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Everyone deserves to fly safely irrespective of their age and that includes children as well. It is liberating to travel alone even for children, however, this liberty comes with stress for parents. It is understandable that every parent is overtly concerned about their children’s safety and thus Singapore Airlines unaccompanied Minor policy ensures to take care of your child completely while travelling. Rest assured, you will get real-time information about your child’s whereabouts often. 

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of the Republic of Singapore and operates across six continents. The airline is famously known for being awarded the best airlines in the world five times by Skytrax. Singapore Airlines has 75 international destinations in 32 countries and Singapore being its primary hub. Singapore Airlines has 156 aircrafts in its fleet and directly operates from Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore. The Airline is known to offer the best facilities on board and at the airport to the customers which also includes Singapore unaccompanied minor policy. 

Singapore Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy Rules

When your kids travel unaccompanied with Singapore Airlines, the airline makes sure that your children have the best travel experience with utmost comfort and protection. After the arrival of your kids at the airport, it is the airline’s obligation to look after your children until they depart from the airport in the hands of their legal guardians safely. From the check-in desk through the arrivals halls, the airlines will guide your child through everything. To ensure utmost safety and security, there are some rules which need to be abided by the legal parents or guardian. 

  • As per the Singapore unaccompanied minor policy, the airlines only allows children aged between 5 to 17 years old under unaccompanied minor list. Children younger than 5 are not permitted to travel alone without their parents. 
  • Children who are unaccompanied can travel without unaccompanied minor services only if they are accompanied by a family member older than 12 years old or a companion at least 17 years old with the consent of legal guardian and parents. 
  • The airlines will only allow unaccompanied minors aged 5-12 on board after the request of unaccompanied minor service. 
  • Your child must have an individual passport with at least six months validity as per Singapore unaccompanied minor policy. If required, he/she must also have a valid visa to enter the destination country and a re-entry permit to return to his/her home country. 
  • Your child must also have had all the required inoculations and medical check-ups, with the relevant paperwork as proof.
  • The parent / guardian dropping off the child at the airport must provide the authority with their name, ID proof, address, home, and business telephone number. The same information will be required at check-in for the parent / guardian coming to pick-up the child from the final airport.
  • The parents must advise the child to follow only the uniformed Singapore Airline crew member, agent or authorised person’s instructions as mentioned in Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor policy. 
  • The parent / guardian dropping off the child, must remain with the kid until the flight is airborne to avoid a situation where flight is delayed or cancelled.

Guidelines for Children Aged between 5 to 12 years 

  • It is mandatory for children aged between 5 to 12 to have unaccompanied minor service. 
  • Parents and legal guardians can request for unaccompanied minor service while booking the flight or can call the airline’s customer support number to request for it. 
  • It is mandatory for parents to fill and submit unaccompanied minor handling forms at the Singapore airline counter at the airport. 

Guidelines for Children Aged Between 12 to 17 years 

  • According to Singapore airline unaccompanied service, in case of children aged between 12 to 17, the unaccompanied minor form is optional.
  • If the passenger does not opt for the unaccompanied minor services, then passengers need to submit the unaccompanied minor waiver form to revoke the service. 
  • The minor travel waiver form needs to be filed during the time of check-in. 

Guidelines for Minor travelling from Russia 

There are certain guidelines on minors travelling from Russia which need to be abided by the parents as well as the child. 

  • Children who are under 18 and travelling alone should have a notarised authorization letter declaring that they are travelling alone as per Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor policy.  
  • Children travelling with a parent but have a different family name are required to present a government proof. 
  • If a trustee or guardian is accompanying the child, then necessary documents like permission from the legal parent must be shown to immigration officials while check-in. 
  • An unaccompanied minor can travel without the above mentioned rules if it holds a diplomatic or seaman’s passport. 

Guidelines for Minors travelling from France 

There are certain guidelines for children travelling unaccompanied from France without their legal parents or guardians.

  •  Children travelling unaccompanied should possess a passport. 
  • The minor should have a copy of government issued photo ID proof for validation. 
  • Under Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, it is advisable that parents or guardians of unaccompanied minors should submit Exit Territory Authorization From while check-in at the airport.  

Guidelines for Minors travelling from South Africa 

Unaccompanied minor under the age of 18 travelling alone from South Africa requires additional travelling documents from the South African Department of Home Affairs.  

Guidelines for Minors travelling from Italy

There are certain guidelines for children travelling unaccompanied from Italy without their legal parents or guardians.

  • Minors travelling from Italy unaccompanied or accompanied by someone other than their parents or legal guardian are required to have an authorisation form (Dichiarazione di Accompagnamento) permitted by both legal parents and issued by local police while travelling to/from Italy as per Singapore unaccompanied minor policy.
  • In case, if the minor’s parents reside abroad, then the authorisation form must be issued by the Italian embassy or consulate. 

Guidelines for Minors Travelling from Republic of Philippines 

Any unaccompanied minor travelling to/from the Republic of Philippines are required to have relevant documents for travel clearance for minors travelling abroad by the Department of Social and Welfare Development.  

Singapore Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Travel Guide

Unaccompanied minor services provided by the airline included prior assistance by ground personnel, special assistance on board by cabin crew. Furthermore, there is an elaborated travel guide curated just for your child to ensure safety, security and comfort in Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor guide. 

Book the Unaccompanied Minor Service

  • You can contact the airlines to request for unaccompanied minor service for your children while purchasing the ticket. The easiest way to contact the airline is to contact them via chat. 
  • While requesting for the services, you will have to provide your contact information for unaccompanied minors. Along with that  provide the contact information of the person who will greet the child at the destination airport. 
  • Both the people who purchased the ticket and the person who will greet the children should be legally adults. 

Unaccompanied Minor Travel Documents 

  • Passengers of 16 years or over must carry a passport, a photo identification or driver’s licence under Singapore airlines unaccompanied minor policy.
  • Minors of age below then 17 years travelling without their parents are advised to carry passport or photo identification.  
  • While minors of age below 12 years travelling alone and carrying complete Unaccompanied Minor Advice Form are not required to carry any further documents. However, guardians dropping them off or greeting them at the destination airport must prove their valid identity.

Unaccompanied Minor Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance for unaccompanied minors will depend on the ticket type you have purchased. For long-haul connecting flights or long layovers are not permitted in case of unaccompanied minors. 

Unaccompanied Minor at the Airport 

  • It’s advisable in the Singapore Airlines unaccompanied guide for parents or legal guardians to accompany their children to the airport at least 2.5 hours before the scheduled departure to avoid any hassle.
  • Valid proof of the identity of the parents are required while check-in for the minor. The parents/guardian must stay at the airport until the flight is airborne. 
  • The airlines have a check-in desk and ground personnel on standby to assist your child. 
  • It is mandatory to fill the unaccompanied handling advice form at the check-in desk. 

Boarding and Take off

  • You can also contact the gourd personnels at the check-in desk to assist you. 
  •  As mentioned in the Singapore Airline unaccompanied minor policy, in case of any flight disruption (delay or cancellation), the ground staff will take full responsibility of the child, and will keep you updated about the flight status. 
  • The safety of the child will be prioritised during the time of security check-in, immigration, and boarding. 
  • In flight, Singapore airlines flight attendants will regularly monitor your child. 
  • During the flight, the cabin crew will ensure to provide your child with quizzes, gifts and activities for an enjoyable journey. 

At the Destination Airport 

  • Singapore Airlines ground staff will collect your child and properly labelled baggage from the baggage area. 
  • The unaccompanied minors will be escorted through the customs until they meet their legal guardian or parent as per Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor guide. 
  • Before handing over the child, the Singapore Airline uniformed personnel will verify their identity. 

Prepare your Unaccompanied Minor 

Parents should strictly ask their children to speak only with the authorised and uniformed personnel staff members. These are some other helpful tips for the parents or guardians.

  • Familiarise your child with the airline’s uniformed personnel.
  • Write down phone numbers for your child.
  • Pack books, games, and money in one small carry-on bag.
  • Food and drink service is limited and hence, it is advisable to pack snacks for your child.
  • An ID card and contact information attached to your child’s carry-on bag or jacket

This comprehensive Singapore airlines unaccompanied minor guide aims to create assurance that Singapore Airlines will take care of your unaccompanied child on board and ensure a pleasant journey.


  • Does Singapore Airlines allow unaccompanied minors on the flight ?

    Singapore Airlines allows unaccompanied minors on the flight. However, the parent must present necessary documents, such as Id card with photos, passports, along with Unaccompanied minor handling advice form.

  • Do I need to provide any documentation when booking a ticket for an unaccompanied minor?

    Yes, documentations are extremely necessary in case of unaccompanied minors. Read Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor policy to know the required documents.

  • Can an unaccompanied minor travel alone on a connecting flight?

    Yes, Singapore Airlines allows unaccompanied minors to travel on connecting flights. However, it is essential to know that it is advisable to have guidance for the child during the procedure of connecting flights.

  • Are there any fees associated with the Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor services?

    Singapore Airlines has additional charges for unaccompanied minor services to ensure every assistance is provided. The Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor fees vary according to the flight routes and additional services chosen by the parent.

  • Does Singapore Airlines offer unaccompanied minor services for international flights?

    Yes, the airline offers Singapore Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Services to both domestic and international flights.

  • Can I accompany my child to the departure gate?

    Singapore Airlines does not allow any non-passenger beyond the designated check-in area. However, you can escort your child to the designated area.

  • What happens if the flight is delayed or cancelled?

    In case of delay or cancellation, the airlines will take full responsibility of the child and will also keep you updated about the flight status.

  • At what age minors can travel alone on a Singapore Airlines flight?

    Minors aged between 5 to 17 years old are allowed to travel alone on a Singapore Airlines flight.

  • How to book a flight for a Singapore Airlines unaccompanied minor service?

    To make a reservation for an unaccompanied minor travelling on an Singapore Airlines flight, the adult must contact the reservation centre at 1800 102 1233.

  • What is the procedure to board the Singapore Airlines flight for an unaccompanied minor?

    An Singapore Airlines employee will take over your child from you at the gate before general boarding begins. It allows the employee to introduce your child with the flight attendants, and cockpit crew.

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