their official website or call the customer support number of the airline. Visit the website and enter your booking reference id in the check flight status box. When you check your PNR status, it helps you to ensure that your booking is processed and your seat on the plane is confirmed. 

Emirates Flight Status Descriptions

As per Emirates Airlines (EK) status, passengers can easily avail latest and accurate information about their scheduled flights. This status is reflected on the screens walled at the airport and the official website of the airline. Take a look at the explained meaning of each flight status for your reference.

  • Scheduled –  It means that the flight is not airborne.
  • Delayed – It shows that the flight is delayed and not on its scheduled time.
  • Departed – It means that the flight has left the departure gate but is not airborne yet.
  • In Air – It shows that the flight has finally taken off. 
  • Diverted – It states that the flight has diverted its route from the scheduled destination to another location.
  • Recovery – Flight has departed from the diverted location and enroute the scheduled destination.
  • Landed – It implies that the flight has now landed on the destination.
  • Arrived – It shows that the flight has arrived successfully at the destination’s departure gate.
  • Canceled – It states that the flight has been canceled as per the Emirates flight status.
  • No Takeoff Info – This tells the passenger that the real-time information of a flight is unavailable. In such a case, passengers can contact the customer support of the airline for relevant details.

Importance Of Emirates Airlines Flight Status

There are many times when uncertainties happen with the operating flights, due to which the airline is forced to delay or cancel the flight. Such delays and cancellations are caused due to uncertain reasons such as climatic conditions, sudden travel restrictions due to pandemic, technical defects, and air traffic clearance. 

To avoid spending hours waiting at the airport and all such unnecessary situations, it’s best to check Emirates flights status. Moreover, due to the ongoing pandemic situation travel restrictions keep on changing and updating. Hence, it is advised by the airline for all the passengers to constantly keep an eye on the airline’s flight status, especially before leaving their home.

Airline’s flight status is crucial for all the passengers to learn about the current situation of a particular flight and take necessary steps such as claiming refund or booking an alternate flight.


  • How do I check my Emirates Airlines flight status? 

    You can check your Emirates status easily by online method or offline at the airport. Visit only the official website to get accurate flight information. 

  • How can I check if my Emirates Airlines flight is late?

    Emirates Airlines makes sure that only accurate information about the flight status is reflected online on the website. 

  • Is flight status information provided on the website of Emirates Airlines reliable? 

    The flight status information provided on the official website is completely reliable, and it’s advisable to check the status prior to leaving for the airport.

  • How do I check my Emirates Airlines PNR status?

    You can check the PNR status of your flights through their official website. You may enter your booking id in the flight status checking box and learn whether your flight booking and seat is confirmed or not. 

  • Can I get Emirates flight status at the airport? 

    You can get Emirates Airlines status details at the concerned airport. If you’re at the airport, you can either check the displayed screens or ask the airport staff for the information.

  • Where can I get the latest information on Emirates Airlines' status? 

    You may learn about the latest information of Emirates Airlines through the website or directly at the airport. 

  • Is Emirates Airlines' flight status based on real-time information? 

    Yes, the data provided by Emirates Airlines is completely based on real-time information and can be trusted to learn about the flight status.

  • Do Emirates Airlines’ flights get canceled regularly? 

    Emirates Airlines is a reliable airline when it comes to operating flights without cancellation. The airline rarely cancels any flights and offers a hassle-free flying experience to all its passengers.

  • What is the PNR status of a flight? 

    PNR stands for passenger name record and is used to identify the booking and seat confirmation of a particular passenger. They can easily check the status of their booking with the airlines. 

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