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About Singapore Airlines

Check-ins are a crucial part of a boarding flight but it comes with long lines at the airport counter while towing heavy luggage. But now you can save your precious time. You can try the online web check-in, online boarding pass facility in Singapore Airlines that ensures seamless services to every customer. This Singapore Airlines flight check-in manual ensures that you don’t have to stress and spend your valuable time in queues. 

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of the Republic of Singapore and operates across six continents. The Airline is famously known for being awarded the best Airlines in the world five times by Skytrax. Singapore Airlines has 75 international destinations in 32 countries and Singapore being its primary hub. Singapore Airlines has 156 aircrafts in its fleet and directly operates from Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore. The Airline is known to offer the best facilities on board and at the airport to the customers which includes a feasible Singapore Airlines check-in policy. 

Singapore Airlines Flight Check-in Service 

Singapore Airlines provides the feasibility to every customer in every aspect from check-in to select meals before boarding. 

  • Those who are travelling from Singapore Airlines can check-in 48 hours – 1.5 prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • Customers can also opt for an online check-in facility available on the airline’s official website or through its mobile app. Add  PNR number to search for your details and proceed with web check-in. 
  • For Economy passengers, the web check-in starts from 48 hours and closes 12 hours prior to scheduled departure.  
  • Singapore Airlines web check-in allows you to select your desired seats while using a mobile app. After completing Singapore Web check-in, the airlines ensure to send you the boarding pass along with the receipt on your registered email id. 

Singapore Airlines Check-in Timing 

  • The airline recommends passengers departing from Singapore Changi Airport to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • For flights departing from other airports are advised to reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before flight departure to clear security and baggage submission timely. 
  • The check-in closes between 40-60 minutes depending on airports. 
  • The online check-in starts 48 hours and ends 1.5 hours before departure. 
  • As for mobile check-in, it begins 48 hours before scheduled departure and ends 1.5 hours prior to departure as per Singapore airline flight check-in.  
  • The self service Kiosk at the airport allows you to check-in 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure. 
  • At Singapore Changi Airport, you can check-in for your flight between 48 hours and 40 minutes before the flight’s departure. 
  • At other airports, the check-in timing starts 3 hours and ends 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure. 

Singapore Airlines Web Check-in 

To ensure a seamless check-in experience, Singapore Airlines has an online web-check which allows you to check-in for your flight at your own convenience. 

  • Visit the official website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Navigate through the options and click on the “Check-in” tab to initiate Singapore flight check-in. 
  • Choose how you want to check-in, either through PNR or Booking reference Id. 
  • Fill necessary details like seat selection, baggage requirements (purchase extra if needed) and proceed to make payment. 
  • Lastly, proceed to check-in and download your boarding pass. 

Guidelines for Web Check-in 

  • Always check the check-in and closing time while booking to make sure you don’t miss the flight. 
  • Always carry your e-government Id proof for airport security checkpoint. 
  • Keep a print of your boarding pass or get a print from the self-service Kiosk available at the airport. 
  • Always reach the airport 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure to complete necessary procedures timely, according to Singapore flight check-in policy.

Auto Check-in 

Singapore Airlines allows you to auto check-in for your flight 48 hours before departure. You can simply access your account and opt for auto check-in from Manage Booking after your booking has been confirmed. After you have been auto checked, you will receive a confirmation on your email regarding your flight details.

  • After turning on the auto check-in option, you can opt for multiple options like seat selection, meal preferences, extra baggage purchase, request for special service and even upgradation of cabin class. 
  • You cannot proceed with auto check-in in case of group booking made for more than 9 people. 
  • According to Singapore flight check-in policy, you are not allowed to Auto check-in if you are on the waiting list of the flight. You can check-in at the airport counter only if there is an availability in the flight. 
  • Also passengers with extra baggage are also not allowed to auto check-in and advised to do manual check-in at the airport. 
  • The Airline also does not allow you to auto check-in if your passport is only valid for 6 months only.
  • Unaccompanied minors, passengers with no confirmed booking, passengers with extra seat or special service passengers cannot use Singapore Airlines auto check-in facility.

Mobile Check-in 

Mobile check-in facility offers accessibility and convenience to the customers who want to do Singapore Airlines Flight check-in without spending much time. 

  • Download the Singapore Airline App from the Play Store or Apple store. 
  • Open the app and log in to your account. 
  • Select the flight for which you want to check-in. 
  • Navigate through the options and complete the process and receive your boarding pass. 
  • Save the boarding pass as PDF to show at the airport security checkpoint. You can also get that print later. 

Singapore Airlines Kiosk Check-in

If you are at the airport and you don’t want to indulge in the long queues at the counter for Singapore Airlines check-in, you can take assistance from a self-service kiosk check-in facility at the airport for a smooth Singapore online check-in experience. Kiosks are small yet efficient technological machines which are used at high traffic areas. 

Nowadays, you can find Kiosks at every airport to divert the high customer volume from the airline counters. Singapore Airlines also has Kiosks which offers customers to check-in 24 hours before departure. You can also get your boarding pass from these self-service Kiosks to avoid any hassle. Follow the below mentioned steps to check-in at the airport with the help of self service Kiosk. 

  • Access a Kiosk at the Singapore Airlines section. 
  • Select “Singapore Airlines” from the home screen. 
  • To retrieve your flight details, enter your passenger ID (PNR), flight number and last name to proceed with SIngapore airline flight check-in. 
  • After retrieving your booking, insert your passport for government ID proof. 
  • Select the seat map and choose your seat. 
  • Then confirm your check-in after verifying everything and lastly, print your boarding pass. 

Passengers Ineligible for Kiosk Check-in 

  • Passengers on the waiting list are not eligible to check-in via self-service Kiosk. 
  • Passengers with non-machine readable passports.
  • Unaccompanied Minor are also not allowed to check-in via self service Kiosk. 
  • Passengers having reserved extra seats for musical instruments are also not allowed to check-in with Kiosk.
  • Passengers travelling with pets are also instructed to check-in at the check-in counter. 
  • Passengers who need special assistance, including medical assistance are also requested to check-in at the counter under Singapore Airlines check-in policy.

Check-in at the Airport Counter 

At Singapore Changi Airport 

The airport check-in counter opens from 48 hours to 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure. 

At Other Airports

You can check-in for your Singapore Flight from 3 hours to 40 minutes before scheduled flight departure. After checking-in at the airport, you can submit your checked-in baggage, opt for seat selection, and receive your boarding pass. 

Check-in for Short Trips or Connecting Flight

Return Flight check-in 

If you are returning within 48 hours of your departing flight, then you can check-in for both flights at the same time. However, flights to and from the US are not eligible for this clause as per Singapore Airlines check-in policy.

Through Check-in 

If you have a connecting flight with Singapore Airlines or  its partnered airline, then you can use the “through check-in” to save unnecessary check-in time. You can check-in your baggage for both flights at the same time and you will receive your baggage at the final destination. This will save a lot of your time while making the transition from one aircraft to another. 

What is Singapore Airlines Check-in Baggage Policy? 

Singapore Airlines has clear instructions regarding check-in baggage policy. The baggage policy is based on weight or piece concept, depending on your destinations. Every customer is allowed to carry a certain free baggage as per Singapore Airlines check-in baggage policy. 

  • The Airlines strictly suggest not to pack any valuable items like laptop, precious metal, jewelleries, medicines or fragile objects in the checked-in baggage. 
  • You are advised not to carry any food item in your check-in baggage as well. Rather you can pack food items in your cabin baggage. 
  • Avoid packing any fragile items in checked-in baggage and if you may, request the staff of the Singapore Airline counter to highlight the baggage with a fragile tag.  

Baggage Allowance Limitations : 

  • If you are travelling in Economy class to or from all destinations except Canada and USA , then you are allowed to carry 2 free baggage weighing 30 kg each with a total Singapore Airlines check-in baggage size of 158 cm (62 inches). 
  • For premium economy, you are allowed to carry 2 free baggage of weight up to 35 kg each with a total measurement of 158 cm (62 inches).
  • For Business Class, you are allowed to carry 2 free baggage of weight up to 40 kg each with a total measurement of 158 cm (62 inches).
  • As for First Class and Suite passengers, they are allowed to carry baggage weighing up to 50 kg each with a total measurement of 158 cm (62 inches).


  • How can I get my Singapore Airlines online check-in boarding pass?

    You can get your boarding pass via online check-in, with your mobile app, through airport self service Kiosks, and at the airport counter with the help of staff.

  • Does Singapore Airlines offer baggage allowance?

    Yes, you can enjoy free baggage allowance from Singapore Airlines. If you are travelling in economy class, you can carry 2 pieces of free baggage weighing up to 30 kg each and 158 cm of total measurement.

  • Can I change my seat after check-in at Singapore Airlines?

    Singapore Airlines allows you to choose your desired seat after check-in. You can also change your seat if needed after check-in.

  • What is Singapore Airlines Online check-in time ?

    Singapore Airlines online check-in starts between 48 hours to 1.5 hours before departure.

  • Can I change my flight after check-in Singapore Airlines?

    Yes, you can change your flight after check-in. You need to inform the airlines to change your flights.

  • How early can I check-in for my Singapore Airline Flight?

    Singapore Airlines starts the check-in process 4 hours before scheduled departure. So, you can check-in 48 hours before your flight as well.

  • How much baggage is allowed to check-in in economy class?

    Singapore Airlines checked-in baggage policy allows you to carry 2 free baggage each weighing up to 30 kg and measuring 158 cm (62 inches) total.

  • I am 15 years old travelling alone, can I do auto check-in for my Singapore Airlines flight?

    No, if you are an unaccompanied minor taking Singapore Airlines, then you need adult supervision. Or you can check-in at the counter at the airport.

  • Can I check-in my baggage 24 hours before departure?

    If you are departing from Singapore Changi Airport, then you may check-in 24 hours before departure and drop your luggage at the assigned baggage area. You can also check-in via a self-service Kiosk to check-in 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the Singapore Airline flight.

  • What is the minimum time to check-in luggage?

    The minimum time to check-in for your Singapore Airlines is 1.5 hours before departure.

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