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About Singapore Airlines

When you fly with Singapore Airlines, there is a limit to the weight, size, and number of pieces you can carry in the cabin or in the hold. Furthermore, the limitation to size, weight, and number of pieces may differ by route, and cabin fare. Hence, it is advisable to check Singapore Airlines baggage policy before you overpack.

Singapore Airlines, the flag carrier of the Republic of Singapore, was founded in 1947 and commenced its operation in 1972. Additionally, Singapore Changi Airport is its main hub, from where it has been operating scheduled flights globally.

Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance

Like any other major airline, Singapore Airlines too offers a flexible baggage allowance policy. It entitles all its passengers to carry at least one or more baggage, depending on the fare type and route. However, any additional luggage than what is indicated on your flight ticket, then you may have to pay an excess baggage fee. Check out Singapore Airlines baggage allowance policy.

  • The baggage allowance may vary depending on the fare type and route.
  • Carry-on baggage allowance may differ if the passenger is traveling with an infant or passengers traveling with pets.
  • All baggage exceeding the maximum size and weight limitation will be subject to space availability in the aircraft. The airline will charge additional baggage fees for extra luggage.
  • Excess carry-on baggage are subject to being checked and charged as additional baggage.
  • You can also bring sports equipment and musical instruments but certain items might have applicable fees.
  • In case of delayed, damaged, or lost baggage, the airline may compensate you or trace your luggage and deliver it to your address.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Singapore Airlines passengers are entitled to at least one piece of hand bag and one piece of personal item on board. However, both the hand bag and personal item must meet the airline’s required measurement. If the dimension, weight, or number of pieces exceeds, you may be charged for the extra luggage. Additionally, if the hand bag is larger and doesn’t fit in the overhead bin of the aircraft, then it will be transported in the hold as checked baggage.

Cabin ClassAllowanceLimitations
SuitesFirst ClassBusiness Class2 pieces75 kg each / 115 cm (L + W + H)
Premium Economy & Economy1 piece75 kg / 115 cm (L + W + H)

Other Items Allowed in the Cabin

  • Ladies purse, camera, camera bag, document bag, overcoat, umbrella, laptop, are allowed.
  • Baby food and baby’s amenities are allowed. However, the total weight of these items should not exceed 6 kg.
  • A walking stick, a pair of crutches, and other prosthetic devices are allowed.
  • A small amount of duty-free goods are allowed.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Singapore Airlines checked baggage allowance depends on your final destination. Before you pack anything as your checked baggage, we will advise you not to pack the following items in your checked baggage.

  • Laptops
  • Medication
  • Security and other documents
  • Silverware / other precious materials
  • Money, Jewelry, and other valuable items
  • Business, travel, identification documents
  • Perishable items
  • Food items

In addition, Singapore Airlines checked baggage allowance is based on the weight and piece of concept. Let’s check out:

Weight Concept

For flights to/from all destinations, except for the USA, and Canada:

Cabin ClassAllowancePPS Club MembersKrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold Members
Suites & First Class50 kgAdditional: 50 kgTotal: 100 kgAdditional: 20 kgTotal: 70 kg
Business Class40 kgAdditional: 40 kgTotal: 80 kgAdditional: 20 kgTotal: 60 kg
Premium Economy Class35 kgAdditional: 35 kgTotal: 70 kgAdditional: 20 kgTotal: 55 kg
Economy Class(Fare types & Booking classes) 
Flexi30 kgAdditional: 50 kgTotal: 100 kgAdditional: 20 kgTotal: 50 kg
Standard30 kgAdditional: 50 kgTotal: 100 kgAdditional: 20 kgTotal: 50 kg
Value25 kgAdditional: 50 kgTotal: 100 kgAdditional: 20 kgTotal: 45 kg
Lite25 kgAdditional: 50 kgTotal: 100 kgAdditional: 20 kgTotal: 45 kg

The baggage allowance may differ for passengers traveling on mixed-cabin itineraries, such as, First Class combining with Business Class or Premium Economy Class combining with Economy Class. If the passenger is traveling with an infant, then the infant is entitled to 10 kg of baggage allowance.

Piece Concept

For flights to/from USA and Canada

Cabin ClassTo / From Canada & the USAPPS Club MembersKrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold Members
Suites & First Class2 pieces / up to 32 kg each2 additional pieces / up to 32 kg each1 additional piece / up to 32 kg each
Business Class2 pieces / up to 32 kg each2 additional pieces / up to 32 kg each1 additional piece / up to 32 kg each
Premium Economy Class2 pieces / up to 23 kg each2 additional pieces / up to 23 kg each1 additional piece / up to 23 kg each
Economy Class2 pieces / up to 23 kg each2 additional pieces / up to 23 kg each1 additional piece / up to 23 kg each

Depending on where your travel begins or ends in Canada or the USA, different baggage rules may apply: Check out the guidelines below:

  • If your flight originates on Singapore Airlines from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and New York or on a US Airways flight with an SQ number, then Singapore Airlines baggage policy will be applicable.
  • If your first flight originates from any US city, or the first flight doesn’t have SQ number, the baggage policy of the first carrier will be applicable.

Non-Standard Baggage Allowance

If you are carrying special items, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, then fret not. Singapore Airlines permits almost all such baggage in its flight either as carry-on or as checked baggage in the hold. However, some restrictions will apply in case you bring extremely large items or additional items.

Sports Equipment

  • Golf clubs, surfboards, canoes, scuba diving apparel, skis, and bicycles are considered as checked baggage.
  • If you are traveling to/from Canada and the USA, sports equipment is considered as one piece of baggage. A canoe is treated as two pieces of baggage.
  • Any sports item over 32 kg cannot be accepted as checked baggage and must be transported in cargo.
  • If you are carrying ammunition for sporting activities, then follow the below guidelines-
  • The ammunition must be completely removed from the firearms.
  • Only 5 kg of ammunition per passenger is allowed. Ammunition with explosives or incendiary projectiles are not allowed.
  • The ammunition must be securely packed in a sturdy box. The package must not exceed the maximum limit of 5 kg.

Musical Instruments

To protect your musical instrument from any damage, it must be securely packed. Depending on the size and weight, the musical instrument can be transported as checked baggage, cabin baggage, or cabin seat baggage. If you want to carry your musical item as cabin seat baggage, you must purchase a separate seat for the item.

  • Musical items such as full size guitar or cello that exceed the maximum cabin baggage allowance, must be transported as checked baggage, and would be counted as a part of your checked baggage allowance. You may have to pay an extra charge if it exceeds the allotted limit.
  • If you don’t want your musical instrument to travel as checked baggage, you can bring it in the cabin with you by purchasing an extra seat. To carry the instrument as cabin seat baggage, it must not exceed 127 cm and must not weigh more than 40 kg.
  • If you are traveling with a small musical instrument, it will be carried as cabin baggage, and will be a part of your cabin baggage allowance.

Infants Baggage Allowance

Infants are allowed to check in 10 kg worth of baggage, along with a fully collapsible stroller and car seat. Alternatively, Singapore Airlines allows its passengers with infants to bring a compact, foldable, lightweight stroller. If your flight originates in Singapore, an additional weight of 6 kg will be allowed in the cabin for breast milk, infant food, and baby amenities.

Bassinet seats in Premium Economy and Economy class are reserved for passengers on a first-come-first-serve basis. The bassinet measures at 768 mm and can support a maximum weight of up to 14 kg.

If you have purchased a separate seat for your child, who is less than 3 years old, then you can carry a car seat or harness, inflatable flight cushion, and convertible gadget to turn your child’s seat into a bed in the cabin.

Singapore Airlines Pet Policy

Singapore Airlines welcomes pets as checked baggage in the hold or in cargo, except for service dogs or emotional support dogs, who are allowed to travel with their owner in the cabin. Here are some required norms to follow while traveling with your fur baby on a Singapore Airlines flight:

  • Pets traveling with Singapore Airlines must be at least 3 months old.
  • If the combined weight of your pet and its kennel exceeds 32 kg, then the pet will be transported in cargo.
  • The design of the kennel must meet the IATA standard.
  • The maximum height of the container depends on the aircraft: 70 cm on A350 aircraft, 60 cm on A380 aircraft, 101 cm on B777 aircraft, and 111 cm on B787 aircraft.
  • The container should have enough space for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down.
  • It must have adequate ventilation on at least three sides, with the majority of the ventilation on the upper part of the container.
  • To prevent your pet from escaping, the container should be tightly secured.

Singapore Airlines Additional Baggage Charges

Weight Pricing for Non-Canadian / Non-US Routes

From / ToSingaporeBand 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
SingaporeUSD 8 / kgUSD 15 / kgUSD 22 / kgUSD 28 / kg
Band 1USD 8 / kgUSD 16 / kgUSD 23 / kgUSD 30 / kgUSD 36 / kg
Band 2USD 15 / kgUSD 23 / kgUSD 30 / kgUSD 37 / kgUSD 43 / kg
Band 3USD 22 / kgUSD 30 / kgUSD 37 / kgUSD 44 / kgUSD 50 / kg
Band 4USD 28 / kgUSD 36 / kgUSD 43 / kgUSD 50 / kgUSD 56 / kg

Piece Pricing for Canadian and the US Routes

Charges for Additional BaggageBetween Canada or the USAOther Itineraries
Each additional piece of baggage can weigh up to 23 kg (Economy & Premium Economy)
Each additional piece of baggage can weigh up to 32 kg (Business / First Classes / Suites)
Band 1: USD 150
Band 2: USD 200
Band 3: USD 250
Band 4: USD 350
SIN – Band 3: USD 50
Band 5: USD 50
Others: USD 150
Additional 9 kgEach piece can weigh up to 32 kg.Band 1: USD 100
Band 2: USD 125
Band 3: USD 175
Band 4: USD 225
SIN – Band 3: USD 50
Band 5: USD 50
Others: USD 100
OversizedThe dimension should be within 158 cm (L + W + H)Band 1: USD 150
Band 2: USD 200
Band 3: USD 250
Band 4: USD 350
SIN – Band 3: USD 50
Band 5: USD 50
Others: USD 150

Singapore Airlines Damaged, Delayed, or Lost Baggage Policy

  • A delayed baggage report can be lodged online or at the Lost & Found office at the airport. Ensure you receive a copy of your complaint.
  • You will receive a 10-character File Reference Number, which you can use to track the status of your luggage.
  • If your checked baggage is damaged, immediately lodge a complaint at the airport.
  • In some circumstances when your luggage is damaged or lost after you check-in at the airport, then the airline will initiate a compensation.

Restricted Items

To ensure safety and security of the passengers and the aircraft, Singapore Airlines has listed some prohibited items, which you cannot bring on board. The prohibited items are as follows:

  • Explosives, fireworks, munitions, flares, crackers, sparklers, party poppers, and pyrotechnics.
  • Items equipped with lithium-powered batteries or pyrotechnics.
  • Compressed, flammable, non-flammable, poisonous gasses, such as butane, propane, aqualung cylinders, lighter fuels, or refills.
  • Lighters.
  • Oxidizing substances such as bleaching powder and peroxides.
  • Flammable liquids such paints, and adhesives and flammable solids such as match box, and articles which are easily ignited.
  • Disabling devices with irritant properties.
  • Poison.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Corrosive materials such as mercury, acids, alkalis, and wet cell batteries.
  • Meals-Ready-to-Eat.
  • Firearms, parts of firearms, ammunition, including blank, spent, empty cartridges.
  • Toy guns or replicas of guns.
  • Sharp objects.


  • Does Singapore Airlines charge for baggage?

    If you bring excess baggage or your checked in baggage weighs more than the restricted numbers, then you must pay for the extra luggage.

  • How much does Singapore Airlines charge for extra baggage?

    According to Singapore Airlines’s baggage policy, passengers have to pay between US $ 50 to US $ 350 for extra luggage. However, it also depends on the destination from/to where you are traveling.

  • What should I do if I lose my bag or if my baggage is delayed or damaged?

    If you are at the airport, you can go to the Singapore Airlines counter and report about the issue. If the luggage is damaged and the airline is responsible, then the airline will reimburse you.

  • Can I add more bags in checked baggage?

    Singapore Airlines allows its passengers to bring at least 1 bag as checked baggage  for free, only if the bags meet the airline’s baggage measurement. You are allowed to carry more than 1 bag, if the cabin class, route, and fare type allows. If it exceeds, then the passengers must pay a fee for the additional luggage.

  • What is the Singapore Airlines baggage fee?

    Singapore Airlines’s baggage fee depends on the route, faretype, and destination. However, Singapore Airlines’s baggage fee ranges between US $ 50 to US $ 350.

  • What should I do if my luggage is damaged or delayed?

    In case of a damaged or delayed luggage, the passenger must issue a complaint with the airline within 7 days of arrival. If the damage on the luggage was done due to the airline’s fault, then Singapore Airlines will compensate you.

  • Can I carry my pet on board?

    Singapore Airlines allows fur babies on board.  However, only dogs and cats are allowed.

  • How do I pay for the extra luggage?

    You can pay for the extra luggage at the airport counter,or online,via Singapore Airlines’s official website.

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