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Places To Celebrate Perfect Valentine’s Day In The US

by Manuel Joseph

Love can be eternal, but we solely get a one-day-off to celebrate it with someone special. As the month of love Valentine is around the corner, you will be wondering how to celebrate or make it memorable for your soulmate. As the saying goes, money can’t buy love, but it can indeed give a voice to it. From Roses to romantic getaways, there are lots of things which can astonish your partner. If both of you love exploring new places, valentine’s is an excellent reason to plan a trip, and the US is offering the best places for valentine’s day to spice up your love life. In addition, you can create memories with your partner and enjoy the mesmerising landscapes across the US. Further, you don’t need to get a hole in your pocket to make your Valentine Day unforgettable. So, don’t wait and plan a perfect, romantic getaway, discover the art and enjoy cuisines by booking cheap flights to the US.

Indeed, February marks the season of love, “Valentines Day”. However, the month of love is the shortest, but it’s filled with lots of love and affection with people gearing up to celebrate the festival of love. It is celebrated among all the couples who have found their soulmates. If you have found your significant one, you are lucky, and if you have not, you are also lucky because self-love is necessary to love someone, so first, let you fall in love with yourself. 

So we’ve compiled a list to assist you in choosing the best places to visit in the USA for couples. If you want to flee the winter season, sunny spots in Florida will light up your days. Even if you both are adventure enthusiasts, you can also take a trip to the well-known national parks with great hiking options and snowsports. Though there are also compelling city break options available where you can be committed to romance- what could be more enticing than enjoying the breathtaking northern lights of Alaska.

New York

New York is one of the most evocative cities, affectionately known among locals as the Big Apple. Further, the city is blessed with high-rise skyscrapers, Gotham’s iconic landmarks, in-depth culture, archaic boutiques, midtown bakeries, and trendy coffee shops. However, the Big Apple is enchanting year-round, deemed the winter wonderland and one of the most romantic places in the USA for couples.

Undoubtedly, celebrating valentine’s day 2022 in New York is something that every couple dreams about at the city’s fancy restaurants. Although the city never sleeps, your nightlife here will be the most happening. In addition, during Valentine’s week, the city organizes a certain tour for couples, such as chocolate and wine tasting or star gazing tour at Hayden Planetarium.

New York

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge is a spellbinding city nestled on the dense Chattahoochee National Forest in Northern Georgia, known for its hiking opportunities, pleasant weather all year round, and the fascinating ride at Appalachian railway train glimpse of the mesmerizing natural splendour. Indeed, Blue Ridge is a beloved mountain getaway and one of the best spots to celebrate the season of love. 

Further, valentine day is forthcoming and an excellent reason to plan a trip to Blue Ridge, an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts couples. However, the mountain city offers plenty of things to do and see, such as you can spend some time exploring the heaven of the earth with your partner. Moreover, appreciate a long drive tour of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and get a glimpse of the pristine lakes and rivers that embellish the landscape with scenic mountain vistas.

Blue Ridge

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a seaport city perched in Orange County, California; white sandy seashores to dramatic cliffs, the turquoise sea, and the bustling waterfront make it an ideal spot for celebrating Valentine’s day. The Laguna majestic white sandy seashores nestled between the canyons, making it an ideal escape for your monotonous life to celebrate the Day of Love with your soulmate. Further, your trip wouldn’t be complete without a candlelit dinner and a play at the nearly century-old Laguna Playhouse. 

New Orleans

New Orleans is a seaport city of Louisiana, perched on the Mississippi River, affectionately known among locals as the Big Easy. If you want to make this Valentine day stand out as truly special, then consider a romantic getaway to New Orleans. This 300-year-old city is blessed with Creole and Cajun meals, live jazz, street entertainers, prosperous history, stunning architecture.

Indeed the best way into someone’s heart is through the stomach and the season of love is just around the corner. The city offers top-tier romantic dinner options to celebrate your evening with your soulmate and make it memorable. 


Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the US is every couple’s dream. It’s considered as one of the most romantic holidays where you can discover the history, culture and enthralling nightlife. So we’ve compiled a list to assist you in choosing the places to celebrate perfect valentine’s day. The city is filled with enchanting natural splendours or mesmerising landscapes, and towns keep you occupied for an entire valentine week. 

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