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About Emirates Airlines

Do you want to save your time at the airport? Don’t want to spend too much time waiting in the line for check-in? To save you precious time you can try the online web check-in, online boarding pass facility in Emirates Airlines. Emirates check-in allows you to ensure your presence in the flight without having to step out of your home. 

Emirates Airlines is one of the two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates. The airline is based in Garhoud, Dubai and operates from Dubai International Airport. Emirates is also known as the largest passenger carrier in the Middle East. Emirates is currently operating on more than 150 destinations in 80 countries across all continents through its fleet size of more than 264 aircrafts. The airline primarily uses combinations of Airbus A380 and Boeing wide body aircrafts for its long-haul destinations.

Emirates Check-in Policy Guidelines 

Emirates offers top-notch services and facilities for a more seamless flight experience. That’s why the airline has Emirates airline check-in which ensures feasibility and independence to you in every aspect from check-in to select meals before boarding. 

  • According to Emirates flight check-in policy, the online check-in for flight begins 48 hours before the departure of scheduled flight. ‘
  • Passengers are advised to reach the departure airport at least 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure of the Emirates flight. 
  • The airline advises passengers to check-in for their flight at least 1 hour before their flight to avoid missing the check-in deadline. 
  • The airline allows passengers to check-in through multiple ways which include online web check-in, mobile check-in along with airport, and kiosk check-in too. 
  • Online Emirates flight check-in allows you to choose desired seats, pre order food with special dietary advisory, check-in baggage and purchase extra baggage allowance as well. 

Emirates Online Check-in 

The online check-in allows you to experience multiple benefits which you might not experience at the airport also. 

  • The online check-in saves your time which means you don’t have to reach the airport three or four hours  before departure to complete your check-in procedure. 
  • Passengers flying with checked luggage can use Emirates online check-in option until 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers travelling without checked baggage can complete the online check-in procedure up to 60 minutes before scheduled departure.  

Emirates Airport Check-in 

If you are unable to proceed with online check-in Emirates, you can always check-in directly at the airport. To begin with the offline check-in procedure, passengers are requested to reach the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure time. Passengers can either check-in from the self-service kiosk or seek assistance from the Emirates check-in counter at the airport. 

  • Passengers travelling with checked baggage can check-in from the airport check-in counter until 90 minutes before scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers travelling without checked baggage can check-in until 60 minutes before scheduled departure. 

Emirates Check-in Times 

The Emirates check-in time depends on the arrival and final destination of the flight. Passengers can do Emirates check-in online between 48 hours and 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. If you are departing from Dubai, you can drop off your bags 12 hours before departure or if you are flying to the U.S then you can drop off your bag at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure at the airport. 

Check-in MethodsEmirates Check-in Time
At the airport 90 minutes 
Security Check60 minutes 
Boarding 45 minutes

Emirates Check-in Methods 

There are several ways to check-in for Emirates Airlines. One of the best and easiest ways to do so is through the online method. The online Emirates flight check-in method begins 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and closes 1 hour before the flight is airborne. 

Online Check-in 

  • Login to the official website of Emirates 
  • Navigate through the website and click on the online check-in option under the “Emirates Manage Booking”. 
  • Enter the reference number along with flight number and last name. 
  • Click on the “Check-in” button. 
  • Proceed to revise the entire reservation and lastly select on check-in. 
  • Boarding pass will be sent to the official email address of the passenger. 
  • Lastly, print your boarding pass before going to the airport to avoid collecting boarding at the counter. 

Mobile Check-in 

You can alternatively use the Emirates mobile application to check-in online. The Emirates check-in begins 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and closes 1 hour before the flight is airborne. 

  • Download the Emirates mobile application from the Mobile IOS/Apple  app store. 
  • Sign-in with your credentials into your accounts to access the options. 
  • Click on Check-in option while navigating the app. 
  • Add your flight information like departure city, confirmation code, ticket number, and mileage plan number. 
  • Then simply submit to check-in for your flight. 
  • Once completing the Emirates check-in, you will receive a boarding pass printed at home or collect it from the airport counter.

Emirates Online Check-in Regulations 

There are certain regulations applicable on online check-in that customers need to adhere to. 

  • Emirates Airlines check-in through the online process closes 90 minutes before the scheduled departure. 
  • Web check-in will only be available for up to 9 passengers under the same booking number. 
  • Unaccompanied minors are not eligible to check-in online and must check-in directly at the airport. 
  • Airlines advise passengers to reach the airport at least 2-3 before the scheduled flight departure to collect their boarding pass from the counter in case the boarding is not available online. 
  • Emirates airlines offers online check-in for partner flights and codeshare airlines as well. 

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in 

Another way to check-in at the airport is through the self service kiosk which hardly takes 10 minutes of time. 

  • Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours to do Emirates check-in before the scheduled flight departure. 
  • Go to the self service kiosk available at the airport. 
  • Login to the account using flight details. 
  • Select the flight check-in option to check-in. 
  • Insert your booking details like flight number, last name, confirmation code and ticket number. 
  • Lastly, click the check-in tab to finish the check process. 
  • Once the check-in is confirmed, you can retrieve your boarding pass and proceed to the boarding gate. 

Airport Check-in

Emirates also offers airport check-in service for passengers who find the airport check-in feasible. Passengers should reach the airport three hours prior to departure for international flights and at least 2 hours prior for domestic flights as advised in Emirates flight check-in policy.

  • Make sure to reach the airport prior to scheduled departure. 
  • Proceed to check-in at the check-in counter. 
  • Submit reservation details like reservation number, flight number and last name to the staff present. 
  • Staff will present you with a boarding pass once the check-in is complete. 
  • Lastly, you can proceed to the boarding gate. 


  • How early does Emirates check-in open?

    The online web check-in opens 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

  • Does Emirates allow mobile check-in?

    Yes, Emirates allows customers to use the official Emirates mobile app to check-in for the flight. Customers also need not to carry a physical boarding pass, they can use their mobile boarding pass.

  • What is Emirates Check-in Policy?

    As per Emirates check-in policy, it is mandatory for all passengers irrespective of any cabin class. The check-in time begins 48 hours before the scheduled departure and closes 90 minutes before departure. Customers can also opt for an online check-in facility available on the airline's official website or through its mobile app to complete Emirates check-in.

  • How to receive the Emirates Boarding pass?

    While check-in online, passengers have the option to download their boarding pass and get it printed at home. You can also download the mobile app to check-in for Emirates flight and receive a boarding pass on your email to get it printed.

  • What is the boarding deadline for Emirates flights?

    The boarding process for the Emirates flights starts 45 minutes before the flight is airborne and the boarding gate closes 20 minutes before the scheduled departure.

  • Can I complete the online check-in 24 hours before my Emirates flight?

    Yes, the online Emirates check-in starts at 48 hours before the scheduled departure and closes 90 minutes before departure.so, you can easily check in during the allotted time.

  • Do I need to pay any fees for Emirates check-in?

    Emirates usually does not charge for any check-in fees for completing check-in for customers at the airport. However, you may be required to pay certain service charges depending on the departure airport.

  • How many bags can I check-in with Emirates?

    Emirates baggage allowance depends on the fare type purchased by the customers. Economy Class travellers are allowed to carry two pieces of checked baggage, depending upon the route and fare type.

  • I am 15 years old travelling alone, can I do online check-in for my Emirates flight?

    No, if you are an unaccompanied minor taking Emirates flight, then you need adult supervision. Or you can check-in at the counter at the airport.

  • Can I check-in my baggage 24 hours before departure?

    If you are departing from Dubai, then you may check-in your baggage 12 hours before departure at the assigned baggage area.

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