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About Qantas Airways

There could be various circumstances, when airlines have to reschedule their flight. If such a situation arises, the airline immediately notifies the passengers in advance. However, it is always better to track your flight’s current status online. If your reservation is with Qantas then you just need to visit its website to check the updated Qantas flight status. The information you will get includes- the exact time of arrival and departure, any changes in route, boarding Gate no, Terminal, delay, or any changes in the reservation.

Qantas Airways, the flag carrier of Australia is the world’s third oldest airline still in operation. It is also the country’s largest airline by fleet size, international flights, and international destinations. It is based in Sydney and covers over 85 destinations worldwide.

How to Check Qantas Airways Flight Status

If you’re scheduled with a Qantas flight and want to confirm whether or not any alterations have been made in advance, all that’s needed is to visit the airline’s website. All information pertaining to the flight time is clearly posted on the airline’s website, so you never have to worry about updates being missed. Furthermore, the airline will notify its customers if there is any unusual scheduled departure via a phone call, SMS, and email.

There are two distinct methods to monitor your flight’s current updates as shown below. Check out:

Online Method

  • Visit Qantas’ official website and click on ‘Plan’.
  • A page will appear on your screen, where you will find ‘Timetable’, click on it.
  • Now you can get the latest status of your flight, either by entering your route or by entering the flight number.
  • If you are checking the status by route, enter departing and arriving destinations and date of journey.
  • If you are checking the status by flight number, enter your Qantas Flight number and date of journey.
  • The next page will display all the latest information about your flight.

Offline Method

On Call

You can always call the Qantas customer support number for any assistance related to the airline’s services. An executive will provide you with any information you require related to your flight with Qantas.

Airport Counter

If you are already in the airport, then you can easily enquire about your flight’s status by simply visiting the Qantas counter at the airport. Moreover, you will find several Flight Information Display Screens in the airport, where the latest information of flights are displayed. You can check yours.

In addition, if there are any changes in schedule, the airline will instantly notify you about the same via a phone call, text messages, or email.

How to Check Qantas Airways PNR Status

If Qantas tickets are confirmed, the airline will issue your PNR. This PNR number can be used for tracking the status of your flight’s current status. Checking the PNR number is particularly helpful as confirmation that your reservation is confirmed.

Qantas Airways Flight Status Description

There are some terms used by the aviation industry, which as a passenger you should know. It helps you understand the current status of your flight. Not only passengers, anyone with the flight number can check the status if it has taken off or landed. Hence, if someone you know is coming, you can always check if their flight has taken off or landed or not. For your convenience, here you may obtain a brief synopsis of the airline’s flight status description in case you were not familiar with it.

  • Scheduled –  Flight is on time and not yet airborne.
  • Delayed – Flight will depart after its scheduled departing time.
  • Departed – Flight has left the departure gate but may not be airborne yet.
  • In Air – Flight has taken off.
  • Diverted – Flight has been diverted to a new destination instead of the original destination.
  • Recovery – Flight has departed from the diverted location and enroute the scheduled destination.
  • Landed – Flight has landed.
  • Arrived – Flight has arrived at its destination gate
  • Canceled – Flight has been canceled
  • No Takeoff Info – The real-time status of the flight is not available. Contact the airline for all the information.

Importance of Qantas Flight Status

Even if you are not a passenger of a Qantas flight and someone you know is coming on its flight,  then you can track their flight’s current status. It enables you to check whether the flight is delayed or taken off or landed. This way you can come to pick them up at the airport as well. Nowadays, fliers always keep themselves up-to-date with their flight’s latest information.


  • How can you check Qantas Airways’ flight status?

    You can easily track your Qantas flight by visiting its official website or by calling its customer support executive. If you are at the airport, then head directly to the Qantas Airways counter to get updates on your flights.

  • Where can I get the real-time information of my Qantas Airways flight status?

    The most reliable way to get the latest information of your Qantas Airways flight status is to search it at the Qantas Airways’s website, or at the airport counter or you can also call Qantas Airways’s customer support number.

  • How can I know if my Qantas Airways flight is on-time or late?

    If you are at the airport, you can visit the Qantas Airways counter and ask them the status of your flight. You can also check it online by visiting the airline’s official website and entering your PNR or route, or flight number.

  • What if my flight is delayed and the airline didn’t notify me?

    Qantas Airways always keeps its passengers informed with its latest status. If somehow the airline doesn’t notify you, and due to which you missed the flight, then you can claim compensation.

  • What if the airline is unsure of the scheduled departure?

    In rare cases, when the airline is unsure about its scheduled departure, it notifies the passengers immediately. In such cases, the airline will inform you about the delay. You will be compensated if the flight is 3-hour later than its scheduled departure.

  • Is flight status information provided on the website of Qantas Airways reliable?

    The most reliable way to check the latest updates on your upcoming trip with Qantas Airways is by visiting the airline’s official website. You can also call the Qantas Airways customer support number to get detailed information on your flight status. Furthermore, if you are at the airport, head to the Qantas Airways airport counter and check if there’s any change in your upcoming trip with the airline.

  • How do I check my Qantas Airways PNR status?

    If your booking is confirmed, the airline will issue your PNR, which will appear on your flight ticket.

  • Can I get the latest information on Qantas Airways flight status on the phone?

    You can call the Qantas Airways customer support executive to know the latest information on Qantas Airways flight status. Although it is reliable, it is better to check the latest information on the website or at the airport counter.

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