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About Swiss Air Lines

Travelling with Swiss International Air Line? Then you should know about the essential baggage policy too so that you can avoid overpacking and paying extra charges. Swiss Airlines baggage policy ensures to provide ample baggage allowance to travellers. Even if someone is carrying extra baggage, the minimalist baggage charges will let you carry it with ease. 

Swiss International Air Lines also known as SWISS is the official flag carrier of Switzerland and a subsidiary of the Lufthansa group. Headquartered at Euro Airport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg near Basel, the airline currently operates on 120 destinations with 88 aircrafts in its fleet. It serves destinations in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Zurich airport is its main hub while Geneva Airport is its focus city. 

Swiss Airlines Baggage Policy Details 

The Swiss Air Lines offers generous Swiss Airlines baggage allowance to every customer, be it travelling in Economy, Premium Economy or business and First Class. However, the baggage allowance of passengers depends on the cabin class they have purchased. 

  • Apart from four cabin classes, the airline has three subcategories : Light, Classic & Flex and Business. 
  • Swiss Air Lines allows every passenger to carry one carry-on baggage, checked baggage and one personal item like purse, briefcase, or handbag as per Swiss Airlines baggage policy. 
  • The baggage allowance also depends on the routes and destinations purchased by the passengers. 
  • All the items should be within the maximum weight prescribed in the baggage policy. 

Swiss Airlines Baggage Allowances

Passengers travelling with Swiss Air Line can experience the generous Swiss International airlines baggage allowance. You can carry ample of things in your cabin baggage as well as in checked-in baggage. Your baggage allowance depends on the cabin class you have purchased. Swiss Airline has three classes : Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class. Among these classes, you also have sub-categories Light, Classic and Flex. 

Cabin Baggage Policy 

Cabin Class Number of Bags Weight Dimension 
Economy 18kg55 x 40 x 23 cm 
Premium Economy 18kg 55 x 40 x 23 cm 
Business Class 8kg 55 x 40 x 23 cm 
First Class 28kg 55 x 40 x 23 cm 
  • As per the Swiss Air baggage policy, the carry-on baggage for HON Circle Members, Senators, Frequent Flyers and passengers with Star Alliance’s Gold or Silver membership depends on the cabin class they purchase. 
  • The airlines advise every passenger to keep their personal or carry-on baggage in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of their seats. 
  • For infants, the airline permits foldable chairs or garment bags with a maximum dimension of 57 x 54 x 15 as carry-on baggage as per Swiss Air International baggage policy. 

Guidelines for liquids in carry-on baggage. 

  • Liquids including gels, creams and lotions must be carried in a container with a maximum capacity of 100 ml as per Swiss Airlines baggage policy. 
  • You can keep these contained in resealable transparent plastic bags with a maximum capacity of 1 litre as mentioned in the Swiss Air International baggage allowance. 
  • In case of medications, be sure to carry a medical prescription in English supporting the medicine. 
  • Passengers carrying Duty Free products should keep the product tightly sealed and should have purchase proof along with that. 

Items Prohibited in Carry-on Baggage 

For safety reasons, certain items are prohibited in carry-on baggage. Prohibited items will be confiscated at the airport checkpoint. 

  • Weapons including imitations and toys, firearms, bows and arrows, harpoons. 
  • Stunning devices including shotguns, tasers, animal stunners and killers are not allowed in Swiss Airlines baggage allowance. 
  • The airline also prohibits sharp and pointed-edge items including knives, ice axes, razors blades, box cutters, scissors longer than 6 cm as per Swiss Airlines baggage policy. 

Checked-in Baggage Policy

Swiss international AirLines offers ample of checked-in baggage space to its passengers. The checked-in baggage allowance usually depends on cabin class, routes and destinations. 

Baggage Limits on European Routes 

  • On European routes, passengers travelling on Light fare are not allowed to carry checked-in baggage, however, passengers can purchase additional baggage allowance as per Swiss Airlines baggage policy. 
  • Classic and Flex fares include one personal item and one baggage weighing 23 kg with dimension of total 158cm as checked-in baggage.  
  • Business class passengers can carry 2 checked-in baggage weighing 32 kg each with a total dimension of 292cm on board.

Baggage Limits on International Flights

Cabin Class No. of BagsWeight Total Dimension 
Economy 123kg158cm
Premium Economy 123kg158cm
Business Class232kg292cm
First Class 232kg292cm

Baggage Policy for Frequent Flyers 

Passengers having special status can enjoy special Swiss International Airlines baggage allowance on European routes. 

Status On European Routes 
HON Circles, Senators, Star Gold +1 baggage items of 23 kg in Economy Class 
Frequent Flyers +1 baggage item of 23 kg in Economy Class 
Swiss Golf Traveller +1 set of golf equipment

Swiss Air Hand Luggage and Musical Instruments 

The Swiss Air Lines allows its passengers to carry musical instruments on board. However, it is advised by the airline that passengers should carry their instruments as carry-on baggage rather than checked-in baggage to keep them secured. A large instrument like Double Bass, Tuba can be bought on board if an extra seat has been purchased. 

Swiss Airline Baggage Policy For Infants 

Hand Baggage 

  • As per Swiss Air Lines baggage policy In case of infants up to 2 years old, hand baggage is only permitted if the infant has been booked a separate passenger seat. 
  • For children up to 2 – 11 years old, the baggage allowance will depend on the purchased cabin class. 

Checked-in Baggage 

  • Swiss Air Lines offers 1 pushchair or 1 foldable travel pram or 1 child seat as checked-in baggage free of cost apart from the usual baggage allowance of the purchased cabin class. 
  • Apart from special baggage, the cabin baggage allowance will be mentioned on the e-booking details. 

Swiss Air Baggage Allowance for Pets on Board 

The cost of having a pet on board depends on your destination and the size of the animal. Under Swiss Airlines baggage guidelines, the only permitted animals as pets on board are cats and dogs. 

  • The permissible combined weight of the pet and carrier should not exceed 8kgs. 
  • The pet should be vaccinated, clean and healthy to be able to fly. 
Routes CHF (Swiss Franc)Euro 
Switzerland to Europe 6062.90
Switzerland to Intercontinental 9094.35
Within Europe 47.7050
Europe- Intercontinental 66.7770
Intercontinental to Europe 87.4491.68
Intercontinental to Intercontinental via Europe 87.4491.68

Pets in Checked-in Baggage 

Routes CHF (Swiss Franc)Euro 
Switzerland – Intercontinental 180 (Medium)360 (Large)188.70 (Medium)377.39 (Large) 
Within Europe 95.39 (Medium)190.78(Large)100 (Medium)200 (Large)
Europe – Intercontinental 143.09(Medium)286.17(Large)150(Medium)300 (Large)
Intercontinental – Europe190.78(Medium)381.57(Large)200 (Medium)400 (Large)
Intercontinental – Intercontinental via Europe 190.78(Medium)381.57(Large)200 (Medium)400 (Large)

Swiss Airlines Baggage Fee 

You can book your flight from the official website of SWISS to receive an extra 2 baggage allowance each weighing 23 kg with you. The Light Fare in SWISS Economy includes only one carry-on bag on board, but passengers can purchase additional baggage allowance at inexpensive cost. 

The price for Economy Light fare depends on destinations and sales location as per Swiss Air Lines baggage fee.  

Purchasing Additional Baggage on 

Within Europe 303025
Within Switzerland 202015
Intercontinental (US/Canada)75757565
Intercontinental 707060

Purchasing Additional Baggage from the Airport Counter 

Within Europe 606050
Within Switzerland 606050
Intercontinental (US/Canada)75757565
Intercontinental 10510590

Swiss Air Lines Lost and Found Baggage Policy 

  • As per Swiss Air Lines baggage policy, in case you have lost a bag while travelling with Swiss Air Lines , then you can complain on an online website of the airlines easily. 
  • You must raise a complaint online within 48 hours of arrival or at the airport counter before leaving the airport.
  • If your baggage has not been found after 72 hours of your request, you need to fill out the inventory and request forms.
  • If your luggage is missing for more than 21 days, the airline will compensate you up to EUR 1572.31 as per Montreal Conventio’s Special Drawing Right (SDR)
  • You must keep all the documents and the damaged luggage until the issue is resolved.
  • If you have noticed that your bag is damaged then as per Swiss Air Lines  baggage policy, you can submit a damaged query at the arrival helpdesk. 
  • If your baggage arrives late at your destination due to unknown reasons, you can purchase necessary items like clothes and toiletries and submit the bills for reimbursements. 


  • Is there any fee for baggage in Swiss Airlines baggage policy?

    Yes, there are certain baggage fees in Swiss Air Lines that depend on the fare type or destination you have purchased.

  • How much does Swiss Air Lines charge for extra baggage?

    According to Swiss Air Lines baggage policy, passengers have to pay between 30 EUR to 200 EUR for extra luggage. However, it also depends on the destination from/to where you are travelling.

  • What should I do if I lose my bag or if my baggage is delayed or damaged?

    If you are at the airport, you can go to the Swiss Air Lines helpdesk and report about the issue. If the luggage is damaged and the airline is responsible, then the airline will provide you adequate compensation.

  • Can I give 2 bags in checked baggage?

    Swiss Air Lines allows its passengers to bring 2 bags as checked baggage for free on the route within Europe and to/from North America, Middle East and Asia, only if the bags meet the airline’s baggage measurement. If it exceeds, then the passengers must pay a fee for the additional luggage.

  • What is the Swiss Air Lines baggage fee?

    Swiss Air Lines baggage fee depends on the route, fare type, and destination. However, the baggage fee may range between 30 EUR to 200 EUR as per Swiss Airlines baggage policy.

  • What should I do if my luggage is damaged or delayed?

    In case of a damaged or delayed luggage, the passenger must issue a complaint with the airline within 7 days of arrival. If the damage on the luggage was done due to the airline’s fault, then Swiss Air Lines will compensate you.

  • Can I carry my pet on board?

    Swiss Air Lines allows pets on board on particular routes. However, the weight of the pet and the kennel must meet the airline’s standard measures.

  • How do I pay for the extra luggage?

    You can purchase extra baggage either from the official website of the airlines or you can simply reach early at the airport and buy extra baggage from the Swiss Air Lines counter itself.

  • How many carry-on bags can I take on a Swiss Air Lines flight?

    If you have a light, Classic or Flex ticket. Then you are allowed to carry one carry-on baggage along with one personal baggage on board.

  • Are laptop bags allowed in Swiss Air Lines ?

    Each passenger can carry one-carry on bag and one personal item including satchel, brief-case, laptop bags on board.

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