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About Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines (DL) is one of the major airlines of the United States and a legacy carrier. It was founded on 2nd March 1925 as Huff Daland Dusters in Macon, Georgia. Being one of the oldest airlines in operation, Delta Air Lines (DL) and its subsidiaries and regional affiliates, including Delta Connection, operates over 5,400 flights daily to 325 destinations in 52 countries and six continents. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the airline has nine hubs, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is its largest hub in terms of total passengers and the total number of departures. In addition, Delta’s average on-time scheduled departure and arrival is 83%. In case you face a delay, contact Delta Air Lines Customer Support Number.

Delta Air Lines Customer Support

For Delta Air Lines Customer Service, dial Delta Air Lines Toll-Free Number: 1800 123 6645

Delta Air Lines Customer Support for Hubs

Delta Air Line (DL) has nine hubs in the USA. Get in touch with them by calling at Delta Air Lines Customer Support Number (800) 221 1212.

Delta Airlines U.S.A  Customer Support Service

Below is the list of Delta Air Lines Customer Service number USA:

ServicesCustomer SupportServicesCustomer Support
Refund Status Check(800) 847 0578Rental Cars (Dollar)(800) 800 4000
General sales & Services(800) 221 1212(800)Rental Cars (Hertz)(800) 654 3131
Mobile Support(888) 750 3284Rental Cars (Enterprise)(855) 266 9565
Baggage(800) 325 8224Rental Cars (National)(877) 222 9058
Disability Assistance(404) 209 3434Rental Cars (Thrift)(800) 847 4389
Hearing & Speech Impaired (TDD)(800) 831 4488Skymile Members(800) 323 2323
Medallion Status(800) 325 3999Special Member Services(800) 325 1551
International Sales & Service(800) 241 4141Vacation Packages(800) 800 1504
Hotels(866) 204 0280Additional Support(800) 325 6330
Rental Cars (Alamo)(800) 651 1223Additional Support(800) 693 3582

Delta Air Lines Customer Support For Other Countries

CountriesContact No.CountriesContact No.
Brazil+55 800 761 0035Malaysia+6 032 282 4648
China+86 400 120 2364Mexico+52 800 266 0046
Chile+5 680 020 2020Netherlands+3 120 721 9128
Dominican Republic+1 809 200 9191Norway+472 200 1701
Egypt+2 022 736 2030Philipines+6 328 841 8800
Finland+35 898 171 0406Poland+4 822 512 3948
France+3 396 939 1779Portugal+35 121 318 0062
Greece+30 211 180 9475Saudi Arabia+96 613 882 3537
Hong Kong+85 280 096 5716Singapore+656 336 3371
Hungary+361 429 2246South Africa+2 711 408 8200
Iceland+354 800 9359South Korea+822 317 5535
India+911 800 123 6645Spain+3 491 375 4146
Indonesia+62 212 994 1595Sweden+4 685 199 2216
Ireland+3 531 659 0298Taiwan+88 627 701 8989
Israel+9 723 513 8000Thailand+662 253 5169
Italy+39 023 859 1451United Arab Emirates+9 712 671 3033
Japan+8 157 007 7733United Kingdom+44 207 660 0767

Waiting Time

The average waiting time while contacting Delta Air Lines is 2-4 hours. However, the duration might be more or less depending on the availability of Delta Air Lines Customer Support Executive.

Other Modes to Communicate with Delta Air Lines Customer Support Service

Live Chat Support

You can chat with Delta Air Lines (DL) through a Delta Virtual Assistant or a live reservation specialist on You can chat over the Delta Air Line official website, type your query on the given ‘Chat Box’, and get your issues resolved faster. Visit for any query.

Social Media Support

The official Twitter handle of Delta Air Lines (DL) is


  • Why do customers call Delta Air Lines Customer Support number?

    Passengers call Delta Air Lines (DL) for several reasons:
    Booking or managing flights
    Cancellation and refund related information
    Issues related to Delta Air Lines reservations.
    Baggage claim, damaged or lost baggage queries
    Information on flight or airline policies, such as the cost of additional baggage
    Information on making arrangements for specially-abled passengers, children, and pets
    Information on SkyMiles, the Frequent Flyer Program of Delta
    Complaints about Delta Air Lines Service
    Information on Delta flight time, schedules, and delays
    Billing or payment related issues
    Flight rebooking
    Website technical support

  • What kind of issue does Delta Air Lines (DL) Customer Support Executive Resolve?

    People dial Delta Air Lines (DL) Customer Support number to seek information and resolve flight related issues. A customer support executive provides the caller with relevant information and assistance, such as information about flights, booking and managing flights, ticket and payment related issues, canceling or changing flight booking, refund related issues, information on service arrangements for specially-abled passengers, pets, and children, etc.

  • What kind of issues can’t be resolved with a call to the Delta Air Lines (DL) customer support executive?

    Although Delta Air Lines (DL) support service addresses almost all flight-related issues, some specific issues can’t be resolved by a customer support executive. Delta Air Lines (DL) Customer support service can’t address if your item was lost outside a plane or gate. In such cases, the passenger is required to contact the Airport Authority.
    Apart from that, for passport, visa, ID & documentation, consult the immigration center. Delta Air Lines (DL) Customer support service is not entitled to resolve such issues.

  • What should you do if you are not satisfied with the Delta Air Lines (DL) customer support executive?

    Sometimes you do not get a satisfactory answer from a customer support executive. But don’t fret; Delta Air Lines (DL) still can resolve your issues.
    First, review or record your call with the first representatives. It will be helpful when you get back in touch with Delta.
    Next, call Delta Airline (DL) Support Service. Share your issue and the previous call information with your new executive. The new executive may have more knowledge and can assist you properly.
    Even if that doesn't help you, get in touch with Delta through the mail, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Delta Air Lines (DL) allows its customers to connect with them via email directly from its website. It is often the best way to resolve your issue faster.

  • What is Delta Air Lines’s toll-free customer support number?

    1800 123 6645

  • What are the Delta Air Line’s other modes of support?

    If you are not satisfied with your chat with Delta Air Lines (DL) customer support executive, try to communicate with them via email, chatbot, or the airline’s social media account, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You can also contact them directly at the airport Delta Air Lines counter.

  • How does help customers resolve their issues with Delta Air Lines?

    When you get in touch with us for any Delta Air Lines (DL) related issue for a ticket purchased from us, we will assist you better and resolve your issue faster. Whether you seek assistance for cancel, reschedule, book, rebook, refund, etc. related issues, we provide you with detailed information and resolve the issue.

  • How do I talk to Delta Air Lines (DL) Customer Support Service?

    To speak with a representative about a reservation, call 800 221 1212. There is a ‘Contact Us’ section in the Fly Delta Mobile App for Medallion members. You can also mail them directly from the website.

  • What are Delta Air Lines (DL) customer service hours?

    Delta Air Lines (DL) offers round the clock (24*7) customer support service. You may contact Delta Air Lines 24 hours helpline number at your convenience. 

  • Does Delta Air Lines (DL) have a Call Back option?

    Delta customers can send a request for a Call Back from Delta Air Lines (DL) by calling 1 (800) 221 1212 or 1 (802) 219 1212 on customer support number.

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